YTube Vid of the Week: How To Text A Girl

It’s this boy who keeps texting me lately. I can tell he’s kind of likes me because he’s been texting me a lot more often than usual. But I don’t like him as much. He annoys me with texting me all day long. I see him more like a friend. But I believe it’s absolutely possible for someone to get out of the friend zone.


This week’s YTube Vid of the Week is dedicated to that boy. I found some advice from two YouTubers who call themselves the Wing Girls. They post videos of relatable advice for this new generation. They even wrote a book called “How To Get Out The Friend Zone.” This video by these girls that I’m dying to share helps young men learn how to properly text a female without making them look desperate for attention.

I don’t believe texting takes much thought. But some people are completely unaware of others time or respect when it comes to texting. I guess we should develop some common sense for sending text messages. It’s a learning process. Maybe later generations will maneuver texting better.

What’s your strategy for texting people? Do you think about some of the things mentioned? Leave your comments below.

To see last week’s Ytube Vid of the Week: check out The Single Life- The Science of Love.


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