Ytube Vid of the Week: IceJFish -Like I want to (Official Video)

Who says you have to know how to sing to make it big?! I am now inspired to become an R&B artist! I can’t sing worth jack.

When I first heard about IceJFish, he was on Vine, popular social video site where people share 6 second videos in real-time. I caught a 6 second video of him singing and I thought it was a joke. But I guess it’s not??

IceJFish, along with many other viral sensations, continually show us, people of the World Wide Web, that we enjoy watching weird things. How many times am I going to see a new video on Facebook or YouTube of someone doing something questionable? As long as social media is popular, we’ll run across this type of craziness everyday.

IceJFish is a person with a lot of confidence. To have people who doubt his dreams and bash his performances 24/7, this guy never seems to give up hope. He simply knows he has what it takes to become what he wants regardless of anyone’s opinion. He has dedication because he continues to pursue a career in music. He’s also strong-willed. He has traits about him that even the most beautiful and talented person may lack. Why is that? In my opinion, people should get some tips from this guy.

What do you think? Why is it that the people we think shouldn’t be in the limelight always end up in the limelight? Leave your comments below.

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One thought on “Ytube Vid of the Week: IceJFish -Like I want to (Official Video)

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