Ytube Vid of the Week: Violence is Violence

Domestic violence is absolutely unacceptable in my eyes. I can never understand what possesses a person to put their hands on someone else. Recently with all the commotion with Jay-Z and Solange’s altercation that went viral on the web a few weeks ago, roles were reversed while they displayed to the world a man being the victim of attack, rather the woman. The same thing is going in in this week’s Ytube Vid of the Week. I found the video in I saw this video and thought to myself, if I see anyone going through this kind of mistreatment why don’t they stick up for themselves to avoid embarrassment or disappointment? Is the victim’s confidence that low?

I want to leave people with a chance to share their opinions about what they’ll do if they were to witness a situation like this. Would you stick up for this man? Do you think he has this handled? Why do you think he didn’t stick up for himself?

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2 thoughts on “Ytube Vid of the Week: Violence is Violence

  1. thats so true and while im no advocate for hitting women that happens everyday where women provoke a man to that extent for 30 minutes straight and then cry abuse when she finally gets it. there has to be some type of accountability on both sides

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