Happy Batman Day!!

I like comics on the low. Though, I don’t actually read comic books because I prefer to read a novel, I do continue to keep up with comic book characters and their storylines through different comic universes. In my house, there’s a library of Marvel and DC encyclopedias. I like to read about each character’s story and lifestyle. It’s cool.


Batman is one of the characters that I know a little something about. He gets a special place on Doc’s Castle Media because DC comics declared today as the official Batman day! It’s Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration and they’re giving away a free special edition of DETECTIVE COMIC #27 at participating book retailers to batman fans.

Since the 1940s, Batman has fought crime in Gotham City. All I can say about all those long drawn out years of being Gotham’s vigilante is “I never want to move there, ever!” Check out some of my favorites from Batman over the years.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight was the best played Batman.


He seemed the most realistic.

My Favorite villan from Batman The Animated Series The Joker.


I loved that purple suite. He was funny, too.

Of all the different theme songs that have come from this long Batman reign, my favorite is the Batman Beyond theme song!

This is my sister’s ringtone.

And lastly, my favorite relationship was of Batman and Wonder Woman in Justice League Unlimited.


They’re the cute power couple in the group.

What would you say are your favorites from Batman? Share some in the comments below.

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