Girls Self Esteem Workshop at Milford Mill Academy

I’m going to shed some positive light into your day. Lots of people will be glad to hear that someone is willing to help young girls build a strong foundation self-esteem. That someone is Antoinette, who went to Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore County this past Wednesday to speak a group of 20 girls about becoming a better them. It was awesome.


I knew of this great event because I was invited to speak alongside her as she help uplift these young woman.

Antoinette gave a few testimony’s about self-esteem and why it’s important. Before her workshop started, I had the opportunity of speaking with her about why she believed this workshop was important. She stated, “It’s important for me to help them understand the direction the can go to if they believe in what they’re capable of. I want them to know if they speak about and share of only positive things, it will reflect upon them positive things.”


During the workshop, Antoinette was sure to pass out positive literature and encourage discussion with the young participants so they would become liberated within workshop.

I later stepped in to give a testimony about my precious baby, Doc’s Castle Media, to give them an example of someone who has pushed all negativity aside to become a better person. I enjoyed sharing my story with such a wonderful group of young ladies. I look forward to possibly reaching more people someday in the future.


Antoinette has a summer beauty camp every summer for Middle and High School students. The camp has workshops for self-esteem and also teaches young girls the art of make-up application. I’m thinking of volunteering for the camp this summer. Others should definitely get involved in this self-esteem movement. For more questions about Antoinette’s beauty camp, email

Do you think more girls should attend self-development workshops? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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