2014 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo

I spent my weekend the natural way at the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore for the 2014 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo. It was a great experience to be a part of something so empowering, especially when I’ve never been to such an event. I had to wake up early Saturday morning to do my hair. I had to look fly.


I took it upon myself to attend the expo because I am a natural hair gal, myself. I spend hours of my time perfecting my natural curly bush. So I felt it was my duty to not miss out on this chance to learn some new hair tips and purchase some new goodies for this nappy head. I was in there in no time, accompanied by two of my lovely friends, one of them being the beautiful Karyn of NaturalHasStyle, a hair blog on Instagram that showcases all hairstyles natural.



Check out Karyn’s pretty hairstyle. Her pinned up puffy Marley Twist.

See more of her funky styles on her Instagram.


The event was delightfully free-spirited because it made me proud to say the hair on my head is real and majority of the people at this event hair is real, too. There were so many beautiful black people proud of their manes. I’ve never seen so many bushy heads in one place in my life. Sometimes the ignorance I receive from people who are unaware of this natural “movement” can cloud your reality of how many people who are for it. Being around a bunch of people who don’t understand my cause to be natural might have blinded me from the many that actually care. I guess I was brought back to life.

While at the expo, I bought some goodies. I now have new jewelry and some fancy smelling Shea butter for my body and hair. Everything I bought was from local businesses. You know, I love supporting the locals.



I had to get a pic next to the sign, too. Ha!

The message constantly pushed to those who attended Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo was there is beauty in what you are. There’s power behind being natural. We are wearing our hair naturally to make a statement that we aren’t false. We’re more comfortable in being real. We’re proud of who we are. We’re letting others know that. It was very empowering and nice to see people in support of one another.

The Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo is held in the spring at a different location every year. I’ll be lurking on Google around this time next year to make sure I don’t miss it. But the current tour hasn’t ended. The next hair care expo is being moved to Eastern Shore. So make sure you mark your calendars for May 4th to attend the Natural Hair Care Expo at the Hampton Inn (address below.)

121 E Naylor Mill Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

Visit the Natural Hair Care Expo website for more details.


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