Hopping On That Train Back to 1990s

Not too far in the distant past rested a decade where a lovely young writer was born. That young writer’s name was Taylor, know to many of you as Doc. The decade was the 1990s. Oh, how I miss my childhood years so much.

I may have literally been a baby growing up during this decade, but there are so many things I’ve experienced as a child growing alongside a mature family, I think I can luster up at least 3 things a lot of people my age and older may relate to that we all might miss. So here they are, the things I want to bring back from my years of retro.

My favorite things I’d bring from the 90s would be…


Music has always had my heart, man.

The Box

The best music channel in the world is of the past. Forget about MTV. The Box was the best because they played variety with little to no commercials and absolutely no teen pregnancy shows. MTV has always been a little picky with what they wanted on there channel, in regards to music, and always remained mainstream. When The Box was around music lovers could see their favorite underground artists if they wanted. Of course, the music industry was very different then. But what I loved the most about The Box was the option to see what music videos were coming on next during the music breaks. WHY DON’T THEY DO THIS ANYMORE?!

Equivalent to The Box today, we have MTV Jams and MTV University, which can be found if you have Verizon Fios or Comcast Xfinity. These channels are “okay.” But I prefer a more organic and original feel for music. Too much of the same thing turns me off, so you can imagine how much time I spend watching either channel. If MTV Jams and MTV University were combined, they’d probably scratch the surface, but only the surface. Can we please bring The Box back?


The Cassette


I use to listen to the radio all day just to catch my favorite song to record on an audio cassette, and not just any audio cassette. When I didn’t have a blank tape available, I would rummage through my room to find an old “storybook” tape, which originally had Disney bedtime stories on it, and shoved some notebook paper in the top holes, close to where the tape could be found, so I could re-record over its boring stories. Talk about desperate to get a song! My only issue doing this was the radio dj talking through the tracks and the unwanted radio edits. If it wasn’t a Ludacris or DMX song, I’d hate to not hear what the artist was really saying. The struggles of downloading music was too real then. But it was worth it.

Now, life has made it easier to hear my favorites anytime I want. I can simply go to Soundcloud and YouTube with a swipe and click of a finger on my phone. Just type it into the search box and voilà, it’s there! But I do miss the struggles of getting my song from the radio. I knew every song that was played on air.


I’m a cartoon fanatic!

Saturday Morning Cartoons


Remember waking up early on the weekends to watch cartoons like Johnny Quest, Goosebumps, Bobby’s World, or Digimon Digital Monsters? I use to dread getting up in the morning for school during the week. But when Saturday rolled around, I was up watching cartoons right on time while I ate breakfast. Cartoons from my past could be the reason I’m so animated today because I still watch them. I recently rewatched the entire first seasons of Jackie Chan Adventures and Digimon Digital Monsters on Netflix. All it did was make me upset that I had to get ready for work later that day.

I feel so bad for kids today. They don’t get to have that Saturday morning experience like I had. The moment the clock struck noon, I was already outside hanging with my friends afterwards. Of course, going outside is another thing kids don’t experience, but that’s another story. On top of not having the Saturday morning cartoons to wake up to, kids rarely have a good variety of cartoons to choose from. Broadcast networks like The CW, FOX, and CBS rarely show cartoons, unless it’s the holidays. Plus, Every time I’m channel surfing the tv guide, I find marathons of the same cartoons running for hours on cable networks. It was never like that while growing up on 90s cartoons. There were too many that needed to be aired.


There is so much more that I can talk about that I’d bring back from the 1990s. But this blog post would be entirely too lengthy. So I literally shared with you the first three things that came to mind. Haha! What do you think you’d bring back from the 90s? Let me know in the comments below.

ALSO, this post is part of a local blogger competition The Mobbies, sponsored by Baltimore Sun and Creative Alliance. I’ve been nominated for three categories: Best Music Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Label Defying Blog. Thanks, Guys!

Voting begins November 3rd! I’d like to ask all my loyal readers to please add this date to your calendars to participate in the voting process and visit this link when voting begins, Baltimore Mobbies.  Thanks for all for always reading! I have to do something special for y’all.

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