Happy Birthday Doc’s Castle Media!

It’s our special day! On this very day two years ago, I created what you now see today!


Doc’s Castle Media changed my life in so many ways. Before I started this blog, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go, career wise. Honestly, I still don’t. Ha-Ha! But through the development of my very own publication, I’ve learned what I love to do and what I’m good at. I love to write, and I’ve been told I do it well.

Five years ago, I was very unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had dreams of being a model, an actress, an artist, and so many other occupations. But through rejection and people constantly telling me what I could and could not do, I learned that I hated be told what to do. So my interests in those “dreams” easily faded. I developed an interest in doing what I could do without people telling how to do it, a CEO mentality.

Through trial and error, I’ve learned I have a talent in creating ideas and, then later, executing them. I’m meant to have an impact, to be a voice and an innovator for something. I never knew what. But I’ve always known that if I wanted to be heard, my strength would have to be displayed through what I do best, in my writings.

Often I’d think to myself, if no one would hear me no other way, writing would get me recognized. I remember being 11 years old living at my aunt’s house with 7 other people getting frustrated when I felt like I wasn’t being heard. I would have journals filled with pages upon pages of thoughts I didn’t believe people cared about. I would tell myself, I’ll write my way into existence. What I find so funny is 12 years later, I continue to say this, and now, I’m existing because people find what I write worth being read. That’s an awesome feeling! Thank you very, very much!

Though I’m not at the point of full satisfaction, I am happy that I’m reaching someone. But I am not done! This blog is one of the few things I’ve been consistent with and truly enjoy.

This is my baby in which I’m very proud of. Doc’s Castle Media is on its come up and I do not plan on slowing down. I have too many things to offer to this world that I believe can make it become a better place. This is only the beginning. I’m still striving for my existence! I will be great!


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