YTube Vid of the Week: Footprints of a Mother by Solution

Finally! I have a new YTube Vid of the Week! It’s been a minute.

This week’s video was done by local hip-hop artist Solution. He’s come with some good ole spoken word.Inline image 1

 Hip-hop artist Solution, reappears from his music hiatus with the release of his new spoken word “Footprints of a Mother.” This new release is a dedication to all mothers who have left lasting impressions on the lives of their children. Solution is currently working on a separate project expected to release later this year.

He’sssss Baaaacccckkkk! (Check out more on his YouTube Channel.)

Honestly, this video should have been posted on Doc’s Castle Media around Mother’s Day. But would it have caught your attention today if I posted this video around the time that everyone published something about their mother? Uhh, no! SO…I had to be different, of course, and post a month and some days afterwards. Ha-ha. Are you still thinking about mom? You should be.

Never forget about mom! Do you love your mom? Comment with something nice you’d like to say to your mom in the comments below.

How would you react if you saw a woman harass her boyfriend in public with no remorse? Watch the last YTube Vid of the Week: Violence is Violence on Doc’s Castle Media.


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