2014 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo

I spent my weekend the natural way at the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore for the 2014 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo. It was a great experience to be a part of something so empowering, especially when I’ve never been to such an event. I had to wake up early Saturday morning to do my hair. I had to look fly.


I took it upon myself to attend the expo because I am a natural hair gal, myself. I spend hours of my time perfecting my natural curly bush. So I felt it was my duty to not miss out on this chance to learn some new hair tips and purchase some new goodies for this nappy head. I was in there in no time, accompanied by two of my lovely friends, one of them being the beautiful Karyn of NaturalHasStyle, a hair blog on Instagram that showcases all hairstyles natural.



Check out Karyn’s pretty hairstyle. Her pinned up puffy Marley Twist.

See more of her funky styles on her Instagram.


The event was delightfully free-spirited because it made me proud to say the hair on my head is real and majority of the people at this event hair is real, too. There were so many beautiful black people proud of their manes. I’ve never seen so many bushy heads in one place in my life. Sometimes the ignorance I receive from people who are unaware of this natural “movement” can cloud your reality of how many people who are for it. Being around a bunch of people who don’t understand my cause to be natural might have blinded me from the many that actually care. I guess I was brought back to life.

While at the expo, I bought some goodies. I now have new jewelry and some fancy smelling Shea butter for my body and hair. Everything I bought was from local businesses. You know, I love supporting the locals.



I had to get a pic next to the sign, too. Ha!

The message constantly pushed to those who attended Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo was there is beauty in what you are. There’s power behind being natural. We are wearing our hair naturally to make a statement that we aren’t false. We’re more comfortable in being real. We’re proud of who we are. We’re letting others know that. It was very empowering and nice to see people in support of one another.

The Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo is held in the spring at a different location every year. I’ll be lurking on Google around this time next year to make sure I don’t miss it. But the current tour hasn’t ended. The next hair care expo is being moved to Eastern Shore. So make sure you mark your calendars for May 4th to attend the Natural Hair Care Expo at the Hampton Inn (address below.)

121 E Naylor Mill Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

Visit the Natural Hair Care Expo website for more details.

Q & A with AmirahRashidah

Are you a music lover? I found another music blogger in Baltimore that could possibly address your craving needs for the love of hip-hop and R&B. I interviewed AmirahRashidah Blog’s very own Amirah Muhammad as another addition to my Blogger’s Rundown. It was a fun experience, indeed. I’ve known Amirah personally for quite some time now, and I’m pleased to say she such a wonderful person to talk to. I can always expect a conversation full of laughter when spending it with Amirah.

This interview was not like others as I had a special appearance from Shareese Williams, former beauty blogger of Doc’s Castle Media. She joined in my interview with Amirah to ask a few questions about Amirah’s love for singing. (Special audio is at the end of this post.) Amirah, Shareese, and I spoke of how AmirahRashidah started, Amirah’s plans in the future for her music blog, her participation in Janelle Monae’s Instagram contest, and her passion for the art of music alone. I learn a lot about AmirahRashidah, though I also am a contributing writer for her site, as well. It’s good to be refreshed on someone’s vision. She’ll reach a lot of success in the future. I’m definitely rooting for this one.

2014-02-27 12.44.14


Doc: What’s the story behind AmirahRashidah? Where did it all begin?

Amirah: It all began in 2008. I started another blog, a personal blog, called Amirah the Uncool. Yes, I was into Lupe Fiasco. (Laughs) It became more of a blog where I posted music instead of  for personal. I decided to take Amirah the Uncool to the next level by creating AmirahRashidah. I started that in 2012.

Doc: Awe, okay. What is your motive to keep AmirahRashidah going?

Amirah: So I have a huge passion for music. I sing and actually play two instruments. It’s something I’ve always loved. Eventually in the future once I get my law degree, I want to practice law and protect the rights of musicians and their work. That is what keeps me going. I have a good ole fan base and people to go to and say, “Heyyy, you need representation? I got chu!”

Doc: Right. It gives you more experience, too. So how many contributing bloggers do you have for your site currently?

Amirah: I have, right now, four. But three are active. That includes you.

Doc: (Laughs) Yes.

Amirah: (Laughs)

Doc: Are you looking to have more contributors soon?

Amirah: Yeah, I’m definitely looking to have more contributors.

Doc: Is there a way anybody can contact you about that?

Amirah: Yes, please. Hit me up at amirahrashidahblog@gmail.com.

Doc: In the meantime, do you accept guest bloggers

Amirah: I do. I do. They may contact that same email, as well.

Doc: So what made you decide to use your name as the name of your site?

Amirah: HA! Me and my lack of creativity. (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs)

Amirah: I had Twitter before I had changed my blog name to AmirahRashidah and I just liked that name. It rang so I ran with it.

Doc: Okay, cool. I mean, I would have done the same thing.

Amirah: (Laughs)

Doc: I like my middle name. I use to use it a lot on stuff. So yeah definitely see what you were doing. (Laughs) Do you accept submissions from local artists?

Amirah: I do. I’ve actually posted a couple of submission for some local artists. I’ve done an interview for a local artist, too. I’m always looking for local artist to submit to the blog.

Doc: They do the same thing; email to amirahrashidahblog@gmail.com?

Amirah: Yup, same thing.

Doc: But with all of those emails coming to you at one time do they must have a specific subject line so that you can organize it differently?

Amirah: Yeah, with any email you send it should be like that. (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs) I know but some people are oblivious to that. Sometimes they don’t. They just think they can contact you on anything and be like, “Hey! I got that fire!”

Amirah: I got a couple of those and I was just like, “NEXT!” (Laughs)

Doc: See? (Laughs) I like when people are specific so it can be filed somewhere nicely, you know.

Amirah: Yeah, on my website, I have a contact form. But on there I also have if you’re submitting music, make sure you email me at this email. You could use either or.

2014-02-27 12.42.42

Doc: Alright. Umm, I recently saw some promotion on your Instagram about something new coming this summer to AmirahRashidah. Do mind letting us in on the scoop with what’s going on with that?

Amirah: Yeah, I’m so excited! Umm, I decided to do a video platform for AmirahRashidah, which it’s going to be called AmirahRashidah TV. I hope to have interviews mostly with local artists because they’re nearby. I’m not traveling too far. (Laughs) I ain’t getting paid for this yet.

Doc: (Laughs)

Amirah: It’ll be interviews and just random discussions about what’s going on in music. I’ll even have my guest contributors and bloggers do videos, too.

Doc: So you’re blog isn’t just for local artists. It’s for others too?

Amirah: Yeah, it’s for national artist and indie arts.

Doc: That’s good to know because people will be all over it. Do you have a favorite local artist?

Amirah: Ahh, lord! (Laughs) I so want to give the political correct answer.

Doc: (Laughs)

Amirah: My favorite local artist just might be this producer by the name of eu-IV. He does really well at mixing up R&B tracks. It’s this one track where he covered SWV’s Rain. He transformed it and I loved it. He’s one of my favorites. It’s another person. His name is Jonny Graham. He’s a Jazz musician. He plays trumpet and writes his own music. He gets people to sing on his mixtapes and albums. I like him, too.

Doc: Have you written about them on your blog?

Amirah: I’ve written about Johnny. I haven’t written about eu-IV yet. But I’m actually about to do an interview with him. Look out for one in April.

Doc: You should do a video interview of him.

Amirah: I know. If I do it then it’ll be pushed back to the summer to be on AmirahRashidah TV.

Doc: Is AmirahRashidah TV just interviews?

Amirah: It’s interviews. If we can get concert footage, concert footage.

Doc: …if it’s legal. (Laughs)

Amirah: Yes, legal footage. (Laughs) I’m not going to get in trouble for people posting stuff they not supposed to be posting. And…conversations about what’s going on within the music industry. I know you like to rant about certain things. (Laughs)

Doc: Yeah, I like to rant.

Amirah: (Laughs) So it’s a good platform for that, too.

Doc: Okay (Laughs)

Amirah: I can see you doing a video or two. “I just hate how R&B…” (Laughs)

Doc: HA! I like music rants. People listen to me. Hey, sometimes I make a lot of sense. But thank you for doing this interview with me.

Amirah: Thank you!


This is the point where beauty blogger Shareese Williams jumps in. Ha-ha!
2014-03-27 12.25.45

Shareese takes the initiative to ask when Amirah will be dropping an album and doing a collaboration with her. Listen to what she says…

To view some of Shareese’s work, follow her on Instagram at @Uhhh_Shareese.

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YTube Vid of the Week: Yoga Pants Prank 2

Guys are such pigs sometimes. All they see is booty on a body, next they’re taking a stab at trying to speak to somebody. It doesn’t matter what someone’s facial features may look like. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether they’re trying to hit on a girl or boy. Now, that’s wild. In this week’s Ytube Vid of the Week, it’s a video that shows us exactly that.

Looks are appealing but sometimes you need to watch out. Watch the Yoga Pants Prank 2.

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EDM Brings Exposure To Baltimore Basketball Players

I’m glad to have had the opportunity to interview someone who’s working to encourage our young black men to do something positive. Enrico is working to bring back hope for a lot of young men who inspire to pursue a career in sports. Check out my interview with Enrico of Energy Drive Motivation Management as we talk of how he brings his Pro Basketball Exposure Camp to Baltimore in these next coming weeks.

Register for Pro Basketball Exposure Camp in Baltimore Saturday, April 26-27, 2014 on the Energy Drive Motivation website, www.energydrivemotivation.com.

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Artist Update: Champ The General “All I Know Video”

Previously featured artist Champ The General released his music video to mixtape single “All I Know” 2 weeks ago on his YouTube channel for the world to see. The update was submitted to us to promote his show on March 24 at Monumental Mondays at The Depot located in Baltimore’s Art district, Station North. Check him out.

What do you think? You like the song?

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Be Rich Every Morning, Then Broke Every Night

If you were given $84,600 every morning, how would you spend your day, knowing that you had to use it by the time the day was up?

This video starring successful graphic designer Elvis De Leon has been circulating the Internet inspiring people to make the best out of their lives. He explains with an estimate of that much money being given to him, he’d spend his day making it his best! Come on, why waste it? Every minute of your life should matter.

If I was given that much money on a consistent basis, I’d give a lot of it to my loved ones. I’d also quit my job if I was guaranteed that amount everyday. What’s the point of working anymore?! Doc’s Castle Media would be bomb, though! There would be so many changes. I wish this could happen now.

What would you do? Leave your comments below.