Fun at Baltimore’s 1st Annual Fashion Truck Rally

I did something new last Saturday. If you live in Baltimore, sometimes you’d consider this city as a place where it’s pretty hard to find something new to do as recreation. I spend my summers looking for places to go. It’s really hard to find something fun to do without having to repeat the same activities over and over. But there’s warm weather on the rise so I should be able to do a lot more this season. This Saturday was officially the kick off to my season full of events, starting with the Boulevard of Chic Fashion Truck Rally.

2014-04-27 00.33.06

I had fun experiencing, for the first time, shopping from a fashion truck. It was indeed a moment of discovery. Imagine all the goodies a girl can buy from a truck that’s similar to your neighborhood’s infamous Ice Cream truck, except all your fashion treats can be found there. Yup, this is what I was apart of this weekend.


Check me and Doc’s Castle Media’s featured blogger Brianna of Rebellious Rebel flicking it up for the camera.

I met the owners of some of Baltimore’s local small businesses, exchanged some business cards, took some photos and bought some jewelry. It was cool. I hope that there will be other fashion truck rallies in the future. If there should be, I’m in there like swimwear! Check out my video of all the nice things I saw this weekend.

Did you like the song in the video? The track featured was done by Baltimore Artist Leon Dominick. Listen to and download his mixtape The KingDOM on