Hide and I’ll Seek: Trust

Warren, Aston, and Roxie walked into the gym to find one spotlight lit up in the middle. In the middle, they saw a table that was covered with a red table-cloth. Warren went over there to see what was on the table.

“You have to come see this,” Warren told Aston and Roxie. Aston and Roxie didn’t want to trust Warren but they had to play along as if they were all working together. Aston and Roxie walked over to the table holding hands, not letting go of each other. They walked over to find a pistol on a white plate. On the borders of the plate were five bullets.

“What do you think he wants us to do?” Aston whispered to Roxie. Roxie shook her head as if she didn’t know but she had an idea.

“Turn on the lights,” The creep announced on the intercom. The lights came on and Aston and Roxie saw six people hanged from the gym’s ceiling and six people on the ground chained up by their hands and feet.

“Anybody ever heard of a game called Russian roulette? It’s really easy and it’s a game of chance. You spend the revolver and if it lands on you, you have to put the trigger to your head. One person in the game will die but who might that person be?” the creep explained.

Roxie thought, this guy was twisted and crazy.

“There’s a twist to the game. Roxie, Aston, and Warren will be spinning the pistol and pulling the its trigger.  Each time they pull the trigger, there will be a chance that our people up top will fall to their death. The game is mandatory. If Warren, Roxie, and Aston decide to not play this game, then these twelve people will die. Let the games begin. The order will be Roxie, Warren, and Aston.”

Aston and Warren looked at Roxie to see if she was going to do something. She just stares in shock. When five minutes had passed and nothing happen, one person dropped from the ceiling. They were dead instantly.

“You should start, Roxie, or another person will drop.” The creep announced. Roxie looked at the body and decided to spend the gun. The people sitting on the floor were positioned in a circle around the plate where the gun was turning. The gun had stop on a boy in the left corner. Roxie grabbed the gun, her hands was shaking. She walked towards the boy and pointed the gun at his face.

“Roxie, put the gun on his forehead.” The creep announced on the intercom. Roxie continued to shake as she kneeled down and put the gun on his forehead. Roxie closed her eyes and pushes the trigger. Nothing, the boy was saved. Roxie breathed out and put the gun back on the plate.

“Warren, your turn.” The creep said. Warren breathed in, out, and then spin the gun. Roxie knew he was just trying to play the victim so she watches him pay along. The gun landed in the middle, facing a girl this time. Roxie could see the girl shaking from the middle of the gym. Warren walks slowly towards the girl, presses the gun to her forehead and then pulled the trigger, nothing again. Aston looks up to see if anybody was going to fall but everybody was still holding on.

“Aston, your turn and then it goes back to Roxie.”

Aston closed his eyes and spun the gun. The gun landed on the same girl who Warren had. Aston felt sorry for the girl and all the other people in this crazy game. Aston went up to the girl. He didn’t kneel down but he looked at her.

“Trust me.” He mouthed. She had tears going down her cheeks. Aston kneeled down, put the gun on her forehead, closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened, it was another blank trigger. Aston smiled to himself as he walked the gun back to the table. Before he got to the table, a body fell right in front of him. He screamed and jumped.

“Aston, put the gun on the table,” The creep said. Aston stepped over the dead body and put the gun on the plate. Before the creep announced that it was Roxie’s turn, Roxie was already spinning the gun. The gun landed on somebody on the far right corner next to the door. Roxie went over, she put the gun to the girl’s forehead.

“Sorry.”  She mouthed. She held the gun with both of her hands and then pulled the trigger.  Blood splattered everywhere. The blood was on Roxie face and her mouth. The blood was all over the girl’s forehead. Roxie put the gun down, looked at the girl, and started to cry.

Aston was about to go over to Roxie to comfort her until he looked up and saw that there weren’t only people hanging from the ceiling. There was also machine guns on the walls. As soon as Aston looked at them, they were pointed at Aston and Roxie.

“Roxie!” Aston yelled. Roxie look at him. “Run!”

As Roxie got up, the gun that was pointed at Aston went off.  Aston ran in the corner where the gun wasn’t able to reach him.

“Aston!” Roxie yelled.  She was going after Aston until Warren had tackled her and threw her over his shoulders. Then ran out of the gym with her dangling around his back.


Aston saw her get carried out and he couldn’t do anything about it because he was stuck in a corner. Aston knew that he had to get out of there, fast.

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Hide and I’ll Seek: Strange

Black shirt and blue jeans, he might as well have said Black or Latino person, Roxie thought. It was such a broad description.

They had about four more minutes to look for this person. Roxie and Aston were in the cafeteria pacing back and forth. Aston stared at Roxie with frightened eyes.

“I have to get Mace back. So we need to at least try to find her,” Aston said to Roxie. Roxie was looking more tired and stressed out than ever. Roxie cursed.

“I’m trying the best I can, Aston, but I have seen and heard six people killed tonight. I have been up since 4am yesterday morning. I’m tired and I’m scared. All I wanna do is go home. I know you want to find Mace, but I can’t take this anymore,” Roxie whined. Tears were finally flowing down her eyes. She fell to the ground and sobbed quietly.

Aston was pretty jumpy because of the amount time. He kneeled down and grabbed her face.

“You can’t crack Roxie. I need you and you need me. Roxie, you are stronger than me and we both need to put our heads together to save these people…ok?” Aston said. Aston didn’t like seeing Roxie upset especially since this was the first time she has broken down in front of him like this.

“Wait! Have you noticed that all the people who he’s been killing has been in Mr. Gliden’s class?” Roxie asked.

“No, not until now,” Aston replied.

“So think about it. Remember, in class, when we said that black people look good in white and white people look good in black? So this person started wearing black all the time?”

“Warren!” Both said in unison.

“But where could he be?” Aston asked.

“We should check the locker rooms again.”

Aston got up off the floor and then helped Roxie. They ran into the library to get the keys. They ran back out and then towards the locker room. Roxie was thinking, why wasn’t anything happening to them. Usually the light would be flickering on and off and something would be falling from the ceiling, but there was nothing.

Instead of entering the girls’ locker room, they went to the boys’. Aston turned on Roxie’s flashlight.

“Warren! Warren!” Roxie and Aston called out. They looked all around the locker room but they couldn’t find him.

“He’s not in here,” Aston yelled.  Aston was thinking there was probably only one minute left and he might not even make it to the same room Warren was in.

“Okay, where are the some other places that Warren would be?” Roxie asked.

“His classes,” Aston said.

“No, too obvious. There are only two classes I know he has and that’s because we have those classes together.”

“Hold up. Before they go to their first class and practice, the football team goes to see Coach Green. Coach Green teaches biology upstairs in room 209.”

Roxie and Aston ran towards Coach Green’s room. They still wasn’t any screaming, nothing falling from the ceiling or anything.

It’s probably over five minutes Roxie thought.

They ran to room 209. Aston checked to see if the door was locked but it was open. They walked in, turned on Roxie’s flashlight, and saw Warren lying on his back, locked in chains with tape across his mouth. He looked up and saw Aston and Roxie. He jerked around. Aston went over there with the key.

“” The creep continued to countdown.  Aston had Warren out by the time the creep got to six.

“Thanks, man,” Warren said to Aston. He walked over to Roxie and lifts her from the floor and gave her a big hug. Roxie face was in shock but she hugged him back.

“Good Job, Roxie and Aston. Three more people to save until you can save Mace,” The creep announce on the intercom.

“Just tell us what we have to do next.” Roxie said. She was rubbing her eyes and yawning. How was she sleepy at a time like this? Aston looked at her and he knew she was going to pass out soon. So it would be better if they got this done sooner than later.

“Patience Roxie. The riddle isn’t ready yet.”

“What?” she asked the creep but he didn’t say anything more. Warren and Aston watched Roxie. Roxie was getting angry and cranky. Roxie threw a book on the desk across the room.

“What now?” Roxie asked.

“I guess we wait,” Aston asked. She sat down in a chair and put her head down on the desk.

“I’m going to go to the locker room. I have a flashlight,” Warren said. He walked towards the door.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Aston added.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Aston let Warren go. This time it wouldn’t be his fault if Warren died. Aston didn’t have the patience anymore and he was too tired. Roxie put her head up and walked to the door to look out the window. The hallway only had a few lights on so he didn’t know if she could see anything anyway. She walked up to Aston and got close enough to be inches away from his face. Then she grabbed him by the sides of his face. They were so close that Aston thought they were going to kiss. He was about to say something but she put her finger on his lips.

“Don’t talk, just listen and follow.” Roxie whispered to Aston. Then she kissed Aston and with no surprise he kissed her back. It was a long kiss, too. Roxie slowly pulled away but she was still lingered close to his face.

“I think Warren’s working with the creep because why would it be that easy to save Warren but so hard to save everybody else?” Roxie whispered. Aston understood what she was coming from. He knew that they had more than five minutes to save him and there was no trouble finding him at all. The door was unlocked, the lights were on, there was no screaming, and no traps.

Aston was about to say something but she kissed him again. She grabbed his face harder and pull away.

“Don’t say anything, you are facing the camera. You say anything and he’ll know that we know. We just have to keep our cool and think of a way to get out of here.” Roxie pulled away and then put her head back on the desk. Aston look up and saw a camera right across from where he was sitting.

Five minutes later, Warren was back in the room.

“Got the flashlight,” Warren said. Aston just nodded. Roxie picked her head up and smiled at Warren.

“Did you take a nap?” Warren asked Roxie.

“Yep, now I’m full of energy and ready for anything,” Roxie said. She saw Warren smile quiver a bit but then he smile harder. Roxie turned to Aston to prove her point but he knew. Warren was working with the bad guy.

“Aston, Roxie, and Warren move to the gym.” The creep announced. Roxie thought it was strange that he was telling them to go somewhere. Warren began to walk out the room.

“You guys coming?” Warren asked. Aston and Roxie just nodded. Both of them were shaking. Warren walked out the door. Aston and Roxie held hands and followed Warren to the gym.

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Hide and I’ll Seek: Choice

Roxie and Iggy were at Mr. Gliden’s room, upstairs waiting for Peace and Aston to come. They were waiting for over thirty minutes. Roxie was the only one searching; Iggy was too busy shaking the entire time. Roxie couldn’t open any of the doors upstairs because each one was locked. She didn’t want to go in and risk finding one her classmates. She knew the consequences but what was the point of searching.

Roxie thought when was Aston going to come upstairs.

She was getting impatient and she was tired of being in this school. She knew that this might be her last chance to be alive and as much as it scared her, she wasn’t going to give up on her life.

Roxie and Iggy was standing against the wall when they heard screaming. Roxie ran downstairs. Iggy followed her. She didn’t know exactly where the screaming came from but she saw the Cafeteria light on down the hallway. She ran to the cafeteria. When she got there, she saw three dead bodies and Aston standing in the middle of the floor with the water from the sprinklers pouring on him.

“Aston, what happened?” Roxie asked.

“Peace wanted to save her friends. I told her not to go in there because I knew that the creep was going to do something. She wanted to save them so bad but she ended up getting stuck and I couldn’t save her. So she got burnt right in front of my face. I should have saved her,” Aston said with so much guilt. Roxie knew he felt guilty, she could see it in his eyes.  A projectile screen suddenly made it way down against the cafeteria’s black wall. Roxie knew they were back in the game. It seemed like she was the only one of the three who actually was ready to play. The killer came on the screen and Aston had a blank expression on his face. He wasn’t smiling or mugging. He just looked straightforward, emotionless.

“Peace and Aston. Peace and Aston,” The killer repeated. He was on the screen and in the same dark room he appeared in before. “I told you if you find a person that was not apart of my riddle, they would die. Instead of just one person dying, now there are three dead. Isn’t it a shame? I just had to take a break from the riddles. Someone else needed all my attention, of course.” Mace appeared on the screen and she looked horrible. Each one of her piercing were pulled out, except for her surface piercing. Her arms were dripping with blood from the stabs.  She had a black eye and bruises were all over her body. Aston had to look down. He couldn’t look anymore.

“Ms. Marcena only has hours left to live. The only way you can save her is by doing the next four of my riddles OR you can leave and each one of you classmates left will die before the police even think about coming. You have five minutes to choose,” the creep said. Roxie didn’t want to admit it but she thought about leaving. Roxie wanted to leave but she knew she would always feel guilty for letting these people die. Aston knew he wasn’t leaving. All he had to do was try the riddles and he just might be able to save Mace. Iggy wanted to leave, of course.

They all stared at each and other. Then Roxie and Aston just stared at Iggy. Iggy sighed.

“I know this is wrong but I got to look out for myself. I’m sorry Aston and Roxie.” Iggy said. He walks towards the main entrance.

Roxie just laughed silently. She knew it was going to happen and he might as well leave.

“Iggy, you can go. The door is open.” The creep said on the intercom. Iggy opened the door and walked out. Then they heard Iggy scream and a shot blown from something that sounded somewhat like a gun. Roxie ran to the door but when she pushed open, the door was locked. She couldn’t even see what was outside.

“What happened? What did you do?” Aston asked as he looked at him on the screen.

“I meant that all of you would have to go if you were leaving. Only Iggy left so he had to suffer. It was nothing horrible though just a shot to the head.” The creep replied.

“You didn’t say that all of us had to go.”

“Well, it’s too late now. He’s already dead. Now we should get to those riddles.”

Roxie came into the room and all she could do is stare into space. There was nothing she could do anymore. There were already four people dead tonight and she had a feeling the number was just going to get bigger and bigger.

“This time it’s not really a riddle, it’s more of a scavenger hunt. Find the person that has a black shirt and blue jeans on today. This person always stays in a particular room at a particular time. You have five minutes to find this person.”

Roxie thought how generous that he gave us more time and is he insane? Almost everybody in their school wore a black shirt and blue jeans.

Roxie and Aston looked at each other. There was no way they were going to find out who this person was.
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Hide and I’ll Seek: Fire

Aston woke up to Roxie shaking him.

“Aston, wake up,” Roxie said. Aston started to get up off the locker room’s floor but he had a huge migraine. Roxie relaxed.

“You was holding your breath for me?” Aston asked Roxie. She just smiled and helps Aston up.

“How long was I out?”

“About 10 minutes,” She replied.

“Has he given you another riddle?”

“No, which is a surprise. We were trying to think of ways out of here.”

Peace and Iggy didn’t add anything to the conversation and they were too scared to even talk. They didn’t know what to do.

“Did you think of anything?” Aston asked.

“Not anything, the only things we could think about were the doors and windows.”

Aston’s head was hurting so much that he couldn’t even think.

“How about we split up and look around? Maybe we can find something,” Aston added.

Roxie nodded but Peace and Iggy was saying no, they wouldn’t go look through this school by themselves.

“Look, I’ll go with Peace and Roxie, you go with Iggy.”  Aston announced. Roxie turned and look at Aston to see if he was serious and Aston gave Roxie a stern look. She looks at Iggy and smiles.

Peace grabbed on to Aston arm and leads him to the locker room door.

“Ok, how about Peace and I go to the left of the locker room, and you guys got to the right. We’ll meet upstairs in Mr. Gliden room,” Aston proposed. Roxie grabbed on to Iggy and dragged him out of the locker room. Aston and Peace headed towards the left. They walked in silence. The room next to the girls’ locker room was the main office. Aston went to the door to see if it would open. Peace was hiding behind Aston.  Aston tried to open the door but it didn’t budge. The main office door didn’t have windows like the classrooms, either.

“Do you think the killer can be in the main office? The intercom announcer is usually in the main office and the camera equipment to record the announcements is also in there,” Aston whispered to Peace. Peace threw up her hands giving off a gesture that she didn’t know.

“Aston does it even matter?” Peace replied. Of course it matters, Aston thought.  He probably could help Mace if he knew where the killer was. It would also help them stop the killer. So Aston thought it did matter.

Aston looked down. He gave up on trying to open the door.

“We have to go find Roxie and Iggy,” Aston said.

“We have to find a way to get out! Aston, we can’t do anything. People are already dying. We need the cops or the FBI to help. So, I think we should keep on looking,” Peace said. She started walking down the hallway. Aston had no choice but to follow her. He wasn’t going upstairs alone.

The lights weren’t flicking on and off anymore. The screaming stopped and no balls were falling from the ceiling. Through the hallway, only five lights were on. As Aston and Peace were walking, some areas of the hall were lit while other areas were pitched black.

Aston and Peace were headed for the cafeteria. Aston tried to open the cafeteria door. It was unlocked. Aston thought that it wasn’t a good sign. When something is unlocked, something is wrong.

“Peace, wait! I don’t think we should go in there,” Aston stated. Peace was close to closing the door until she heard someone call out help. She opened the door wider.

“Peace, we can’t help them now because we aren’t suppose to. We have to wait until the creep gives us the riddle.”

“Aston, whoever in there needs our help. The creep isn’t giving us anymore riddles.”  Peace tried to turn on the lights but they weren’t working. Aston watched from the cafeteria door.

“Peace, we have to leave the cafeteria.”

“Who is it?” Peace ignored Aston.

“It’s Karma,” A girl called out.

“And Kendra,” another one called out. Aston thought the twins! They were also Peace best friends.

“Peace, is that you?” Karma asked.

“Yea and I’m coming,” Peace said as she slowly entered the room.”

“Peace, don’t go! We must wait for the riddle. At least now we know where they are.” Aston said still holding on to the door.

“They are my friends, Aston, and if the killer knew we was here, they would have been dead, by now.”  You could hear Peace taking one step at a time.

“Kendra and Karma, you need to make noise so I know where you guys are.”  They begin to yell. Aston thought it was retarded that they were yelling. It would bring more attention.

“Peace, how are you going to get them out? There are no keys,” Aston asked. Aston forgot he still had Roxie’s flashlight from earlier. He tried reaching in one of his pockets to get it.

“Relax, Aston. I’ve picked a lock before. I know what I am doing,” Peace said. Then she screamed and yelped in pain.

“Peace!?” Aston called out. She kept screaming. Aston grabbed the flashlight in his back pocket. He turned the tiny flashlight on. It barely lit up what was in front of Aston but it was enough to see where Peace was on the floor. He ran towards Peace and saw her legs were stuck in Bear traps. There were bear traps surrounding Peace. He pointed the flashlight up and saw Karma and Kendra. He was in a trap. Aston knew it.

“Aston, you’ve got to help me,” Peace told Aston. Aston didn’t fully understand what Peace was saying. She was crying and her words were coming out jumbled up. Aston wanted to help Peace but there was no way to get over to her without getting trapped, too. There was no way to get passed the bear traps. Peace went straight in and now she’s surrounded by them. It doesn’t make any sense. Aston thought there was somebody in the room. He pointed the flashlight around to see if he saw somebody but there wasn’t anybody in the room. Aston noticed that the other cafeteria door was open. It was light coming from the door but Aston had no way of getting over there.

“Aston, please help me.” Peace cried out.

“Peace, if you can try to get up, I can probably help you.” Aston said but he really wasn’t paying attention. He had his light on the door. Peace tried to get up, but she put her hands on the ground and they both got stuck in two more bear traps. She screamed and yelped in pain, again. She started to cry harder.

“Peace?’ Aston called and he flashes the light on her. Aston saw she was stuck again. Aston didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the other door. It flickered bright orange and red.

Aston was confused but then he saw what the light was.

“Fire!” Aston shouted. It was a trail. Gasoline must had been on the floor because the fire was following a particular line. Aston was pacing back and forth. He thought why aren’t the sprinklers coming on.

“Aston!” Peace screamed.

“I can’t do anything, Peace.”  Aston yelled.

Once the fire was directly behind Karma and Kendra, the fire spread into the circle of bear traps. The bear traps had gasoline on them, too. Kendra and Karma legs were on fire. They were covered with gasoline, too. Aston backed away as the fire continued to spread to the bear traps and up the girl’s legs.

“Aston, don’t leave me.” Peace cried. The bear trap next to her legs was on fire.

Aston had tears coming from his eyes. There was no way to help Peace. The girls were screaming. The fire was now up to their waste and it was still going.

The fire was now on Peace’s legs and hands. She screamed, shook, and cried.

“I’m sorry, Peace,” Aston said. Peace continued to squirm. She tried to keep her head from falling to the ground but it was too hard. The pain in her hands were hurting her and her head felt like it was getting heavier. Peace laid her head down and a bear trapped clamped onto the middle of her face. The fire continued to move up her body. Aston knew Peace was dead. Kendra and Karma’s whole bodies were on fire so he knew they were dead.

The sprinklers and lights came on. The fire went out in two minutes. Aston knew now that the creep was always watching. Aston had no chances of surviving tonight.

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Hide and I’ll Seek: Failure

Aston had to look at the TV screen now that he saw Mace.

“Everybody should know this girl behind me. She’s the most hated person in school. It’s Ms. Marcena,” The creep said with so much excitement.

Roxie looked at Aston but Aston couldn’t look away from the TV.

“I thought that you get mad when people call you Marcena?” The creep asked Mace. Mace just looked at him with no sign of emotion. The creep grabbed a knife and starting cutting through Mace’s arm. Mace cried out.

“Ms. Marcena. Ms. Marcena. Ms. Marcena. Does that hurt?”

The blood flowed down Mace’s arm and onto the ground. The creep started cutting through Mace’s other arm. Mace began to jerk around. She was trying to get out of the chains holding her but she couldn’t.

“Ms. Marcena, has anybody told you that you have a lot of piercings,” he said as he pulled up Mace’s shirt, which exposed Mace’s belly button piercing. “I think we should take away one of those piercings.”

“Is he going to rape he?,” Peace asked. Roxie just look at Peace and studied her.

“No Peace, I’m not going to rape her. I’m just giving Mace a piece of her medicine,” The creep announced. He grabbed some pliers from the table and walk toward Mace.

Mace tried to get out of the black chains. She jerked left and right to try to pull away from the creep.

Aston stopped looking at the screen. He couldn’t take it anymore.

The creep put the pliers on Mace belly button piercing.

“A lot of people say pain is pleasure,” the creep told Mace. He used the pliers to snatch Mace’s belly button ring out. Mace screamed and cried.

“Stop! Give us the next riddle,” Aston screamed angrily.

“Is that hostility, Aston? Ok, I will give you the next riddle but you’ll lose some time because of your rudeness,” the creep said. Aston stared at the creep on the TV.

“The key is on the table in the middle of the library. Here’s the riddle, find the person that thought it was cool when he reacted a scene from Not Another Teen Movie. If you know the scene, you will know where your classmate is. You have 3 ½ minutes.”

Aston, Roxie, Iggy, and Peace all looked at each other. They begin to think of what person reacted a scene from Not Another Teen Movie. Aston eyes grew wide.

That’s easy.” Aston said and then he ran towards the library. Peace, Iggy, and Roxie followed after him.  When they went into the hallway, the light was blinking on and off very fast.

Aston couldn’t even see. The lights were blinking on and off too fast. He though he was about to face an epilepsy seizure. Iggy stopped and almost fell to the ground.

“Iggy, we must run or we’ll run out of time.” Roxie told Iggy.

“The lights are bothering me. I can’t take it.” Iggy yelled.

“Obviously, you never have been to a club.” Peace uttered. She grabbed Iggy’s wrist and told him to close his eyes. They begin to run down the stairs. They were in the middle stairwell when they heard loud screaming through the intercom. Aston stopped in the middle of the stairs and covered his ears with his hands. Roxie stopped after Aston but Peace didn’t stop fast enough. She tripped on the step, behind Roxie, and tumbled onto her with Iggy behind them. Roxie falls down the steps and bumped into Aston. He fell down the steps, too. They all fell until they hit the ground at the last step.

“Two Minutes.” The creep announced. Aston got up and started running again. Peace, Roxie, and Iggy followed. They went into the library and grabbed the keys. Aston ran out of the library but waited for the others to follow.

“Look, its Devonte! He’s in the girls locker room. Remember when he thought it would be cool to spy on the girls though the vent? He got the idea from Not Another Teen Movie,” Aston announces but they barely could hear him because of the screaming.

“The girls’ locker room” He yelled. They nodded and followed him into the girls’ locker room. They were almost near the locker room. It was at the end of the hallway and they believe they were going to make it.

“One Minute.”

Out of nowhere, red balls started to fall from the ceiling all throughout the hallway. They weren’t soft red kiddy balls. They were hard red basketballs. Roxie, Aston, Peace, and Iggy were getting hit with these balls on their heads. The balls continued to fall with no hesitation to stop. Peace was hit with two balls to her head and fell down. They kept hitting her. She couldn’t take it. Roxie grabbed her hand and pulled her up. They started to run together.

“30 seconds,”

The force of the balls hurt and bruised Aston. But he wouldn’t give up on saving Devonte. Devonte’s survival might lead to Aston finding out where Mace was. Aston had an idea. He notices that the balls were only falling in the middle of the hallway. They weren’t falling on the edges of the hall or by the lockers.

“Everybody run near the lockers,” Aston yelled. He didn’t know if they heard him or not but he moved near the lockers anyway and they followed him.

Aston finally got to the locker room and opens the door. The locker room was dark. He couldn’t see Devonte.

“10, 9,8,7…” the creep continued to countdown.

“Devonte!” He yelled. Roxie, Iggy, and Peace entered the locker room. Roxie had a flashlight. She turned it on. They saw Devonte on top of the middle lockers tied up. Aston climbed up the locker but before he could unlock the key, the creep stopped counting.  Aston looked around to see what would happen to Devonte but nothing happened. Aston didn’t know what to do. He was about to unlock the lock that was on Devonte’s wrist. But when he looked up, he saw a pole coming right for Devonte. Aston jumped down and hit his head on one of the benches. The pole came down with so much force and pierced Devonte right in the back. Devonte was dead instantly.

Roxie looked away from Devonte and saw Aston on the floor.  She went towards him.

“Aston? Aston?” She screamed and shook Aston but he wouldn’t wake. Aston was down and unconscious.

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Hide and I’ll Seek: Gain

Let the games begin

Let the games begin

Aston kept thinking in his head. He wondered what games are we suppose to be playing. When he looked in the library, all he saw was blood and a person that had their guts pulled out.

Aston took a closer look to see if it was Mace. He didn’t want to believe it was Mace but he wanted to make sure. As he got closer to the body, the smell was getting fouler and fouler. He thought it smelled like a dead deer going bad in the street. Aston covered his nose with his shirt but the smell was still going through. He started to throw up when he was near the body. It was definitely a man because of the brown short hair and the beard. Aston was glad that it wasn’t Mace but he felt sad for the man. The man’s chest was open and empty. Aston was smart enough to know that all the man’s guts were on the floor. The blood that was still in his chest was dried out.

“Aston?” Aston jumped when he heard Roxie called his name. This place was giving him the creeps. Roxie begins to follow the trail of blood that led her next Aston, the man, and the guts. Roxie didn’t throw up when she saw the body. Her eyes were filled with tears.

“The Janitor,” she said. Aston was thinking why would she say the janitor but then it clicked. The man who was on the floor with no guts was the janitor.

“Aston, we have to get outta here or we have to call the police.” Roxie whispered. Aston nodded. He went to look for his cell phone in his book bag but he couldn’t find it.

“Someone took my phone,” Aston exclaimed. He asked Roxie if she had a phone but she shook her head no. He looked in Mace bag but someone took Mace’s phone too.

“Ok, I don’t see Mace’s phone. I don’t see my phone. This is not a coincidence. We need to make sure Mace is still in the library. If not, we should leave and get other people’s help,” Aston told Roxie. All Roxie could do was nod.

Aston and Roxie looked all around the library for Mace but Mace was nowhere to be found. Aston looked frustrated but deep down he was terrified for Mace.

“Looking for Mace?” a creepy mysterious voice asked loudly. Aston looked around to see who said that. Roxie was looking up, Aston looked up, and then both stared in shock. A person was up on the TV screen. The person had on skull mask making him look like the grim reaper.

“Welcome Aston and the lovely, beautiful Roxie. You guys are players or shall I say the protagonist in today’s game,” the creep said on the screen. Aston and Roxie didn’t know what the man was talking about.

“What games are we playing?” Roxie asked the creep on the screen.

“We are not playing games.” Aston replied before the creep could answer Roxie question. The creep just laughed.

“You have to play the games or your classmates will die,” the creep announced. His voice was so raspy. It sounded like his voice was being disguised.  Aston and Roxie looked at each other. Roxie put her head down.

“I guess that’s a yes. The game is simple. You have to seek for those who need seeking i.e. your classmates.”

“So it’s basically Hide-and-Go Seek but we play the seekers every time?” Roxie asked as she brought her head back up. Roxie was mad and scared but she was focused. Aston thought that Roxie believed they were really playing this game. Aston knew he wasn’t playing. He thought I’ll make a run for it as soon as this creep stops talking. 

“No wonder you’re valedictorian,” the creep cheered.

“Okay, I think we understand the rules of the game. We’ll start looking for them now.” Roxie replied and grabbed Aston wrist. They walked towards the library door.

“As soon as the door closes, we make a run for it,” Roxie whispered to Aston. The walk to the door was the slowest walk Roxie and Aston seem they would ever take. Roxie opened the door and they made a run for it. They ran to the school’s main entrance doors. Roxie pushed one of the doors for it to open but it didn’t move one bit. She kept pushing and pushing but the door wouldn’t budge. Aston tried the other three doors. They didn’t open either.

The intercom came on and the creep began to speak, “It’s no use to push the doors, they’re sealed shut. If you try to break the windows, you will get electrocuted.”

Roxie slowly sunk to the ground.

“Now that you guys get the picture, I’ll explain the rules. You’ll find the people I want you to find by a specific time. If you try to rescue somebody else, they will die. In order to find the people you are searching for, you must answer the question or riddle. The riddle will relate to where you will find your classmates. Instead of explaining, we shall start. In the library, there are two keys that will save your classmates. You have 4 minutes to save them. Here’s the riddle there are 234 doors in this school. You must find one door. Every time a person opens this door that you are looking for, a teacher announces that ‘they feel the joy of learning.’ You must find that door and open it. There, you will find what you are looking. Your 4 minutes start now.”

Aston looked at Roxie. Roxie had her head in her knees. Aston thought to himself how am I supposed to know which door it is. He didn’t know what to do and with the amount of time he had, it was no use for looking for the students.

“Three minutes,” the creep said on the intercom. Roxie kept her head down as Aston kept beating on the door.

Roxie raised her head and stared forward. Aston looked at her as if he was confused. Roxie got up and started running. Aston followed after her.

“What? Did you find out the riddle?” Aston asked. Roxie didn’t answer him. She went into the library and got the keys, and ran back out.

“Two minutes,” the creep announced.

“Look, its Ms. Parker room,” Roxie said as she ran.

“”How do you know?”

“She was addicted to saying the joy of learning. She was so addicting to saying it that she even got a bumper sticker of that phrase. I had her for geometry in ninth grade.”

“Why are we going this way? We have to go upstairs. Remember the left stairwell is closed due to the construction.”

Roxie cursed. Then they both ran the opposite way towards the middle stairwell. They went up the stairs and took a left towards Ms. Parker’s classroom.

“One Minute.”

They reached the door. At the top of the door’s frame there was a poster that said the joy of learning. Aston tried to open the door but it was locked. Roxie looked around the hallway while Aston tried to use the two keys.

“Watch out, Aston!” Roxie said. She had a Bunsen burner in her hand and threw it against the door’s window.

“I guess, the only windows the creep was talking about was the ones leading outside.” She said as she put her hands through the broken window to open the door.

“30 seconds.”

Aston and Roxie look left and right. At their right, they saw two students hanging from the ceiling by black chains. On their left, they saw Ms. Parker sitting at her desk with a knife through her mouth and down her throat that was cutting through her neck. She was dead. Aston almost threw up again. Roxie already was helping one of the students out the chains.

“Aston, get the other person out,” Roxie called out. She threw the keys and Aston caught them.

“10, 9, 8, 7….” The creep continues to countdown.

Aston unlocks the chain that was around the student’s wrist. The student falls into Aston’s arms. As soon as the creep was finish counting, a spring sprung out where the student’s chest might have been. The spring was filled with pointy, dangerous spikes.

Roxie took a good look at the students she and Aston just saved. It was Peace and Iggy.

“Thank you,” Peace said while shaking. Iggy just looked at Ms. Parker’s dead body.

The TV came on.

“Very good Roxie and Aston but if you wanna save your other classmates, you might want to move a little faster,” The creep announce on TV.

“Just tell us who else we have to save,” Roxie uttered.

“I thought we’d take a break and watch what can happen to your classmates if you can’t save them.”

The camera zoomed in on a person and the area around them. A girl was hanging from the ceiling, by her wrist on a black chain. Next to her were tools and knives. The camera zoomed in on her face. Aston couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

It was Mace.

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Hide and I’ll Seek: The Report


The next day after school, Aston was supposed to meet Mace at the library to work on their project. Yesterday, Mace really annoyed Aston.  Just because she hated her father doesn’t mean that Aston had to hate his father.

Before Aston went to the Library, he went to the guidance office to get the papers for a work permit. He wondered if these work permit papers were going to work in Texas. As Aston was looking at the papers, he looked up to see Roxie talking to one of the guidance counselors, Mrs. Smith.  He didn’t like to eavesdrop on people but he still listened.

“Roxie, all you have to do is tell your social worker that you don’t want to live there.” Mrs. Smith whispered. Roxie begins to walk out of the office and into the guidance office main room.

“It doesn’t matter Mrs. Smith, I am graduating this year so for the summer I’m going to move with my aunt and then I will be going to UCLA in August. I don’t have to see my parents again. I will be fine” Roxie replied and then she smiled.

Aston decided to stop listening to their conversation. So he begins to walk towards the exit when he saw Mace walk into the office. She looked at Aston and she was surprised.

“Aston, what are you doing here.” She asked.

“Just getting my work permit.” Aston answered. There was an awkward silence between Mace and him until Mace said “Did you know that they found five bodies downtown?  All of them had their guts ripped out.”

“No, I didn’t know that.”

“And it turns out that they all was from our school. This is the weird part. They were all from Mrs. Charlie’s 4th period class.” Aston and Mace continued to talk but then someone tapped Aston on the shoulder. He turned around to see Roxie and he tried to hide his smiled.

“Aston?” Roxie said. Mace look at her with the most serious face.


“I know this is last-minute but can you take me home today?”

“I’m not going home directly after school. Is that fine?” Aston asked. Roxie was about to say something but Mace cut her.

“Wow, Aston should stop what he’s doing and take Roxie home because what we do doesn’t matter.” She said sarcastically.  Aston just put his head down.  “You know what’s funny? Pretty girls, like us, always take advantage of the little guy, right?”

“Roxie, you don’t have to answer.” Aston said until Mace cut him off.

“No she does.” Mace said with a serious face. Roxie laughed and Mace just looked at her.

“It’s funny how ugly girls always think they’re pretty, and how pathetic they make themselves look in front of the person they like.” Roxie answered and Mace put her head down. Roxie continued to quietly laugh. “Aston, I can stay after school so that’s cool. I’ll be in the art room.”

After that Roxie left.

“So, you ready to go to the library?” Aston asked Mace.

“I’ll meet you there. I have to go see Mr. Boris with Warren.”  Mr. Boris was the other guidance counselor. Mace walked into Mr. Boris ‘office. As usual she saw Warren across from Mr. Boris and an empty seat next to Warren that was just waiting for her.

“Can we hurry this up? I got a project I have to do.” Mace told Mr. Boris and Warren.

“You were late because you were talking to your loser friend.”  Warren uttered. Mace did a fake laugh and sat down.

Aston heard them and then left to go to the library. Forty-five minutes later, Mace walked into the library.

“Uh, I can’t stand Mr. Boris. He always has to prove he’s right. He really went at our necks today saying that Warren and I are rude and don’t care about other’s people feelings.” Mace told Aston as she came to sit next at the computer table.

Aston stared into the book. Mace notices Aston just looking in the book and not replying.

“What? You think I’m mean?” Mace questioned.

“Yes.” Aston replied and they laughed. “Well, you’re not as mean as Warren.”  Mace laughed harder.

“Warren is a stuck up rich kid. I’m going to tell you Warren’s story. He got in trouble with his family last year’s New Years Eve. He trashed some car or something. His parents were so fed up with him, they brought him here to scare him into being a good rich son. Instead of being scared, Warren became quarterback of our football team and you know the rest.”

Aston already kind of knew. He always asked why would a rich kid come here to a public school.

“Wow. Let’s get back to this project.” Aston said. Mace and Aston begin to work on their project. They were in the library for hours.

“You guys, I’m leaving around 7:30. You’re going to have to leave, too. The janitor will lock up after,” The Librarian announced. Both Mace and Aston nodded.

“I can’t believe I’ve been in school for hours and we haven’t accomplished anything.” Mace complained.

“I know, why did we choose the Puritans?” Aston asked.

“Because I was sure I wasn’t going to do it,” Mace said as she got up and walked over to the bookshelf. She had this peculiar walk that was confident but she still slouch like she had a sad life.

“You know what? I think we should stop. I’m going to go get Roxie. Then I’ll take both of you guys home.” Aston said.

“Whatever, I’ll just pack up.”

Aston walked to the Art room and saw Roxie sitting there. She was doing her homework. She looked up and saw Aston watching her.

“You ready?” Roxie asked.

“Yea, I can’t believe you’ve been in here for like 4 hours,” Aston said

“I’ve only been her for like 2 hours. I was watching the football practice.”

“Oh Okay.” It was silent while she pack up her stuff. They left the art room and began to walk towards the library. They talked about school, work, and other things until the lights went off in the hallway. It was completely dark. Roxie pulled out her key chain flash light.

“Is anybody still in school?” Roxie asked.

“If they weren’t, the lights in the hallway still would have been on,” Aston replied. He told Roxie to point the flashlight towards the library. The hallway looked spooky. But the school had windows and it was still light outside. Aston wanted to know why there wasn’t any light in the school.

Out of nowhere, they heard screaming. It sounded like it came from the library. Aston thought of Mace and ran towards the library. He walked in and saw the lights blinking on and off. There was glass on the floor. Roxie came into the room, look at the left wall and started to cry. Aston looked at the wall and saw blood all over it. He looked down at the floor and saw a trail of blood. Aston began to follow the trail until he saw a body with the guts exposed. Aston felt he was going to throw up until he saw, on another wall, more blood that spelled out:


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