Whole Time, The Pizza King Lives in Baltimore!

I don’t know why this excites me. I guess, I’m weird like that. In an article found on Mental_floss, I learned about a Baltimorean who has dedicated 25 years of his life to eating pizza and nothing else!


Dan Janssen survived solely on pizza for almost half of his life without major complications. How is he able to do this? I really don’t know. I’d really be tired of eating the same thing everyday. More power to this guy for making such a dedication to one kind of food. People who live on strict diets meant to help them lose weight can’t even eat pizza everyday.

While I watched the short documentary of Janssen explaining to viewers about his eating lifestyle, I couldn’t help but notice a few sightings of Baltimore restaurants. Of course, my Baltimore pride out shined the fact that this man is pursuing an unhealthy way of living. But man, did I get hungry!? Ha-ha!

Shoutouts to Joe Squared and Vennaris Pizza! Both have awesome pizza!

Are you pro Pizza King’s decision to continue his pizza diet or are you against it? Leave your comments below.

I’m loving all the Bmore pride, lately. Make sure you read The Hashtag that Lasted All Week: #ImSoBaltimore on Doc’s Castle Media.


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