Vote for Doc’s Castle Media in 2014 Mobbies Maryland Blog Competition

What an honor! I have been nominated under three categories in the 2014 Mobbies Blog and Social Media Competition. Yay! Thank you everyone!

I have never been nominated in any competition as such, especially for my writings, and I’m extremely thankful for all of you who were active in deciding to nominate me under the following three categories: Best Label Defying Blog, Best Music Blog, and Best Personal Blog.

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This competition is sponsored by the Baltimore Sun and the Creative Alliance, LLC.

I love to write, though I didn’t always know that. Doc’s Castle Media opened my eyes to my talents. I always knew I had a knack for ideas because I always owned a composition notebook or sketchbook full of thoughts since the age of 10. But to really take an active role in blogging or any kind of journalism, my mind wasn’t with it until it was made one of my duties to complete while working for an internship. I strongly opposed the idea of being a journalist my entire 4 years attending high school. I guess now, I’ve made myself out to be a liar because look at my site! It’s 3 years going strong with over 300 blog posts. I write like a journalist and I do it a lot!

I write because I believe that my voice matters. I believe that my thoughts and feelings about things carry value. My whole purpose for creating a blog was to use my words to influence others to do something meaningful in their lives. Each day, I ponder the possibilities of that actually happening. Seeing that people took the time to nominate me has shown me that my purpose might be working. Apparently, I offer something you all like.

I often talk to people while I’m out in the streets of Baltimore or while on Facebook, and people compliment me on my commitment and dedication to continue writing about what’s happening around the city from a unique and entertaining perspective. I appreciate that plenty of you take notice. I’m even more grateful to hear that many of you read on a consistent basis. It’s still weird getting this type of attention from writing freely. But I love you all more each day as you continue to support me and share my thoughts with the world! It drives me more…like really, I’m so motivated to keep doing this.


As I’m busting my tail to provide something unique and special for you all, please do me the favor in voting for me, just as you all nominated me, in this year’s annual Mobbies Blog and Social Media Competition. It’d mean a lot to me if I could actually win in any of the categories I’m nominated for.

Below is the link to the directions for voting for the nominees in the 2014 Mobbies. Please register with one of your social media accounts and vote for Doc’s Castle Media!


Vote Now


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As 2015 slowly approaches, Doc’s Castle Media looks to include a few new additions to the website. I’m counting on my readers to offer me some new suggestions for what you all think can make Doc’s Castle Media a little better. Please leave your feedback and concerns in the comments below as I’ll review all of them carefully. Hopefully I’ll get some very good suggestions that’ll spice the site up.

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VOTE NOW for the Baltimore Music Awards Nominees


The polls are now OPEN.

I want you guys to know that your participation in this voting process truly matters!

There are many folks like me who want to reward talented people who strive to get recognition for their artwork. Diamond K has put a lot of effort in creating an annual celebration in the Baltimore hip-hop scene. This year is the 4th Annual Baltimore Music Awards, here to honor all those hardworking and very talented artists and entrepreneurs for their great contributions to hip-hop culture.

If you take the time to cast your ballot and spread the word about any of the music awards ceremonies I’ve shared to Doc’s Castle Media, you are making the conscious decision to improve the way people view the DMV. We can make a difference with the attention and participation of the masses. So take your time voting for who you believe deserves each award. Research who you see. Listen to some of their work. Be active, not idle, in the decision to put this region on the map.

Vote NOW!


VOTE now!


YTube Vid of the Week: Why I Think This World Should End

So much chaos is taking place around the world and its becoming an eye opener for many of it’s inhabitants. War has always been a factor in making this world we live in seem more corrupt. But when it comes to the entire well-being of humanity as it pertains to Love, Loyalty, Happiness, Peacefulness, and etc., I beg to differ. People have become crueller and uneasy as time surpasses us. So why should the world continue to spin if the people who live in it are too selfish to nurture it as it yearns for proper care?

Let us take a moment and wake up to what’s really happening in the world today as Prince Ea tells us why he believes this world should end in this week’s YTube Vid of the Week.

They did an awesome job with this one didn’t they? Would you say you agree with what is being said? Leave your comments below.

Are you an avid reader?  Then you’ll love the last YTube Vid of the Week from Baltimore hip-hop artist Gillateen. Read Why You Should Read The Alchemist On Doc’s Castle Media.

Vote for Baltimore Hip-hop Artist Jus for the Team Up with Timbaland Song Competition

The people of Lenovo and Microsoft have teamed up with Timbaland in a song sweepstakes.

The competition was opened last month, August 18, 2014, and Lenovo will be accepting entries until September 28, 2014.

I’m sure many people from all parts of the country have submitted to be apart of this song competition. But we never know who submits to be in these contests. That’s why I thought it was cool that Jus, one of Baltimore’s own talented artist, sent me his song that he submitted for review in the competition.

“I.D.L.Y” is from his album Below The Mason Dixon, Above the Norm and I kinda like this funky track. After hearing it, I had to take a further listen to more of his album. I suggest you do it, too. (Listen to Below The Mason Dixon, Above the Norm on Soundcloud.)

Is Jus worthy of winning the grand prize to work with Timbaland? Submit your votes to and support local talent.

Have you seen the nominations for the Maryland Music Awards? Read Nominees for 2014 Maryland Music Awards Are In on Doc’s Castle Media.


Nominees for 2014 Maryland Music Awards Are In

So the nominees for Maryland Music Awards have been revealed!

Were you aware of the Maryland Music Awards? I know I wasn’t. There has to be a better way to be informed about such things. I found out about the awards through reading another blog. But I didn’t hear any more reports about this newly found music celebration until I started doing an extensive Google search. I wonder why they didn’t include the people who commonly write about independent Maryland artists for this selections process, or why they didn’t send word out about it to the local magazines and bloggers.

Nominations are already in! Here’s the video announcing this year’s nominees.

I don’t know any of these artists. Do you? Haha. I guess, the show will meet it’s purpose by promoting awareness of each of these artists. But come on, I know hip-hop artist in Baltimore with more buzz than any of those who were mentioned.

I look forward to more of these award shows. But for the next go round, lets add some more artists that I can actually vote for in the next show. I wish all the current nominees the best of luck in their journey to being the first to win a Maryland Music Award.

To read more about the Maryland Music Award, check out their site here.

How do you feel about the Maryland Music Awards? Will you be tuning in to watch it? Leave your comments below.

Did you see the last Music Highlight? Read Quinn Shabaz Day One ft. Jimmy Apoet and Leon Dominick on Doc’s Castle Media.

Music Highlight: Quinn Shabaz “Day One” ft. Jimmy Apoet & Leon Dominick

Ever met a rapper that seems to have a song for every moment in a person’s life? I call those people trendy rappers because they have music for everything, even songs for when you feel the urge to smack someone. This week’s music highlight is Quinn Shabaz.

Meet Quinn Shabaz:


Quinn began rapping in 2005. That may seem relatively recent being 9 years ago, but he’s musical experiences stretches back to his elementary school days, as he began playing the saxophone in the 3rd grade. By the time he graduated from middle school, Quinn was able to play the saxophone, the drums and the guitar. Like many of other great musicians, Quinn also was apart of his church’s choir. He spent 4 years singing for his church, while he focused on his writing skills until 2012 where he released his first musical project “Alternative Thanksgiving”  with long time friend Leon Dominick. The following year, Quinn released his first solo project “Love&Hooligans” and not too far behind dropped his 2014 mixtape “Good Heart, Bad Habits.”

With only two solo projects under his belt, Quinn is showing us a job well done. When tuning to Soundcloud to find a song to share with my readers, I chose to share the most played. “Gator” is a song about pimp slappin a bitch. I can’t put it any simpler than that. Ha-ha! So if you’re in one of those moods full of pure frustration and can’t seem to let the tension go, I’m sure “Gator” can help with that. Check it out:

But that’s not what I wanted to highlight in today’s post. I wanted to share Quinn’s music video “Day One,” which includes two previously featured artist on Doc’s Castle Media, Jimmy Apoet and Leon Dominick. It’s a song about true friendship and hanging out with people who’s been around since the beginning. I’m talking about those best friends you wouldn’t trade the world for.

Did You see my cameo? Ha-ha!

I really loved what Quinn did by taking it back to those celebratory cookout days in this video. It symbolizes a moment that everyone should experience when people spent time with their loved ones. I’m sure some of you had that experience this week, spending some time with your Day One’s during this Labor Day weekend.

Quinn Shabaz is definitely worthy of this week’s Music Highlight shoutout! I enjoyed every bit of his latest album. To hear more from him, follow his soundcloud at Quinn Shabaz and listen to his earlier works at the War Drumz Audio Art Reverbnation’s page.

The best moment to play Quinn Shabaz’s “Gator” is when…. Fill in the blank sending your comments, below!

Another favorite from “Good Heart, Bad Habits” is Cruise Control. I added the single in one of my fashion videos for Boulevard of Chic. Read Lights, Camera, Fashion! Recap of Boulevard of Chic’s Fashion Show on Doc’s Castle Media.

#HappyBirthday Michael Jackson

Today, Michael Jackson would have been 56 years old!

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

I still jam to this man’s music. Come on, who doesn’t?! He’s a legend who many believed would live forever.

I wanted to share my favorite Michael Jackson song but since I like too many, I chose to share the first song I decided to listen to this morning via Soundcloud. Now before you push the play button, I’d like to remind you this isn’t an original Michael Jackson track. It’s a remix by a producer from Canada who goes by the name of Midas Touch. The song was included in his The Remix Tape Vol. 2 album. My favorite remix from the album is R&B/Pop hit “Rock with you,” which features a special guest appearance from another musical legend. I won’t tell you who. You’ll need to take a listen to find out who the mysterious guest may be.

*Screams* Michael, COME BACK!