YTube Vid of the Week: Beauty and the Beat

I watch cartoons faithfully, as if I’m still 8 years old. I recently watched The Little Mermaid and song along with it like it just came out in theaters. I’m such a kid on the inside. But what’s up with these memes and videos that I come across on Facebook and Instagram that constantly tries to ruin my childhood memories by tainting them with adult messages.

Like this one:


Haha! They’re wild! I can’t help but laugh.

When I came across Beauty and the Beat, I died from laughter! It’s a parody of the song “Belle” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, recreated to follow Belle’s day to day activities in a new perspective. IsBelle’s living in the hood!?

Boojie Belle has the attention of all the hood; hoodrats and thugs watch her go about her day. She’s the talk of the neighborhood.

It’s amazing how growing up can change your outlook on something so innocent. I can’t even imagine what the producer of this video was thinking. What’s really funny about this short is it plays off the stereotypes of blacks. So some of the things that happen in this video is funny because I picture a group of black people talking about a white girl coming into a majority black environment, similar to a previous YTube Vid of the Week: Mean Gurlz, which was also created by Todrick Hall.

I’m experiencing what happens to people when they get older and have kids themselves. Majority of adults no longer watch at cartoons that were created by people who were older than us as a child. (I’m talking about those 1980s and 90s babies aren’t looking at new cartoons.) So we’re watching what we’re familiar of. Now we’re finding that the adults creators of our childhood cartoons left subliminal messages to be unraveled. If there weren’t any subliminal messages previously in our kiddy shows, we create them anyway for laughs for my generation’s age of ignorance. Poof! There goes our memes.

While my generation does this, I can fathom what my children’s generation will be or how their kids will utilize new media. But my generations love making jokes of my childhood innocence.

What’s the most funniest meme you’ve come across in the past 2 years? Leave your comments below.

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