The Music Highlight: Jimmy Apoet “Don’t Excuse My Lingo”

It’s very rare to find an artist that sounds similar or makes you think of someone who’s already in the music industry. But when I come across someone who does, you better believe I will find a way to include them in my blog. This week’s Music Highlight reminds me of J.Cole. Ha!

Meet Jimmy Apoet!

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Jimmy Apoet is 24-year-old independent artist and Baltimore native with a creative vision and social awareness that separates him from other musicians in his genre. His rap career started when he was 13 years when he was given Tupac Shakur’s A Rose That Grew From Concrete. Tupac’s poem book later inspired him to want to record his own experiences and thoughts. Jimmy grew up being active with his peers in competitions and cyphers, grasping a name for himself at a very young age.

When it comes to who’s Jimmy Apoet’s influencers within the music industry, alongside Tupac, there’s Nas. Jimmy says he’s inspired by the two for their position in performing for a more serious side of hip-hop, which also plays a big part in Jimmy’s decision in being a conscious music artist. It’s also his reason for why he’s placed in a different bracket other rappers, and my reason’s for comparing him to J. Cole.

It’s not the love for the music alone that keeps Jimmy Apoet eager to make more. He claims he’s motivated by the people. “There is a lot going on in the world and a lot of people turn to music for guidance, comfort, and something to relate to. As an artist I want to contribute my thoughts and experiences, and hopefully, it will positively change lives.” I second that thought.

Jimmy Apoet is active in the local hip-hop scene and can be found performing at 5 Seasons Lounge and Monumental Mondays (hosted by Alumni Marketing Group) in Baltimore.

“Don’t Excuse My Lingo”

As a music highlight submission, Jimmy sent readers his single from his EP released June 1st. Instead of wording his EP “Please, excuse my lingo,” Jimmy Apoet tells his listeners to not bother. There should be no apologies for what he has to say and as a conscious rapper, he has a lot for people to hear.

My favorite song from “Don’t Excuse My Lingo” is Bonnie, which plays off of Jimmy’s vision of what a “down ass chick” would be. I personally know Jimmy and I’m sure he can attest that it’s a fav because I’m constantly telling him to make a music video for the song. You have to hear it. If he’d listen to what I say, the visuals would be hawt! The song uses the concept of infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde’s as a spin-off for his perception of Bonnie. She’s fearless, demanding, willing to do anything for her Clyde, or in this case her Jimmy Apoet. Bonnie is THAT! Everyone should want a chick who’s like that. She sounds pretty fun.

We can tell Jimmy Apoet has the potential to exceed the average expectation. So make sure you’re supporting his come up by downloading his EP, “ Don’t Excuse My Lingo” from Soundcloud. If you’d like to listen to more of his music and receive more updates, follow his soundcloud at JimmyApoet, follow his Twitter at @topflightjimmy, and add his Instagram at @JimmyApoet.

What did you think about Bonnie? Did you like it? Leave your comments below.

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