Black with 5.0 GPA! Why Are We So Many Surprise

Congratulations to Akintunde Ahmad for being accepted into multiple Ivy League colleges with a GPA of 5.0. He’s able to do anything he puts his mind to, and so can many others do the same. I’m proud but this shouldn’t be taken in such a surprising tone.

Akintunde is black, obviously. I believe that’s majority of the reason for how he made the news this month for being accepting in such prestigious schools. I’m upset that his skin color has to be the reason. Come on now, there are so many white children who achieve this goal yearly, but it’s when a black male reaches this level of success the world stops.

See what the media portrays us as? See what the world does to black people? They highlight our success like we’re incapable of achieving a goal as being accepted into these select few of colleges. There’s so much that should be said about how the media molds people’s perceptions of black people because not only is it making us proud to see something like this happening, it highlights that there are so very few black people doing it.

There has to be a way to keep black people motivated to showcase to society their possibilities. Times where there use to be civil freedoms that we once would fight for are often forgotten in my generation and it’s sad. What’s more sad is the fact that we know there’s a lack, and people continue to not make an effort to change society’s views. We glorify ratchet mess and seek only to get faded off substances while continually digging us a hole to indulge further into our poverty. Someone please elaborate on how this is a good thing to see everyday?

Blacks need more people like Akintunde in the media achieving positivity so that there will be others who will be inspired. I want to hear more positive success stories!

This is your time to shine. If you know of anyone who’s achieving something positive in their life, comment below with their experiences. Lets change the medias perceptions of us starting today!

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