“Child Support The Comedy” Premieres August 14 at The Historic Senator Theatre in Baltimore

There’s a new film reaching our local theaters and I had the pleasure interviewing the director of this indie film. Mr. Frankie Jones was pleased to give me the scoop on his newest creation. This film is folks who may relate to the feeling of having their pockets emptied by the most evils of evil; a revenge seeking baby mother. Child Support The Comedy premieres for all to see this August 14 at The Historic Senator Theatre.

What’s the basics of Child Support The Comedy? What’s the movie about?

Frankie: Child Support The Comedy is about a character named Corey who’s subjected to pay child support because he’s not in a relationship with his vindictive baby mother. While Corey does not have a steady job due to being laid off, he struggles to pay his dues. After receiving a notice from the judge to pay one thousand dollars for child support with in 24 hours or be condemned into jail, Corey and his best friend come up with various plans to hustle up some money.

What inspired you to produce this film?

Frankie: I hear all kinds of Child Support Stories, and for the most part, its always frustration or anger that’s coming from the person who’s talking about it.  Since I wanted my next film to be a comedy, I figured “Child Support” was catchy and its topic is real. I thought maybe I could come up with a storyline in a comedic sense to get a small message out there to people. It was also a challenge to make this film because its my first comedy.

Is this your first indie film? If not, what are some of your other works you’d like to share with the Doc’s Castle Media readers?

Frankie: This is my third film.  The first was Family Faith and Money, based on my book Family Faith and Baltimore Money. The second film is One Song.

Should we expect more movie from you soon?

Frankie: You can definitely expect more movies. We will be having a casting call in August for a new project.

Are there any other events we should look forward to from you in the upcoming year?

Frankie: You can expect more movies and projects in the upcoming year.

Do you know anyone who’s experiencing what Corey’s going through in real life?

Frankie: Its a lot of people who I know that can relate to Child Support The Comedy or are going through similar situations.

Doc’s Castle Media seeks to inspire positivity and productivity in the people of our city. From your experiences, could you share a few words about what motivated you to keep pushing to make Child Support The Comedy or any other film you’ve created?

Frankie: First and foremost, what motivates me the most is God because he wakes me up every morning and gives me the strength and talent to be able to do what I do. Then, of course, there’s my family that motivates me. Connecting with my friends while bringing our ideas and creativity together to create a great production also motivates me. I just like helping people take steps towards something that they always wanted to do.

What are your links for people to keep up with what’s new coming from Frankie Jones Movies? (Social Media, websites, etc.)

My website is www.frankiejonesmoves.com

Twitter: @frankiejones122


What’s the funniest child support experience you’ve heard? Leave your comments below.

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