A Letter to You by C. Davis

Dear Love,

Within these last few weeks, I’ve been caught in an unknown yet familiar mystery.

Two people worlds apart gravitate towards each other endlessly.

The stars aligned and your world naturally eclipsed mine.

I stepped into your domain and you took the chance to unwind.

Your stellar personality instantly stood out along with a faith that would forever last.

Who would have thought that you used that to overshadow your hurtful, dark past.

So you built a wall around your heart due to abuse from people wielding mistrust.

And each day that pass I proceeded to reduce the wall to dust.

Now you stand before me naked, wounded and covered in scars.

I stand watching remnants of your past friendships, loves, and wars.

As the bearer of Christ, I use words and actions to heal your broken heart; praise my emotional sutures.

Seal your opens wounds to secure our possible future.

Pledging to stand by your side to ensure nothing ever hurts you.

Setting your mind at ease and giving you the amount of affection you were initially used to.

Your new-found happiness makes you glow and I relish in the radiant exposure.

We’re stimulated by our sexual desires that become secrets protected by patient doctor disclosure.

I return to my world and you rush to follow without a second thought.

You reach inside my mind and line defenses around my heart.

It seems you resemble me in wanting to protect those we care for.

And it is traits like that in a strong woman that makes me desire you more.

You’ve said that you are happy and blessed and the time invested had been everything.

That I’m a special man who women kill for and would never find exploring.

You are truly a blessing and we were destined to share this miraculous fate.

Bound to watch each other grow; our relationship bound to turn into something great.

I helped raise you from misery and despair so you could fall deeper into like.

So we could stay connected on every echelon as I follow you like an eager tyke.

My rant ends here but will continue on in our life long adventure.

For I’m destined to show you dreams come true and mine being with you will last forever.

-C. Davis

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Time Waits by C. Davis & Jennifer Jackson

This week’s C. Davis Poem is a collaboration with another rising poet, Jennifer Jackson. This poem should be read as a whole and not separately. To read more from Jennifer, click here.

I look in the mirror each day and watch as I change with the seasons.
A new regime arises and my feelings betray their original design; blatant signs of treason.
They clenched my heart, aiming to restrict my blood flow.
My heart changes from red to blue and ceases to involuntarily grow.
My skin turns deep purple becoming a human born frost giant in the process.
Ice crystals swarm over and invade my pores causing my small hairs to regress.
The ice, more parasitic than symbiotic, crept beneath my flesh and attacked my cells.
A cold, burning sensation shot to the surface; my body was experiencing hell.
All body functions ceased. Only my brain continued to monitor my status.
My eyes slowly closed frozen shut. This initiated my cryogenic stasis.
Short synaptic bolts are released into the brain stem.
Inserting my last memories into my dream, distorting my rem.
They revealed the one who cause my feelings to betray me.
Angry swelled from within and the heat that arose turned cold in order to be free.
My heart, although covered in frozen tundra, still desired that warm, sensitive touch.
How long could it endure without having no feelings? This is quite the hindering crutch.
Time is supposed to heal all abrasions to a certain degree.
But the longer I wait it seems that I will never be free.
Since time waits for no man and moves of its own accord
I offer the rulers of fate my soul for one last ounce hope, the only thing I could afford.
Now I’m at a standstill, having done everything possible with my power.
Hopefully someone arrives before my 25th hour.
May they have the ability to reverse the things thought could not be undone.
For my heart only responds to golden skin radiated by the sun.

C. Davis

As the sun shines bright and my voice prompts you to flourish. The summer has arrived so as a melanated queen I can nourish your mind and your soul. I heard a heartbeat. For so long you were in a coma and now you’re trying to speak. But I left you alone all winter; you had to learn to hibernate. For what will you do when you’re left to your own resources without a mate? This will happen soon. I will retreat to the dark side of the moon until you regain your strength to smile in my direction and I can use your reflection, abuse the rejection, and consume the obsession with the day. I, at night, am stronger than the fight you put up. And unfortunately with great strength comes great power. For an entire season, I had to bloom those flowers, yet you killed them. And over time I learned that this connection will only cause brief erection in selection of the survival of the fittest. Through all the nights I endured in the cold and the dark since you fell and weren’t there to catch me, I became the bitterest. I took a sudden interest in the stars and they never grew apart as we grew closer. Thinking absence would make the heart fonder but the longer you took the more time it’s gonna take me. I should be the one laying in the sun but that golden shine loves me no more. It has built your new home and the shade is mine. Sadly without your light, there’s no reflection….save me before we completely run out of time.

Jennifer Jackson

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Chapter 1: Venomous Addiction

You ever felt the cold strike of love pierce your warm skin?

Fangs release venom into your bloodstream and you feel it run a course from within.

Fearing it would reach your heart, you try to suck it out from where it was injected.

It has moved so fast that the rush makes you nauseous and woozy; the signs of being infected.

You stumble onto the bed and slowly reach for the phone.

Make a call to your closest friend and they’ve noticed a change in tone.
“Hello? Hey, what’s wrong? Why do you sound like you’ve been drugged up?”

You confess “I know you told me to leave her alone but I think I messed up.”

You continue to explain how her love bit you and was slowly having a hold on you.

And that you think once the venom metabolizes it would be a part of everything you do.

Your friend tries to help you by coming over but you begin to lose interest in the words they spoke.

In the middle of the conversation you feel a sharp pain and clench your chest; you were having stroke.

You black out and gained consciousness in the hospital lying in a still.

A doctor stood over you asking a series of questions to see if you knew what was fake or real.

The doctor told you that you went into shock after the venom had run its course.

And that the only way to avoid another episode was to inject a dose into your heart by force.

Although your friend tried their hardest to dissuade you, you indisputably agreed.

But the doctor warned you that continuous use could lead to selfishness and greed.

Diagnosis complete, the doctor releases you to the public.

Thus you began your mission to find the only bite claimed to be therapeutic.

Upon returning home, you notice the one who put you in this predicament.

You rush toward her to express your resentment.

Before you could speak, you’re once again caught in her gaze.

The seductress grabs your neck and tastes you again putting you in a mild daze.

Instantly, you whispered serenades of nothings into her ear.

She suddenly releases her grip; her heart frozen in fear.

The sound of your voice vibrated from her neck to her chest.

It made her blood boil and activated her adrenaline leaving her body unable to rest.

A melody so sharp it entered every chamber in her heart.

Made the world spin around her and had her pulse off the chart.

The seducer had become the seduced initiating a vital change of roles.

Now finding a new seductress and changing her have become your primary goals.

This new power changed you making you colder and calmer.

You have gone from a man to a siren of love. I welcome you glorious Snake Charmer.

-C. Davis

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Nephilim: The Fate of Hell’s Heathen by C. Davis

A nephilim is birthed through the loving bond between an angel and a demon.

Flesh and bone forged through the union of blood and semen.

The new family was excited at what joy the pregnancy would bring.

But all that faded nine months later as the new creation scorched off the angel’s luminous wings.

Furious at what his newborn child did to his now frail, mortal wife.

The demon departed vowing to never support a destroyer’s life.

Since that day, the mother always said she loved her child but her tongue concealed lies.

She truly hated the child for he bore a resemblance to her late husband. Damn those red eyes.

One night, while the child was asleep, the mother made an attempt to sacrifice his life.

But the last of her motherly nature surfaced protecting him from the undeserving strife.

With all her energy expunged, the mother remained evil and hollow.

The nephilim, scarred by the experience, was forced to leave his mother with no proper path to follow.

Now a young adult, the nephilim has grown to be wise and bold.

But he was still plagued by his past scars which put developing trust in mortals on hold.

He was wary of father figures that made themselves present in his coming years.

For he felt any promises made to him would lead to nothing since they would leave anyway; Fatherless fears.

Women were trusted much less and often lead to their constant heartbreak and disrespect.

He turned his back on those that grew on him and pursued other prospects.

If they were to be lucky enough to spend time in a place where his head may break

He waited until they slumbered to disappear in the mist of the night; full from his sexual intake.

Now well in his prime, he reminisces about his youthful past.

The moments with countless women and emotions that barely last.

What he didn’t know was that some of those women bore children.

And that the women had a chance to end up like his mother, angry and barren.

The reminiscing rekindled a hidden hatred for his father.

The nephilim felt his father was afraid of his responsibilities so he up and left probably saying “Why bother?”

He hopes that after all these years his father feels pain and regrets leaving him and his mother unaided.

And that he has the courage to kneel for forgiveness and confess the sins he committed.

Let us pray that this will stop the cycle that has already begun.

For the nephilim’s children may grow up the same way since the sins of the father fall on the son.

-C. Davis

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CREATE by Christopher Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Chapter 5: The Dreamscape

This feeling is scary and enticing, is it not?

Choosing a path filled with endless possibilities and failure ready to take your spot.

Now the first order of business is to flush this empty canvas.

Waves of cerulean rushed from the soles of my feet becoming an ocean deep and enormous.

I gathered clumps of the present blue and threw it into the air.

It merged with the white sky and the dark hue slowly disappears.

I stand at the epicenter of my world beneath the serenity of my sky.

Telepathically resurrected a land where my feet can rest and in turn a place where my head can lie.

I was beginning to get tired and found a position that was right.

The sky, closely watching my eyes, reflected my feelings and turned day into night.

I awoke to the gleaming light of the sun climbing over the horizon.

It warmed my skin and fueled the bulb that contained today’s new conception.

I decided to bend and forge a new ground beneath me.

Erected a small, spiked spire and reduced it into sand then merged it with the sea.

From that point on, I was unable to concentrate the creativity that flows out of me endlessly.

So I began to meditate, reciting mantras, in order to communicate with a higher being spiritually.

My eyes proceeded to open up slowly and my physical form rested in front of me.

And there I witnessed vines and roots emerge from the ground and proceed to ensnare my body.

The roots elevated above me and intertwined themselves to form a gigantic tree.

The vines gave birth to an Eden that bloomed with colorful, multi-pedaled lotuses for all to see.

It was evident that my physical form, filled with knowledge, provided nutrients for these organic beings.

Roots sifted through each artery and vein until they reached my core continuing the inner hollowing.

My body was soon to undergo another metamorphosis.

And I reminisce how I’d changed from beast to monster then reduced to a man with life as the catalyst.

Suddenly my spirit inquired about the development of a new host.

It needed to be hardened by experience and able to turn failures into transparent ghosts.

Slowly I receded into the nutrient-rich earth ready for body and spirit to become one.

The unification had been completed and a new installment of my dream had begun.

Gaia displayed my new body by splitting herself open; A painful C-section.

And the villagers, comprised of plants and animals, raised my body in celebration.

I initially stepped onto this earth with same means as all humans; to change it.

But I learned to do that which others couldn’t do which was to love and respect it.

My new purpose is to constantly rebuild every aspect that exists.

Expanding my dreams to the farthest of corners of my mind no matter what obstacles subsist.

Hopefully the dreams will live vicariously through the lives of my next generation.

For the possibilities present in the dreamscape are never ending.

-C. Davis

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CREATE by Christopher Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at https://docscastle.wordpress.com/category/c-davis-poems/.
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Chapter 4: Becoming A Man

Every night since the forthcoming of my metamorphic change

Success seems to continuously linger outside of my range.

And as daunting to me as this occurrence may seem,

My subconscious also continues to recreate for me the same sequences of a dream.

I, a lone wolf, tired and ragged, stumble upon a colony full of sheep.

I bare my fangs at my prey but what I really want to do is sleep.

I’m seated at a table with an umbrella to keep me out of the sun.

I sip my water with my head down for I was on the run.

Immediately I’m approached by a sheriff with his revolver pointed and holstered by his hand.

He calmly sits down in front of me and asks “What are your aspirations? Any future plans?”

At that moment I awake with my t-shirt soaked from a rush of cold sweat.

As if the message was that the art running away was the same as welcoming my death.

Sunlight pierced through my blinds screaming rise and shine.

No more incessant rolling around, time to get up and grind.

I packed my things and prepared for my life long journey.

Carry the memories of my loved ones so I won’t be so lonely.

The first step was hard; I hesitated when it came time to touch the pavement.

The second step was worst; the asphalt started to reflect the heat filling me with resentment.

And the journey begins forever etching my footprint into the Earth.

Now it’s on to prove to myself, ultimately, my worth.

Left, right, left, right; watch the young trooper remain focused on his march.

Soon hours turn to days and the journey slowly removes my foot’s natural arch.

Time for a pit stop for I am hungry and tired from enduring life’s test.

Served encouraging thoughts on a warm plate in order to induce a serene meditative rest.

Suddenly I jump up bloodshot eyed for my slumber didn’t go as predicted.

I’m forced to rise with the moon and the sun for there is no rest for the wicked.

Days have turned to months and I no longer want this adventure to be over.

I smile at the coming times where I will indulge on the moments of getting older.

I’ve met others who like me have gone on a search for self glory.

Each person I encountered offered pieces of themselves and shared their story.

Those tales helped strengthen my resolve and thrust me forward.

Maybe in the future I’ll bear witness to the delicious fruits grown in my orchard.

Years have passed and look at how far I have come.

Strong willed and goal driven. I’m proud of the man I’ve become.

My eyes have sharpened to the point where I can clearly see the road ahead of me.

It was plagued by the encounter of another road perpendicular to itself creating a large T.

I walked to the center of the road and pulled out my flashlight.

The light revealed two possible futures when shined from left to right.

Riddled with conflicting choices, I closed my eyes for a possible solution.

I dropped the flashlight and proceeded to engage a revolution.

My mind’s eye was soon blinded by what seemed to be an array of spectral beams.

Follow me as I create my own path within my lucid dreams.

-C. Davis

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