YTube Vid of the Week: One of those days 2 – Candide Thovex

With all this snow landing in Baltimore, matter of fact -the entire east coast, this winter, finding a video like this week’s YTube Vid of the Week doesn’t even phase me as much as stumbling across a video of pure sunshine. But I’m still able to find something intriguing about what people enjoy doing in the snow, and I am absolutely amazed at Candide Thovex love for it.

Candide Thovex is a french professional skier and filmmaker, majorly known for his films recorded in first person view of his ski adventures. His videos of his experiences will leave anyone in awe. They make me want to find a ski resort where I can rip a course to shreds, though I can’t ski for the life of me.

One of Those Day 2 is the sequel to his previous skier video One of Those Days, which has the same concept but covers different landscapes and surroundings. Both videos are amazing due to the fact that I am unable to do any of what’s being done in them. Any average person will this guy props.

My favorite part of this film is the end. Candide went out like a boss! How does a person simply ski through a restaurant? He shows us he can just do those things. He’s the man.

Ski through restaurants (like a boss) *Rick Ross voice*

What’s your favorite part of this Candide Thovex’s One of Those Days 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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