Artist Update: K. A. Walker’s “Trouble on Valentine’s Day”

Here’s some good news for the fans of our contributing writer K. A. Walker, author of the series Hide and I’ll Seek. She’s gone off to college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and is a contributing script writer for a series on the college’s cable network. She writes for Sketch O Phrenia, a comedy sketch show that focuses on the humor of everyday situations. The show is popular on the school campus and labeled on its Twitter as “the best comedy show since 2012.”

K. A. Walker sent in her first skit production that was premiered on the college series last week. “Trouble on Valentine’s Day” focuses on the possible worst nightmare of someone who’s considered deeply in love. That nightmare being forgetting about Valentine’s day. The skit follows a boy who forgets that it’s Valentine’s Day. He must figure how to please his girlfriend at the last-minute while not having money to give her what he believes is the best day of his girlfriends life. 

We’re very proud of K. A. Walker’s first production at this University. We hope that she continues to strive and do her best while perfecting her skills in screen writing.

To keep up with IUP’s Sketch O Phrenia series, subscribe to the school’s SketchOPhrenia IUP channel on YouTube. To read more of K. A. Walker’s work, read her teen horror series Hide and I’ll Seek on Doc’s Castle Media.

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