Nominees for 2014 Maryland Music Awards Are In

So the nominees for Maryland Music Awards have been revealed!

Were you aware of the Maryland Music Awards? I know I wasn’t. There has to be a better way to be informed about such things. I found out about the awards through reading another blog. But I didn’t hear any more reports about this newly found music celebration until I started doing an extensive Google search. I wonder why they didn’t include the people who commonly write about independent Maryland artists for this selections process, or why they didn’t send word out about it to the local magazines and bloggers.

Nominations are already in! Here’s the video announcing this year’s nominees.

I don’t know any of these artists. Do you? Haha. I guess, the show will meet it’s purpose by promoting awareness of each of these artists. But come on, I know hip-hop artist in Baltimore with more buzz than any of those who were mentioned.

I look forward to more of these award shows. But for the next go round, lets add some more artists that I can actually vote for in the next show. I wish all the current nominees the best of luck in their journey to being the first to win a Maryland Music Award.

To read more about the Maryland Music Award, check out their site here.

How do you feel about the Maryland Music Awards? Will you be tuning in to watch it? Leave your comments below.

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