YTube Vid of the Week: Kids React To Game Boy

Kids say the darndest things! Remember that show hosted by Bill Cosby? When I was watching it, it was coming on Nick at Night after Rugrats aired. After I watched this week’s YTube Vid of the Week, I immediately thought about the kids who were guests on Kids Say The Darndest Things.

It’s funny talking to someone who’s so young. They’re so oblivious to what happened in this world before them. The kids in this video were so shocked to have learned about the functions of one of the first portable game consoles. I just loved hearing the things they said about something I use to play to pass time by as a child. Some loved it and others got bored with it quick. While I was cleaning my room the other day, I found my old Game Boy and started playing it. The kids were right. It is boring to play now. We need complex games and easy access. I guess that’s why we cling to our phones like crazy.

TheFineBros have lots of videos on their YouTube channel of people reacting to all kinds of things. I recently looked at Teens React To 90s Internet and said to myself, “I remember when the Internet became popular.” I felt so old after I said that. I can only imagine when I have kids the things they’ll say about the technology that I grew up using. I’ll be viewed as a dinosaur!

What’s a technology you’ve reacted weird to that you’re parents may have used in the past? Leave comments below.

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