YTube Vid Of The Week: Reporter Brian Williams Sings “Rapper’s Delight on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is in the news a lot more recently because of his honorable inheritance from Jay Leno in these past weeks. He is the new host of The Tonight Show aired on NBC because of Jay Leno’s recent retirement.

If you’re a Jimmy Fallon fan, you’d know he had a Late Night Show already. But to be pasted the torch of The Tonight Show, its an ultimate blessing and curse. A wonderful blessing because someone thought of him to take Jay Leno’s seat after Leno’s long reign of 22 years. A curse because he’s looking to appeal to Leno’s fans with his very different and wacky humor, versus Leno’s calm and more gracious humor.

For Fallon’s first week, I’d say he did an good job. This is coming from me watching his rerun skits on YouTube because I missed the actual Tonight Show. I think he’s funnier than Leno, in a way, because Jimmy seeks to “softly” offend, addressing someone with a joke to a point where they’re aware they’re being talked about but it’s so funny they shrug it off and laugh along. Leno was a bit cautious in his approaches. I believe because he looked for a more humanly approach than his competitors Conan O’Brian and Chelsea Handler. Fallon has that slight stab.

I chose to highlight my favorite video from Fallon’s 1st week bunch as the YTube of the Week because it really had me laughing a lot harder than I would for a show hosted by Jay Leno, though Leno still is a funny guy.

If you don’t know who Brian Williams is, you do not watch the news enough. If you don’t know Rapper’s Delight, you don’t know you hip-hop history. This just means you need to be more in tune with the media. You will not find this funny. Educate yourselves! If you know it all, you’ll find this really funny. Hope you enjoy.

To check out more moments from Jimmy Fallon’s take over, read Wired’s article “The Ten Best Moments of Jimmy Fallon’s 1st Week on the Tonight Show.”

To see the last Ytube Vid of the Week, check out the Chucky Prank.


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