March 10th Monumental Mondays with The Alumni Marketing Group

I’m want to start by saying I’m proud of the turn out this past Monday at The Depot for the hip-hop open mic event, Monumental Mondays, hosted by the Alumni Marketing Group. The event started at 6pm and lasted until the venue closed. I arrived at the peak of the show and was at awe because of the turnout.


If you guys don’t already know, I wrote a piece about the lack of support in Baltimore for artists. (Read here to catch up.) The turnout of this event proves the beginning of change for artists. It’s definitely something to be proud of though there are some concerns I want to discuss later in this post. At previous hip-hop shows I’ve attended in Baltimore, crowds were extremely dry. This was my first time being at Monumental Mondays and it was fun. I enjoyed that atmosphere mostly because it felt more like a party. People were dancing and singing along to performers’ music. I’d say it was a great experience for many artists and supporters. If you’re a diehard hip-hop fan who’s seeking new music to add to your collection, this is the event for you.


One of Doc’s Castle Media’s featured artist Kaseo, who’s latest mixtape is MoBetta Hip-hop, along with Park Heights natives, SMG, and numerous other rap artist performed at Monday’s show. I didn’t have too much of an opportunity to network with new artists, though I wish I had. So I’m announcing I’ll be at future Monumental Mondays as a heads up. Look out for me.

Here’s my little snippet of the show:

Though many performers had a fair opportunity to perform on at Monday’s event, others expressed frustration. Artists, whom claimed to be on the events’ list to perform but didn’t, talked of disappointment towards waiting for their time. Those who’ve performed later in the evening complained about the lack of support from peers, for once an artist performed their song; they’d leave the venue, leaving the building scarce of support of their music. To tend those concerns, Cortez, the promoter of Monumental Mondays, already proposed they’ll be addressed for future events. He wants everyone to feel they’re being heard, as they should for this is an open mic show. I look forward to the coming changes. I believe it’ll bring an even better turnout.

If you missed out on Monday’s show, you’ll have another opportunity to attend next week on Monday, March 24. Held at The Depot on 1728 N. Charles Street, come out to see another round of artists perform their best selections from their musical stash. Whether you’re an artist or an onlooker, you’ll have a good time here. If you’re an artist looking for some exposure in the Baltimore music scene, the Alumni Marketing Group accepts new artists for performances at their events. Just submit to their email,, for the next available opportunity.


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