Baltimore Hawks Attracts the Hungry and Humble for 1st ABA Tryouts

Saturday, March 29, 2014 marked the first American Basketball Association tryouts for Baltimore city’s new team, the Baltimore Hawks. The turnout of the tryout was bigger than expected. Over 30 prospects attended this Saturday to compete for a spot on the professional basketball team. Such event would have you proud to see a group of guys pursuing a career in what they dream.


I had to the opportunity to chat with both owners of the Baltimore Hawks. As I spoke with the power duo for the team, Gregory Brown and Quentin Harper, they discussed with me their expectations for the players.


Even as a spectator, it was easy to find those who were hungry for their opportunity to shine. Strong-willed players put in work to be noticed for a shot that could change their future, for they knew the decision was in the team officials’ hands. As I watch these men condition, I spotted a few individuals with heaps of determination. For readers to get an understanding of the possible talent, I interviewed Dominic Thompson, Jason Sharp, Dashawn Bradshaw, and Lamar Bentley. Listen to the audio below.

One quality the Baltimore Hawks expects their team members to have as perseverance for excelling in this sport is a strong mental. Players need to be able stand out in times of adversity. Many of the prospects were able to do this while also showing great collaboration in teamwork. While players seemed to struggle with a task, others were generous in showing respect through applauding to support one another. It was extremely encouraging for others to learn to not quit and to do their best, though this may be a competition for a position on a team. By simply watching these guys, I was encouraged do my best. I had to “Turn Up” for my interviews. Ha-Ha! They were so hungry for the opportunity. Who could help but be inspired by the positivity.

There definitely is potential in this city. Baltimore will have a great future with players that keep the drive and determination to reach success. The Baltimore Hawks will make sure of it.


There’s another chance for players who didn’t come out to the first team tryouts. Come out to St. Francis Academy on Sunday, April 27, 2014 to get your spot on the Baltimore Hawks roster. More details at

Did you read about Energy Drive Motivation Management’s basketball exposure camp coming to Baltimore? Listen to the interview with the owner of EDM on Doc’s Castle Media.


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