The Music Highlight: Jose (Liquor Talkin) by Alissa Fere

Parental Advisory Apply!

Alright, everyone is a rapper. I know, I know. I guess you’ll throw me into the mix after you finish hearing my track that was released Friday evening May 30, 2014 (My Birthday).

When it comes to expressing myself, I sometimes need to find new ways of  releasing how I feel about something. I have to let things be known creatively. I’ve always experimented with different techniques. While growing up, it can be said that I could be caught journaling, drawing, dancing, writing poetry, writing songs, creating clubs, or joining clubs. I’ve always had to stay active. As you know now, I’ve made a bucket list of tasks to complete.

These past two weeks, I’ve been dabbling in writing a song because it was a task on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to write my own song, as if I was making a  soundtrack for my life. I watch music videos on television sometimes and think that I have the skills to create something like it. So I made a song so that I could make a music video, too. Yay!

Jose (Liquor Talkin) is a page out of the diary of Taylor Walker, a song about an event in my life that I wanted to creatively express my thoughts about. There was no biting my tongue when it came to writing it. It was exactly how I felt about something I believed to be inhuman. It was my first time recording a song and I discovered talents about myself I didn’t know I had.

I have bars! That was surprising.

I may be writing more songs. I have a lot of things that I want to get off my chest that blogging won’t be able to fulfill. So, I guess, I’m making music until I find something new to experiment with. It’s fun.

One thing off of my bucket list is complete. Time to move on to the next!

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Doc’s Vlogs: I Cried on Valentine’s Day/ 19 Questions

I was told by a friend I should start vlogging because it gives my readers more information about the person I am rather than always writing about other people or things that don’t particularly pertain to me at all. When he told me this, I said I already did videos in my spare time, I just didn’t post them to the Internet. But then I got to thinking about it and thought, yeah, I should add videos to Doc’s Castle Media. It makes my blog a lot more personal. It’s a commentary blog anyway. People read to get my opinions on such things. What’s stopping me?! So here I am doing a vlog.

Obviously, this is not my first vlog. I’ve done others for my channel but I was never consistent. Still, I don’t know if I’ll stay consistent. But one of my goals for the year of 2014 is to be more disciplined. I’m going to discipline myself in doing videos and adding them to Doc’s Castle Media. That should definitely make my friend happy.

My first video is a tag video, which is a video that many YouTubers do where they answer questions, basically introducing themselves to the YouTube community. I decided to do one called 19 Questions. It was fun. I think I’ll keep it up. It took me forever to edit! But, I assume, with practice, that’ll get easier as time goes on. So enough of the writing. Here’s my 19 Questions vlog.