#SoIFlowLive Recap w/ Graffititech & Greenspan

So what did you miss last night? Well, if you didn’t notice me spamming your Instagram, I attended SoIFLowLive artist showcase held at the brand new Play Hookah Lounge.


The event was hosted by the lovely JanaeTru, blogger for the notorious TruDat Blog. She did an awesome job hosting last night’s festivities by keeping the crowd laughing and ready for the evening’s honored guests.


This Wednesday at SoIFlow, it was all about Baltimore’s own music producer Graffititech and Bmore hip-hop artist Greenspan. Each of them brought some oomph to the night.

The night began with Graffittech. Instead of having the event turn into a strictly a listening party for his set, he decided to be a little different, and brought an entourage of artists with him to perform over his beats.




In honor of one of hip-hop culture’s legendary artist, Graffititech also allowed the audience to take a listen to his 13 year anniversary tribute to the beloved Aaliyah. We rocked out for a minute for his tribute had Bmore written all over it. He remixed Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?” by giving it a homey sound and we danced to a brand new “Baltimore Club” song in remembrance of her. (Take a listen to the track.)

Following Graffititech came DJ Blaqstarr. As one of the event sponsors, he blessed the stage with his musical graces. Years of his musical expertise showed him to be transparent because we could all tell this guy put in a lot of work to be where he is today. All we can do is respect this man for what he does.


Greenspan wrapped up the night for us. Along with him came Al Great and Ashley Alexander. All three of these great talents actually whipped me back into shape after being blown away by the hookah I was sharing with Janae. Janae was a little blown away up there hosting, too, as she mentioned the hookah gets her a little dizzy. It’s all good tho. Ha-ha!


There was also a buffet included with the ticket purchased for the event. It didn’t have much but after tweeting that I hadn’t eaten all day, that plate of chicken and salad saved my life. Then when I turned around and I saw some banging jewelry by New Vintage By Sam and wished I had some more money.


I’m steady shaking my head at myself because I was literally a starving artist last night.

Though the night was amazing, I can’t help to fathom why there wasn’t more people there to savor the experience with me. Once again it was artists supporting other artists. The artist-to-fan ratio was whack.  I’m glad to see we got each others back out here in Baltimore. But we still need to bring out those crabs who only want to watch me post from my Instagram account. Haha! A change is coming Baltimore, indeed.

Never the less, I enjoyed my time at SoIFlowLive and I highly encourage others to support. SoIFlowLive is every Wednesday at the Play Hookah Lounge from 7-10 pm.


Based off what you see, did I convince you to come out to more local hip-hop events? Leave your comments below.

Did you see the other Aaliyah Tribute via another Baltimore artist? See Maryland Rivers Tribute to R&B Legend Aaliyah on Doc’s Castle Media.


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