Left Behind (The 2014 Movie)

I have a thing for apocalyptic/end of the world type of movies. I love to watch the chaos and all the crazy things go down. But this movie has got to be my favorite because it represents one of my most favorite books in the Holy Bible, Revelations.


Left Behind is also a book series. I didn’t read any of the books but I suppose its an awesome series because producers are inspired to turn it into a film and casting Nicholas Cage as one of the series main character Rayford Steele. I don’t know if that’s a good choice, though. My opinion about Nicholas Cage is not a positive one. His acting expressions consist of the same facial expression in every film he has ever made in his life. Dull!
The plot simply revolves around the time period of what christians know to be the Tribulation. It’s an era of events set to happen after the second coming of Jesus Christ and the rapture of all believers in Christ. The films lets us in on all the surreal events that’s prophesied to take place towards people who refused to believe and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of all humanity. It’s the day of armageddon.

Left Behind was already made into a movie under christian film company Cloud Ten Pictures. For the film to be a lower budget than what’s expected to be release in the near future, it was a excellent film. A lot of underground films seem to be this way, actually. The main character Buck Williams was played by sitcom child star of Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron.

As I said earlier, I like Left Behind because it’s someone’s interpretation of what will happen within the book of Revelations during the world’s last days. I’m a bible believer so a lot of what’s said in the bible is what I think actually happened in history. Revelations is what’s to come for humanity in the future. I sometimes even have dreams about creepy stuff like this. I’ve been having them since I was 11 years old. Now imagine growing up being that young having dreams like that. It’s not cool and often scary. You constantly seek understanding of the story that hasn’t even happened yet. That’s why I’ve always chose to study the last book of the bible before all other books. It’s the scariest story I know.

Anyway, the first Left Behind series was great! I hope not too much will change in the new series.

If your interesting in watching Left Behind starring Kirk Cameron, you can rent it on Amazon Instant Video.

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