YTube Vid of The Week: GTA5 is Boring

The Ytube Vid of the Week is for the gamers. A lot people I associate with bought Grand Theft Auto V when it came out towards the end of 2013. After years of not playing the game series, I could see how the game became highly anticipated for lots of people. Years of not playing a game that was a big fad when you were younger excites many of us. It’s like when producers at Nickelodeon took all our favorite childhood TV shows off the air, then brought us The 90s Are All That on Teennick years later while we’re young adults. Pure awesomeness!


I don’t believe this YouTuber had that great feeling people experience when they get something after being held from it so long. According to this YouTuber, GTAV was a game he looked forward to but became disappointed when he finally sat down to play it. I assume because when you’re playing gangster street games at a young age, it’s like eating the forbidden fruit. Once you mature and know the realities of the lifestyle portrayed in the video, you can easily beat it and get bored quickly. Maybe that’s how he felt.

This video is a depiction of how he felt along with many others. As I checked the comments under his video, he was not alone in what he felt. Many people were disappointed in the game. What do you think? Did you still have fun playing GTAV? Was it everything you expected?

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