#TakeAStand Baltimore

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

It’s important to stay positive at all times. It helps fuel the drive you have to progress to a better you. It pushes you towards a new level of living that could create a better lifestyle and it makes you feel great by improving your self-confidence. Being positive can take you places you’ve never thought you’d have the ability to reach.

Recently, there has been plenty acts of kindness I’ve seen towards homeless people on my Facebook time line. It’s nice seeing some of my friends stepping up to show that they care about other people’s circumstances.

One of those thoughtful Facebook friends of mine is Derrick Craddock. I’ve known Derrick for a while now. I use to be a contributing writer for his former entertainment blog The Dope Delivery. So I’ve always known about his dedication and drive to becoming something more. He’s definitely someone I know who has gone through something traumatic but is strong enough to come out on top. That’s why I needed to share this video with everyone. Derrick is doing something that’s definitely worth some rewarding attention that this city should be proud of.

Derrick spent his birthday making others happy. What people usually expect for someone to do on their birthday is spend time participating in an activity for their personal gain and happiness. In this video, he’s proven the truth behind happiness; happiness is making others happy.

This video has such a positive message. I’m glad Derrick did this and shared it on YouTube. It means we can all share this positivity and maybe encourage someone new to show how they care for someone else. What can you do to receive happiness and share positivity?

I want to do a good deed by sharing positivity through this blog post. I want share my positive words. So here it goes…Stay positive when times are tough. Ignore all negativity. It may seem like you are at your lowest but you have to remember that there are people who are worse off than you. You’re even blessed when you don’t realize it. I believe in good karma and the people who put in the efforts to do good for others will have good things happen for them. Derrick will receive his good karma soon. You can, too.

There are many other good deeds being done by others around Baltimore. If you know of any deeds worth sharing about, leave them in the comments below.

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What’s Love Got To Do With It

I recently watched the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It starring Angela Bassett, and I never realize how accurate the film was until I took the time out to analyze how real situations in people’s love lives over power their decision-making process. Have you ever come across someone who’s accepting of so much distress from one person only to find out it’s because they “love” this individual entirely too much?

ike and tina

People choose to stick with the wrong people a little too often.

When the bad outweighs the good in someones relationship, it becomes hard for me to comprehend why someone would stick around with another person for long periods of their life. If the heartache outweighs the happiness, what kind of repayment are you receiving after investing your time to this one person? I don’t get it.

In What’s Love Got To Do With It, Tina Turner was caught up in some warp spell with Ike Turner. No matter how shitty he treated her, she stuck around because she loved him. This man yelled at her over simple issues, beat her when he felt she was disrespectful, he basically treated her like she was his pet, in a way. This guy even raped her. What the hell was keeping her around?!

It’s sad the reality of a situation like Ike and Tina’s. So many others go through it everyday because of the fear of having to start over with someone new. I say screw that! That’s not a reason to refuse to leave a bad place in your life. What’s love got to do with it if you’re getting disrespected everyday dealing with this “love.” To me, it’s not love at all. It’s simply fear and confusion. The fear of stepping out on someone they’re obviously confused about.

domestic violence

Are you aware of what’s right and wrong in your relationship?

Communication is key in every relationship so why not address what the correct things are for the both of you in your relationship. Who likes what? Who believes getting beat is what happens in a relationship? From day one,a person’s wants and needs should be hashed out in a mature conversation with their significant other. Maybe not the first date, but while both parties are getting to know what they like. They’ll truly be spending their time getting to know someone they should care about.

Later when the both parties have spent so much time getting to know each other, they’ll be put in a better position to be happy with each other. If a person is unable to communicate their concerns, they won’t comprehend this most important step. Assumptions rule that person’s ability to make rational choices. Sometimes that’s what makes me believe influences someone’s decision to put their hands on another person, through their assumptions and inability to solve problems. Simple communication can fix that.


Know when their time is up!

When is the correct time to know you’re tired? Some people miss the point where they should say, “Look, I’m tired of this happening to me.” Should a person wait until they’re in the hospital while their health is not too great, should they wait until your spirits are sucked from within and they see it’s impossible to move on to something better for themselves. That cannot be me at all.

I’m sorry if I’m coming off a bit passionate about this subject. It’s just when I’m watching TV, why do I have to be reminded of the dumb things I’ve seen at some point in my life. I’ve known people who I’ve seen first hand go through what my generation may call the “Ike Turner.” Ha-ha! It’s no reason to glorify it.

When someone’s time is up, they’ll feel it in their soul and know enough is enough. It’s when that person will finally grab their dignity and say no! They’ve finally gained respect for themselves. They finally love themselves.

Move The F*%# On

So someone’s hand is slapping you across your face. Are you going to hit them back, let it happen with no consequences, or walk away with your dignity in tact. Uhh, I suggest a person to walk away because they’d look really retarded standing there getting hit, giving the permission to another person to continually put their hands on them like the person is above them.

There are billions of people on this earth. Forget that one crummy person who can’t respect someone they claim to love. We don’t bring down others self-esteem over here! We uplift them and this post is meant to uplift another. Rise up from what you’re comfortable in being involved in and change your life around.

Can you name a circumstance where you knew someone was in a bad predicament, like domestic abuse? Share them in the comments below.

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Sign The Petition Against WERQ-FM’s Local Artist Airplay Time Slots

I know many may say they don’t listen to the radio anymore. But when you do want to listen to something new, what do you prefer? Do you listen to the local DJs on your cities radio station or do you listen to Spotify and Pandora? In the case of Baltimore, do you listen to 92Q or WMSK Online Radio?

I still listen to the radio. But it’s not my primary choice for new music. Whenever I feel the urge to listen to something new, I find myself running to soundcloud or YouTube rather the radio because the radio plays the same songs too often. When will the music gods ever change that? Honestly, does this city care enough to want to change how we hear new music?

We moan and groan about why our local radio stations refuse to play local artists music for our community to hear and support, but won’t make a difference about it. What’s going on here? Nothing is adding up. Someone’s making an effort, for sure. We’re just so blind to what’s happening in our community that we’ve overlook it. I’ve come across a petition,which entire purpose is to stop WERQ from playing only industry crap during the hours of 6am to 12am, and mix up the music selection with more local/independent artists during those time slots.

The Petition was created by Catherine Moran, and this woman makes a very good point for why we, as music lovers, should sign in agreement for changing when WERQ should play independent music.


Allot 1/3 of their playlist to local Baltimore artist between the hours of 8 a.m. & 6pm daily. Songs should be chosen by the people NOT the PDs, Asst PD, or DJs. There needs to be a voting poll via 3rd party site example “Polldaddy.com” where the results can be viewed by the public with real-time updates, to insure radio staff are not fooling people.

For too long our radio station has put on this front calling themselves the “People’s Station” when in fact they are not helping our “People (local talent)” at all. Every time you turn around they are creating more and more ridiculous policies to discourage artist from trying to get on radio, and justify shutting them out. This needs to end today.


I already signed the petition. I want local artist to have more opportunities to shine. I want the city to be behind this because many of Baltimore residents claim there is never a time where we have a voice. If we could rally up more people to sign this petition, we face a chance in being recognized as another city full of very talented people with the potential to go as far as anyone who may come from New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. We can make this happen!

Do you think this petition can be the starting point for big change in the music industry? Leave you comments below.

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Doc Attends The Real News Network Grand Opening

Now let’s learn to be more politically correct here. Knowing that the majority of my audience are 20-something-years-olds, a lot of the people I carry a conversation with lack awareness for what’s really happening in the media. Just the other day, I asked one of my friends were they going to vote and they didn’t realize there was an election going on. Now that’s a problem. That exact incident weighed heavy on my mind at last night event as I attended The Real News Network’s studio grand opening.


It was such a nice little shindig. Multiple people took part in the celebration and opening of the year old independent online news site in downtown Baltimore, MD.  From rappers, noteworthy guest speakers, poets and even a special appearance from actor/film director Danny Glover, we all came together on one night to recognize what’s really important while streaming our concerns to the rest of the world from the Real News Network website. We’re came together to show that we care about our community’s well being. Along with the extravagance of being blessed with the presence of some very important faces, we still participated in celebrating something that I love so much, hip-hop. It was a very good night.

I saw some familiar faces, too…




As I attended the grand opening, I wrangled up a few important messages that caught my ear. The messages constantly being pushed at last night function by the keynote speakers were

  • “we should participate in what’s happening in our communities,”
  • “we should become the government that we want instead of bashing what we have,”
  • “we should always love who we are,” and
  • “we should work hard to become who we are and not let anyone stop us from doing what we love.”

With every speaker and performance, there was a sense of power that came with their presence; the kind of power that makes you want to leave from the event and create a masterpiece of your own. You can’t tell me I wasn’t ready to go write an opinion essay after I left out of there. My notebook gained 4 more pages worth of “scrap literature.” Praise be to the motivation!

I look forward to learning more about The Real News Network. It’s still pretty fresh to me. But when something is unfamiliar, I don’t hesitate to learn more about it. I’m thinking of a way to somehow volunteer my services for them. They’ve also mentioned the need for a lot of help from people in the community so you should find your place in getting involved with The Real News Network, as well.

Take a stand! The Real News Network will also be having their part 2 to their grand opening tonight. If you’re seeking to get involved sooner opposed to later, go check ‘em out! RSVP at the Real News Network’s event page on Facebook and follow the address below:

235 Holliday Street

Baltimore, MD 21202


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EDM Brings Exposure To Baltimore Basketball Players

I’m glad to have had the opportunity to interview someone who’s working to encourage our young black men to do something positive. Enrico is working to bring back hope for a lot of young men who inspire to pursue a career in sports. Check out my interview with Enrico of Energy Drive Motivation Management as we talk of how he brings his Pro Basketball Exposure Camp to Baltimore in these next coming weeks.

Register for Pro Basketball Exposure Camp in Baltimore Saturday, April 26-27, 2014 on the Energy Drive Motivation website, www.energydrivemotivation.com.

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Girls Self Esteem Workshop at Milford Mill Academy

I’m going to shed some positive light into your day. Lots of people will be glad to hear that someone is willing to help young girls build a strong foundation self-esteem. That someone is Antoinette, who went to Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore County this past Wednesday to speak a group of 20 girls about becoming a better them. It was awesome.


I knew of this great event because I was invited to speak alongside her as she help uplift these young woman.

Antoinette gave a few testimony’s about self-esteem and why it’s important. Before her workshop started, I had the opportunity of speaking with her about why she believed this workshop was important. She stated, “It’s important for me to help them understand the direction the can go to if they believe in what they’re capable of. I want them to know if they speak about and share of only positive things, it will reflect upon them positive things.”


During the workshop, Antoinette was sure to pass out positive literature and encourage discussion with the young participants so they would become liberated within workshop.

I later stepped in to give a testimony about my precious baby, Doc’s Castle Media, to give them an example of someone who has pushed all negativity aside to become a better person. I enjoyed sharing my story with such a wonderful group of young ladies. I look forward to possibly reaching more people someday in the future.


Antoinette has a summer beauty camp every summer for Middle and High School students. The camp has workshops for self-esteem and also teaches young girls the art of make-up application. I’m thinking of volunteering for the camp this summer. Others should definitely get involved in this self-esteem movement. For more questions about Antoinette’s beauty camp, email docscastlemediainfo@gmail.com.

Do you think more girls should attend self-development workshops? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

YTube Vid of the Week: How To Text A Girl

It’s this boy who keeps texting me lately. I can tell he’s kind of likes me because he’s been texting me a lot more often than usual. But I don’t like him as much. He annoys me with texting me all day long. I see him more like a friend. But I believe it’s absolutely possible for someone to get out of the friend zone.


This week’s YTube Vid of the Week is dedicated to that boy. I found some advice from two YouTubers who call themselves the Wing Girls. They post videos of relatable advice for this new generation. They even wrote a book called “How To Get Out The Friend Zone.” This video by these girls that I’m dying to share helps young men learn how to properly text a female without making them look desperate for attention.

I don’t believe texting takes much thought. But some people are completely unaware of others time or respect when it comes to texting. I guess we should develop some common sense for sending text messages. It’s a learning process. Maybe later generations will maneuver texting better.

What’s your strategy for texting people? Do you think about some of the things mentioned? Leave your comments below.

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