#TheMixx 2014 Recap… If You Missed It

What an electrifying Monday yesterday turned out to be as I attended The 2014 Mixx Music Festival hosted and sponsored by The Keenan System and Downtown Locker Room.


Directly across the street from Morgan State University, artists from all over the DMV area came together in live performances to wake up MSU students from their summer slumbers in preparation for tackling another school year filled with all nighters, term papers, and dreaded finals. Who’s ever ready to leave their summer freedom for that?!

There were live performances from both familiar faces and some new. But I have to say the most sensational had to be from Malik Ferraud. The party began when he brought an entourage of other local artists with him onstage to put on the best performance of the night.


Don Trunk stole the show for a little sec., too.


Lor Scoota also put on an exceptional show performing his infamous hit “Bird Flu.”


Other performers who rocked the stage last night were as follows…

Maya Milan

Dee Dave


and Pop.

For it the be the first day of school, it definitely didn’t feel like it. The energy of both the performers and the crowd was phenomenal, and at the same time quite peaceful. That’s why it’s no telling exactly why festivities were cut short by the police. This crowd, full of mature young adults, quietly and respectfully cleared the field at the request of the officials. I guess, it was too live for a Monday. But it’s looking up with great possibilities for next years Mixx Fest.

Baltimore is on the rise! People are opening up their support for local talent, don’t you think? Would you attend next years The Mixx Fest 2015? Leave your comments below.

Did you know that the Beat Auction is today? Get the details about the beat tour on Doc’s Castle Media.  


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