Petition to Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair

The people of this world are absolutely out of their minds if they’re spending their spare time worrying about the condition of someone they don’t know hair. I’m sure Beyoncé and Jay-z can attest to this.

Accusations from Jasmine Toliver, inquirer and person in charge of creating, in my opinion, a quite disrespectful notion to parenting, have hit an all time high in becoming viral across the World Wide Web. The petition’s purpose is to somehow grasp the attention of people in support of Toliver’s idea to provide care for Blue Ivy’s “nappy” hair because we all just can’t take that Beyoncé is not putting a comb towards her child’s head.


View the petition here!

Now, why would someone like Ms. Toliver place judgment on someone elses parenting skills? Ha-ha! Although, we all have done it. We spend so much of time worrying about what these celebrities are doing and forget that we as regular people sometimes do the same thing. I don’t know how many nappy heads I’ve seen this year but it’s been quite a few. But I believe taking to creating a petition about someone elses child is just too much. It actually makes me think of Ms. Toliver need for attention. I think she did it as a joke to grab some laughs because that’s exactly what I did.

I know Blue Ivy’s hair looks like it needs to be sprits with some water and thoroughly oiled but it’s still Jay-z and Beyonce’s decision to have their child look like that. I’m not going to say they’re bad parents. They might like that look on her. Or what if Blue Ivy’s just too unbearable when it comes to attempting to style her head, we can’t jump to the attacking the parents.

All I’m saying is though we might not raise our kids the same way as another person, lets still respect their business. We don’t know what happens in their home.

3 thoughts on “Petition to Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair

  1. How can a toddler’s hair style upset so many?
    GET A REAL LIFE! She is NOT your child!
    Have any of you considered that Blue Ivy might be tender headed?
    Beyonce has so many things done to her hair, she might be postponing putting her baby through all that trauma.
    I remember getting my hair combed and pressed from an early age, and as soon as I was allowed, (by my parents), I cut it all off.
    Would you prefer Blue Ivy’s hair to be “dyed and fried and laid to the side like Jon Benet Ramsey’s?

    Apologies to Salt-N-Pepa:
    If Beyonce lets her baby’s hair
    Look like she don’t care
    It’s none of your biz’ness!
    They aren’t ashamed of their baby’s natural hair? Why are you ashamed of naturally nappy hair?

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