When Did Endangering Ourselves for Facebook Likes Become Popular?

Petroleum jelly challenge, Pass out challenge, Fire challenge, cinnamon challenge, and any other challenge that requires people to endanger themselves to get likes and views are swarming everyone’s social media timelines causing a huge uproar of disgust and disappoint. It’s even reaching major media channels.

Fire Challenges

People are dying from such incidents but these kids continue to participate in these dangerous challenges for attention. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Who’s going to accept the challenge to stand against the crowd and not do what’s popular? What’s going on is obviously a new form of peer pressure I’ve never seen before. These teenagers want to do what they think is cool, but forget to realize they’re not invincible. If there’s no one telling them the errors of their ways or pointing out how dangerous some of these challenges they choose to take on are, it’ll be a generation full of DUMB ASS PEOPLE.

There’s one person who’s taking on the fire challenge differently. No one takes on this challenge better than my friend Brian Sessions as he performs a spoken word about what he thinks of these fire challenges.

What will it take for these kids to stop doing these things? Do you think these challenges will let up soon? Leave your comments below.

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One thought on “When Did Endangering Ourselves for Facebook Likes Become Popular?

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