YTube Vid of the Week: Lil Mama The Lyrical Purge 0 To 100 Freestyle

I don’t know why I’m just seeing this freestyle. It seems to have surfaced the Internet about a month and some ago. I could’ve gotten a little too caught up in local activities, or I’m just late as always. There’s no point in sugar-coating it. I’m late with catching on to some things. So? LOL

Lil Mama’s freestyle is the YTube Vid of the Week because we rarely hear from this lady regarding any of her skill sets which she used to place her in the industry’s limelight. Lil Mama hopped on the hip-hop scene with the release of her hot single “Lip Gloss” in 2008. Since then, she’s been known for her hosting gigs, and more recently for her acting role in the TLC biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story as group member Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez. But music wise, what has Lil Mama been up to?

In this video, we see that Lil Mama still got it! She takes on Drake’s 0 to 100 with ease giving us the answer we’ve all been waiting for. I guess, Lil Mama really can rap. Ha-ha!

What do you think? Did she body this verse or have you hear better? Send me the best 0 to 100 freestyle. Leave your comments below.

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One thought on “YTube Vid of the Week: Lil Mama The Lyrical Purge 0 To 100 Freestyle

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