Chapter 2: Enter the Monster

Do you want to know how I feel right now?

Peer into the eyes of my newest victim as their body forces them to bow.

Wearing a blood stained shirt while licking blood off my palm.

Victim grasped by fear while I smile coldly and calm.

She looks up at me and I flick her in her head.

Her body falls back; emotions leaking from of her chest. Yes, she is emotionally dead.

To finish off my work of art, I crushed her precious heart.

And in turn further spread the pain within my emotionless heart.

So to suppress the hurt from my internal infliction

I must drench my hands in others emotions to support my dopamine addiction.

You don’t know how good those feelings taste.

From sadness to happiness nothing ever goes to waste.

Strangely there was something wrong with this last meal.

The feelings tasted too raw; I was fooled by their delicate appeal.

From then on, each feeling I encountered was just as raw as my first one.

Slowly my stomach began to feel full moments after my feast had begun.

The mind fiends for the dopamine, but the stomach can no longer digest the emotions.

The body struggles to fend off hunger while enduring the internal hierarchy commotions.

Why now? Couldn’t this have waited until I’d gotten older?

Soon I began to see my victims and hear their voices within my head grow louder.

Haunted by their memories; they attempt to induce my insanity.

Screaming, holding my head using all forms of profanity.

The noise slowly seeped in to the deepest parts of me.

Revealing emotions that laid hidden subconsciously.

My body started to heat up, peaking at critical mass.

Skin cracking, mind opening, I don’t know how long I’m going to last.

Old and foreign emotions finally mixed together in a bodily composition.

Now forcing my mind to come to an agreeable proposition.

I will feel the change of my world through every pore and orifice.

For now watch as I mimic my insect counterpart through my human metamorphosis.

-C. Davis

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Have you read Chapter 1: Free the Beast by C. Davis?

Chapter 1: Free The Beast by C. Davis

From the moment of birth, the subconscious keeps the instinct at bay.

So the mental state proceeds to develop in an odd, peculiar way.

In its early stages, the subconscious helps its Host develop poise and character.

With that came respect and the ability to overcome any racial and ethnical barrier.

As the subconscious spurs the Host’s growth, the instinct begins to growl in envy.

Why won’t you pay attention?! Why do you keep denying me?!

From this moment forward, begins the mental struggle and never ending rivalry.

To think things through or act out as the feelings come naturally.

The internal war brought nothing short of destruction and mental pain.

And each battle had a different effect on the Host’s brain.

The Host developed small headaches which were quelled by over-the-counter drugs.

This remedy was only temporary and swept the real damage under the rug.

The small headaches returned more frequently and were increasingly reinforced.

The Host slowly became less caring and showed compassion that seemed a little forced.

Subconscious was once strong enough to help the Host resist any instinctual impulses.

Now weakened by time, the subconscious frequently falters and the instinct loudly rejoices.

From Advil to Excedrin, nothing seemed to soothe these migraines.

Synaptic reactions ceased and the Host became insane.

This was only the beginning of the instinct’s plan.

With the subconscious gone, the Host would follow the instinct’s every command.

First order of business was to get use to all these phenomenal powers.

Once mastered it was off to conquering societal towers.

But don’t count the subconscious out yet, it still had some fight.

And it knew it would take everything to make things right.

Last fight. Last round. The location is the mid-brain alter.

Outside the mind, the Host is interacting with another.

Jab, jab, hook, jab, followed by a kick in the chest.

The subconscious was no match for the instinct who was at its best.

The victor became king while the loser was locked in prison.

Meanwhile the Host made an unsightly decision.

It took the emotions locked in the other Host’s heart.

Then feasted, digested, and tore the remains apart.

Instinct and Host fully synced and haunted by emotional hunger.

Now steadily carves a bloodthirsty path, changing from beast to a monster.

-C. Davis


Creative Commons License
Team CREATE by Christopher Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Read Egyptian Prophecy by C. Davis

Egyptian Prophecy by C. Davis

Since the moment you were born, you were faced with constant attacks from failure and sadness.

Yet you felt that your existence on this planet was meant for a superior purpose.

No signs of praise or encouragement from your friends or family.

Tired of the pain, you escape to the museum; Soothing your mind with thoughts of ancient history.

Wandering around for hours you stumble upon a dark corner.

And beneath the sheath of the darkness was an artifact covered in a mysterious aura.

Drawn towards it, you approach with caution.

Touching it slightly, you slip into what seemed to be another dimension.

You awoke in the same establishment but it seemed to be many years prior.

You emerged from the temple-like structure and witnessed the area engulfed by fire.

At first you were filled with fright but the heat of the flames hugged you and calmed you down.

Daringly you walked onto the scorched earth and the flames merged with the ground.

Survivors of the tragedy took time to bury their dead.

Then returned to presence and bowed as if you were the new Head.

An elderly woman was brought before you with bright red burns as if she was marked with dye.

You looked past her infliction and focused more on her left eye.

See the right eye was healthy and filled with pure thoughts and truths.

And her left eye was haunted by the sights of lies and untruths.

Feeling pity for one burdened with such a fate

You put your forehead on hers, prayed to the heavens, and opened up her mind’s gate.

Both of you slowly parted ways and she kisses you on your hand.

And her forehead revealed a thousand-petal lotus with a lavender-colored tan.

She turned around and not a sound from the crowd was heard.

They only responded by closing their eyes and received her thoughts as if they were spoken words.

This event became one of your greatest moments of your time.

And the fact others could not marvel in it was the only crime.

At that moment, the past proceeded to retreat to your rear.

And before you knew it, the modern day museum had reappeared.

You soon realized the significance of your journey to the earlier era.

It was your duty to bear witness to the results of life-long human error.

When the human race could not control the flow of knowledge, they began to run wild.

It could only be fully understood through the teachings of Ra’s child.

The child’s innocence made it pure while its divine lineage made its truth all powerful.

And its bright yellow essence would only illuminate through a handful.

As powerful and warm as the sun, this power is something to behold.

You turn toward the tome and thank the ancient herald.

Now it’s time to embark on the path of your destiny.

To awake those who are third eye blind as foretold in the Egyptian prophecy.

-C. Davis


Have you ready Hazy Thoughts by C. Davis?

Hazy Thoughts by C. Davis

We’re all sitting here confined to this large place.

Everything moving in slow motion. Our minds control time and space.

Keeping this smoke in until we can no longer hold it.

Cough enough times so we know that it’s potent.

As the smoke leaves my mouth, my thoughts merge with it.

Dispersing amongst the others, spreading my message. My cloudy prophet.

But the room is fairly clear. I can see the calendar with the Audi.

Let us solve that little problem and make the weather forecast cloudy.

We are nowhere near close to each other. The distance is distinct.

Almost forgot it was my turn to smoke. Thank god for our cerebral link.

Inhaled the smoke into my lungs to keep my mental turbines moving.

Jane is my muse. She gives me access to the answers I’ve been yearning.

Like there are nine people here. Meaning nine blunts in rotation.

Times three pulls per blunt. That’s twenty-seven pulls per person.

Now multiply that by five left-handed rotations.

And that equals every person in here touching a space station.

My homie stuck off OG Kush sitting to the North of me.

I passed the Sour to my west coast shorty so she could admire the potency.

Purple Kush smoke floating heavy on the right.

While this BC bud in my hand will have me feeling alright.

Leaning back in the recliner and kicking up my feet.

Gladly enjoying the flavor of this grape swisher sweet.

Our eyes are glowing red and the room has gotten foggier.

The clouds trying to escape the room fearful of us monsters.

We’re all down to our last remaining blunts and final two rotations.

Everybody takes fewer pulls to prolong the leafy erosion.

Mouths are getting dry and stomachs feeling the hunger.

Boy could we go for some breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Let’s start opening up these windows and watch our skies become clear.

Bodies come alive as our lungs fill with fresh air.

We’ve run out of the herb and it put a damper on our hearts.

Someone call Eden’s messenger so we can continue these happy, hazy thoughts.

-C. Davis

Read Fear by C. Davis

Fear by C. Davis

No fame. No glory.

Just a long walk in this horror story.

I don’t know if I’m stupid or if it’s fate.

I just had the apple that Snow White once ate.

Insomnia rampant so no eternal slumber for me.

But being awake to live this endless nightmare is what truly worries me.

I mean how can rightfully reach for a future if I don’t know what I’m aiming for.

More importantly, I’m all alone and afraid to walk down this corridor.

The air is real frigid and the lights constantly flicker.

Light fog covering the ground playing with my ocular picture.

Now my body is shivering slowly collecting goosebumps.

Ears more alert just in case someone or something creeps up.

It was dead silent no noise no sound

Then a shadowy figure spun me around.

It grasped my throat hard enough for me to shed a tear.

And pulls me face to face, I guess you call this facing my fear.

It snapped a bone in my back and dropped me on the floor.

Paralyzed from head to toe, I couldn’t control my body anymore.

Now that I’ve been defeated, I am now one of the fallen.

No one there to hear my cries and no savior desperately responding.

I thought about submitting I mean what can I really do.

I can’t stand up to my fear guardian angel tell me what should I do.

I have a solution but it may seem a bit obscene.

A forceful union with the shadowy figure in this nightmarish dream.

I don’t know the results of me doing this.

Will I become a shadow of my former self or will I overcome this.

Just a simple roll of these bright, red dice.

No time to ponder and really think twice.

The transformation is complete thus a new me shall appear.

Reaching beyond human limitations, I have become one with the Fear.

-C. Davis

The Rain by C. Davis

A sharp pain just pierced my chest.

I don’t feel the warmth of blood pouring from my breast.

My body hadn’t changed and my persona didn’t differ

So I close my eyes to get a better picture.

In the little red room they call the heart

I saw pictures of my friends and family thrown down and turn apart.

This pain I felt was unknown to me

But I knew it derived from the fact that I was lonely.

Nothing in this world could ever fill this space,

The hole in my heart that has grown at a gradual pace.

As I stared down this dark, hollow pass,

I saw shards of broken, red glass.

My mind felt like the leaves that shivered in the wind

And the tunnels I call ears let the breeze all in.

I stood outside to get away from the mess

And sat on the porch to choose a solution that was best.

The summer breeze glided over my face,

But left a message that came at great haste.

It told me that a change in the world was coming suddenly

And that Mother Nature was going to show just how much love she had for me.

Then I smelled the air and could it be,

The one thing that can heal my heart and set it free.

I felt something hit me and I knew it came.

The one thing that could stop my pain, The Rain.

-C. Davis

Welcoming C. Davis of Team C.R.E.A.T.E to Doc’s Castle Media

C. Davis

Let me introduce you to Mr. Team C.R.E.A.T.E. himself, C. Davis, best know as Christopher Davis.

Now, Team C.R.E.A.T.E. was created in 2010, specializing in promoting an artistic movement between young folk such as poets, photographers, and other artistic forms that we commonly dabble in. As for myself, that art form would be writing. As for you, that could be any other form that best fits.  But you catch my drift.

On Team C.R.E.A.T.E.’s Tumblr Page, you’ll find poetry from people of New York, New York and Baltimore, Maryland. You might even find a bit of short stories and a few comical pictures, but Team C.R.E.A.T.E. displays nothing but what we commonly know that goes on within a young adult’s mind. C. Davis is the founder of the page and he wants to bring a little of his creativity to Doc’s Castle Media. So who am I to not accept that offer?

If you haven’t read any of this young poets work, your missing out on some good talent. He gives us quite a vivid image through his creative works. Maybe a few of you will relate to his experiences he puts into his poems. But hey, I don’t know about you, but before this guy came around, I haven’t found many people with the interest of even writing poetry. I felt why not push this writers movement. So here I am working to promote Team C.R.E.A.T.E.’s primary message right along with him, Constantly Rebuild Every Aspect That Exist (CREATE).

Look out for a few entries by C. Davis in these up coming weeks. Make sure that you share and relate. Doc’s Castle Media is honored to have him be apart of the team.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Doc’s Castle Media, like C. Davis, click here. Make sure you take the moment to also like the Team C.R.E.A.T.E.’s Facebook Page.

Read C. Davis first entry, The Most Known Unknown.