YTube Vid of the Week: Helloflo Moon Party

As a representative of the women’s gender, I can attest to the fact that being a woman is like constantly riding a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs.

Becoming a woman is a journey in itself. Women go through things that make us proud of who we are, and we experience things that wish we could do without. Starting a menstrual cycle is an experience that I can say women wish they can deal without most of the time. What woman likes the feeling of getting their period every month? I doubt any women would raise their hand to that question.

Okay, this may seem a little weird for boys to watch but its a guarantee to make you laugh.This week’s YTube Vid of the Week is strictly for laughs from women who’ll understand the experience of getting their period for the first time. It’s so embarrassing. I’ve found someone whose experience I can know is way worse than your’s.

Who ever heard of a moon party? Ha-ha!

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One thought on “YTube Vid of the Week: Helloflo Moon Party

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