Should We Follow The Frog?

One of the duties I try to accomplish using Doc’s Castle Media is to help keep people informed about positive things happening around them. I honestly believe if we continue to focus on useless occurrences in the media or lack balance between entertainment and pure knowledge, the world as we know it will become worse. We’ll build a society full of people who’ll know nothing about what’s going.

It’s important to me to reach a generation of people who might not know the most serious of serious issues happening in the world today. One of the serious issues currently occurring that many people may be unaware of is the constant destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. Deforestation has happened in South America for an estimate of 74 years, since the 1940s. Lots of people don’t know how this effects the environment. People who do know are lost for how to get involved in fixing the problem.


Well, I came across a video on The UpWorthy that might a few of my readers thinking.

This seems like a great idea has long as all the funds being collected are going into stopping the Brazilian government’s project for destroying this part of the world. Come on now, there has been developments of causes to stop what’s happening since the 1980s. You’re telling me, we haven’t stopped them yet? What are we doing? We’ve only slowed the process down. The involvement of people putting money into the project seems useless if their still going fledge force with clearing this area.

So what do think about the Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest? Would you be more willing to get involved in this movement? Do you know of a better way to help? Leave your thoughts below.

To learn more about what’s happening in South America, check out what Wikipedia has to say.


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