YTube Vid of the Week: Does Racism Still Exist?

Living in the 21st century is all about knowing there’s a such thing as racism but pretending that it’s not there. We as a society collectively ignore the truth in there being racism that still exist.

This week’s Ytube Vid of the Week is strictly for the people who are in denial about racism.

Will systematic racism ever cease its existence?

We’ll never live in a society where a system that’s structured to its precise bit will no longer exist. I’ve lived majority of my life suppress from the thought of there being racism; I always knew it was there but corporations and huge public figures don’t acknowledge it so I ignored it along with many other people who choose to live a life pure of labels.

As a liberal thinker and free spirited individual, I’d love to think I live in a world where stuff like whether I’m black, brown, red, or yellow doesn’t matter. But every time I turn on the television, there’s something there reminding me that I need to know what race I am because if I choose to be a different race one day, I could be chastised for it.

*cough cough* I’m referring to Rachel Dolezal, who recently received a lot of backlash for not answering a question about whether she was African-American or White after her parents outs her for portraying herself to be a black woman for 10 years.

Racism exist because people believe that labels matter, and until we can prove they aren’t needed when we do things like apply for jobs, schools, or even visit the doctor’s office, the human race will always identify with labeling. Unfortunately, it’s necessary in society to know what the next person refers himself as so that we can naturally make assumptions about how they may live.

Do you believe there are steps that can be taken that can completely rid the world of racism? Leave your comments below.

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