Mixtape Review: Kaseo’s MoBettaHipHop

Today, I’m posting a Music Highlight. I haven’t done so in a while. But I want to remind people my blog is not solely a music blog. Doc’s Castle Media is a commentary blog, which means I write based off of my opinions for different events and scenarios that happen throughout everyday life. I enjoy writing about Baltimore because it’s the city in which I dwell. But Doc’s Castle Media is meant to promote productivity within my city through me writing about how I feel about what’s going on around me. I talk about music but I’m not limited to it. My blog shows for it, hence why I don’t post everyday a new song or mixtape that’s being dropped by a local musician. There are other artist, like poets, graphic designers, dancers and etc.; I’d like to write about. I’d love to give recognition to talent while also writing about my thoughts and ideas with what’s going on in the world. I hope that I’ve cleared it up for some of you.

Onward to The Music Highlight

Kaseo is today’s star! If you didn’t already know about this guy, he recently dropped a mixtape early February that I would say has a unique sound from what I commonly hear in the streets of Baltimore. I loved it. But let’s leave the best for last here. First I’ll get you familiar with who he is.

Kaseo MoBettaHipHop (2)

Kaseo is a Baltimore native who has embedded within him multiple talents that helps him enhance his music career to further heights. Not only is he a musical lyricist, he’s also a producer making hip-hop beats. But of course, it didn’t all start out as rainbows and butterflies. Kaseo started his music career when he was 12 years old playing the Casio keyboard that was a gift from his father. He started with making beats and free styling to his creations. Once he learned he had a passion for rapping, he formed a group with his friends in high school name Music Man. Later the group’s name changed to Skyebourne Music Group.

Kaseo’s motivation to make music is to receive a feeling of liberation. In the past, he battled issues with anger and music became his outlet. He believes music is peaceful and serene. So he often writes for his release and “high.” He also creates because people are fond of what he offers. I guess, I would say I’m one of those people, now, because I can vouch that his latest creation is awesome.

MoBettaHipHop, a mixtape that has sort of A Tribe Called Quest feel, is an awesome tape that anyone who enjoys a jazzy, but yet still rhythmic type of sound, would love to have in their iTunes collection. I downloaded it the first day it dropped and burned it to a CD so that I could have something new to drive to. One of my favorite tracks on MoBettaHipHop is Black Widow, a song of resentment for a woman who unforgivably broke a man’s heart. Kaseo gives a cruel stab back at a woman who, if anyone would hear how she treated him, deserves to reap what she sows. I thought the CD was beautifully crafted, and I definitely recommend it to my readers to take a thorough listen.

To check out Kaseo’s MoBettaHipHop mixtape, be sure to download it from Bandcamp.com, or you could just CLICK THIS LINK. Also, follow him on Twitter at @Kaseus_Clay and Instagram at @Kaseo92 for announcements of shows, albums, and mixtapes from Kaseo in the future.

Read my last Mixtape Review: Young, Wild & Reckless The Movement on Doc’s Castle Media. If you’re interested in becoming a Music Highlight, send me stuff to be featured.


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