Bucket Listing It Up

I can’t sit still for anything. Maybe that’s a good thing. But I always have to do something to occupy my time. It’s how I started writing blogs. It’s how I found all the internship experience in branding and marketing. It’s how I’ve decided how I want to complete certain things in life.  While accomplishing all these opportunities while I’m young, I’ll be able to have lots of stories to share when I’m older. It’s what’s considered living!

Last week, I got some thinking done and I randomly thought about creating a bucket list for myself to keep my mind occupied from being on idle. I did some research before making my list when searching the web. The Internet makes it seem like it wasn’t a bad idea.
Bucket List

What is a bucket list?

For the many people that are unsure of what a bucket list is, I want to address to you the basics. It’s a list of goals you’d like to complete in your lifetime. A list of things that you’ve always thought was possible for you to do before you die. When I watch television shows or movies, whatever I’m watching usually gives off the intent of a person making a bucket list when they’re close to death. Well, I’m not close to death. Why wait until then? I already know a lot of what I want to accomplish now.

I do not have any serious sickness. I just wish to live a more fulfilling life while I can.

My Bucket List

First, my plan to make a bucket list was about trying to do things before 2014 comes to an end. I don’t believe I can do that with my list. It’s a bit much. It is a list that needs to be done before I die, most definitely. I have a list for starters that I may eventually add more to. Currently there’s only one thing I’ve scratched off of my list. Take a look…

Doc’s Bucket List:

  1. Make a Rap Song  (Listen to my rap song.)
  2. Be in a music video
  3. Write/Produce a music video
  4. Go to 4 different states in one year
  5. Go to a Rave (similar to those that I see in movies)
  6. Be in a fashion show  (See the recap of the fashion show.)
  7. Go on a Cruise with friends
  8. Hot Air Balloon
  9. Snow Tubing
  10. Go to Mardi Gras
  11. Swim with some exotic animal
  12. Put out a mixtape  (Listen to Songs From Da Dugout)

I’ll get all of these things done! Eventually, I want to do everything, preferably before I have children and get married. Ha-ha! I can make it happen. As I complete whatever on my bucket list, I want to keep my readers up to date on what’s being completed. So stay tuned to my post about my bucket list as time progresses.

4 thoughts on “Bucket Listing It Up

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