#GuestBlog: The Incredible Creations Art Meets The Runway (Recap) by Tony Bonez Sinatra

Last month, Saturday June 27, 2015 I attended one of Baltimore City’s small nit clothing line’s fashion shows as a stand in for Taylor “Doc” Walker, as she was unable to make an appearance as requested by the Incredible Creations.
The rain poured in the city of Baltimore while I found myself soaked on the bus stop, waiting for M.T.A bus to take me across town for the show. I was making my way to Eastern Ave to The SkyLoft Gallery to attend The Incredible Creation’s, Art Meets The Runway Fashion Show, an event hosted by Jerrell Gibbs and Milly VanderWood of the brand best known as Incredible Creations.

To be honest, I’m not a fashion expert. But I was thoughtful and was filling in for a friend due to her having to attend a Family Reunion. I mean what’s more important than family time, right?

I arrived at the designated time the event was scheduled to start, which was 7 pm but the show hadn’t started yet. I entered the Sky Loft Gallery to see chairs assembled in an orderly fashion throughout the venue creating a runway in the middle of the room. Hand painted portraits covered the walls .The DJ was posted in the back by a bar that was serving free hors d’oeuvres and drinks; mostly snacks that looked like something that could be found on Pinterest and a tasty punch mixed with ginger ale. The fact that the venue looked good, and the food was free, I could tell that I was going to enjoy this a lot more than the average events I usually attend in Baltimore. I usually attend Hip Hop events such as open mics.
I arrived to my seat, which had a free Incredible Creation sticker on it and a flier for the event. The DJ kept spinning a lot of current music, such as Future, Meek Mill, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. As I waited for the event to begin, more and more people started to show up. Everyone dressed so nicely, it almost made me feel out-of-place with my hoodie and varsity jacket on. But still, it didn’t matter to me because I was there for free. Haha.

Before the actual show was kicked off, we were blessed with a performance from a local Female MC from Baltimore named Jai. I had never heard of her before this night and she stuck out to me a lot more than the average female rapper. She told stories of her relationships in a way which was unfamiliar to me. I couldn’t tell if the song was about a guy or a girl and her vocabulary wasn’t too shabby. She kept it real without being the average Baltimore artist rapping about “life in the trap.” I absolutely hope to hear more from her in the future. Maybe at another Incredible Creation event?

The show had finally started with a collection of urban wear from The Incredible Creations and L.H.D.Y.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The clothing that showed off on the runway were very good looks for the summertime wear. I’m not too big on clothes, but they had a lot of male items I took interest in. There was a Natty Bo long sleeve shirt fitted for women that I really wanted to get for someone I knew. I felt like she might have looked nice in it if I got it for her. I always liked to see women in sporty fashion, and a lot of the outfits they showed for women had that early 90’s, but still modern-day, type of feel to it.



While in the male category, a stylish red polka dot tank top caught my eye. I wouldn’t mind sporting it myself this summer. It’s something about the design and the pocket on the top that made it stand out to me .

They showed out at least 15 different designs.

The show took intermission and at that time I had already been there 3 hours, and it was getting late. The rain from earlier had caused me to become sick. So you could say that may have been my own inflicted downfall from enjoying such a well put together event. I mean, I seriously sat in the pouring rain waiting for 2 buses and the show I sat soaked in the AC. I regret leaving so early but the show made me want to attend the next event these guys’ll throw. The change of scenery definitely made me want to start attending more venues outside of rap. When the Incredible Creations throw an event, I suggest you take a time to attend because they’re adding a bit more for people; they’re offering culture to the local Baltimore scene.

I’d just like to say, “Round of Applause for The Incredible Creations.”

What do you think about The Incredible Creations Fashion Show? Did it look worth the wild? Leave your comments below.

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Fashion Forward: Doc’s Spontaneous Vintage Hairdo

First, let me not be rude and wish you all a very Happy Holidays! I hope you all are able to enjoy this lovely season, day by day, with joy as it’s the time of the year that we spend with our families.

Lately, I’ve caught on to a terrible trend developing where people are drifting further away from their families, spending more of their holiday’s on their “solo dolo” tip. For Thanksgiving, I didn’t find too many of my friends with their families this year, and half of my family who would normally be joining me for dinner, had to report to work. Blah! It’s was so off-putting, especially since I had to work, too. I’d like to be with the people I love on the holidays, but whatever. That’s another topic I don’t want to focus on in this blog.

Black Beauty Salon

Earlier this week, I did something rather spontaneous. I got my hair done by someone who isn’t my normal hair dresser. *gasp* I’m pretty loyal when going to a specific person to get my hair done. I’ve gone to the same hair dresser since my elementary years.

But the Monday before Thanksgiving, I woke up upset and started scrolling my Facebook timeline with a mission to find something to uplift my spirits. I can’t remember why I was upset. Obviously it wasn’t that important. Haha.

I had nothing to do for the day; I was absolutely free when I stumbled across a status from a girl I went to high school with. She was asking for a model to help her with a photo shoot for the day.

“What the heck! I might as well.” Thanksgiving was only 3 days away. I thought it was cool to be someone’s model and have my hair done for the holidays. So I replied to her request.

We scheduled a time to meet up at 11 am. She hooked me up by working those talented hands of hers. Then, BOOM! My sexy level turned up by the time it hit 2:30 pm on a Monday afternoon.

Shanae Thomas did my hair in a total of 2 and a half hours! It turned out looking awesome. I had to take some vintage selfies to match my stylish curly bush.


“Ain’t I cute?!”

Shanea specializes in styling natural hair as she works at natural hair shop Natural Locs Salon, in northwest Baltimore, off of the Baltimore National Pike. She’s been doing hair for a total of nine years, starting in 2006 when her mother no longer could do her hair because of carpal tunnel. Since then, it’s been all about hair; teaching herself how to plait, braid, maintain locs, and furthering her knowledge in hair care by attending cosmetology school.

Shanae’s love for hair has influenced her journey with natural hair.


For three and a half years, Shanae has been perm free and strutting her fiery red, orange and blonde locs with tremendous pride. She hopes to spread her talents along to others so they may transform their natural manes into something that flares with personality, screams out distinction, and transform into ways they could’ve never imagine.

For Shanae to take on doing my hair without knowing the true amount of thickness on top of this head, I say “AMEN” to her because it’s one hell of a task! Ask anyone who has touched my head. It’s thicker than the corn fields in 1984 horror film “Children of the Corn.” But I’ve been told it’s a playground for a hair stylist. It definitely is not for me.

Shanae explained to me her reasoning for posting her status that Monday morning. She’s focused on building her hair portfolio and needed a model. She’s currently building a portfolio to show off what she can do, and to give her that edge she needs to qualify for hair competitions across the nation, one being the 23rd Annual Official Golden Scissor Awards, home for where the 2014 BOBBI BOSS America’s Next Top Stylist will be announced. The awards will be held this December 7th at the Washington Convention Center in DC.

Shanea added me as one of her hair clients in her renowned hair portfolio. I’m absolutely honored after seeing her extensive lists of clientele on her Instagram page (ShaysNaturalStyles).


My experience visiting another hair stylist was rewarding. My phone is full of lots of new selfies and I have a protective style that’ll last me awhile. I am pleased! I guess, I should add and scratch off being someone’s hair model on my bucket list, too. What do you think?

Do you like how my hair turned out for the Thanksgiving Holiday? Leave your comments below. Would you like to schedule an appointment, send all inquires to shanae623@gmail.com.

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Doc's Vintage Hair Collage


*All photography, except for my selfies, were taken by George Robinson of GRobinsonPhotography*

Lights, Camera, Fashion! Recap of the Boulevard of Chic’s Fashion Show

What a great feeling it is when I can say that I’ve completed another task from my Bucket List. Last weekend, I participated in my first fashion show. Boulevard of Chic asked me if I was interested in participating in their 2nd fashion truck rally, which took place on the Rash Field in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.


It was an honor to be apart of a fashion show that seemed better suited for the people and by the people. In a professional runway show, it’s apparent that the show isn’t for the people. The average person can’t be spotted at show like it. But at the Boulevard of Chic’s show, anyone can be seen there. The people spotted at last Saturday’s event most likely supported venues there by purchasing something from their tents. So to be wearing something that someone probably bought by the end of the day, I felt honored and pleased to know that the show was of good use to onlookers.

I worked my stuff in what I was provided. My make up for the fashion show was done by Candace Tingen of Metamorphose Industries LLC. She did a wonderful job. She also does professional makeup artistry for bridal, film, print, and any other special occasion a girl should look spazzy for. So if you’re seeking someone with professional work experience, check out Candace. The outfit I modeled, which is shown on the picture above, is from Hannah Mone’t, which is Maryland based fashion retailer that caters to women of all shapes and sizes, from small and petite to curvy and chic. So if you’re into that funky type of style, Hannah Mone’t is the place for you.

There were a lot of other nice clothing lines and small businesses that participated in Saturday’s show, check some of them out in the video below.

Do you like the song in this video? Make sure to download “Cruise Control” by Baltimore hip-hop artists Quinn Shabaz. Listen to Quinn Shabaz’s latest mixtape “Good Heart, Bad Habits” on Reverbnation.

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Doc Participates In The Boulevard of Chic’s 2nd Fashion Truck Rally

Today is a big day for me. I’ll be participating in a fashion show. Yay! This fashion show is in promotion of all the fashion trucks that’ll be at this weekend’s truck rally event for Boulevard of Chic.


This is the second Boulevard of Chic event I’m attending. The first event was held earlier during the spring. This one is different because it’s adding a new addition to its truck rally that didn’t take place at its first in April: the Boulevard of Chic’s fashion show.

BOV is all about supporting local DMV small businesses so they’ve picked a few local lines and some local bloggers to help kick off a good show and catch the attention of some of Baltimore’s savvy shoppers while they shop at the Rash Field in the Baltimore Inner Harbor this Saturday afternoon. I’m so excited to participate in another one of their events.

If you’d like to see a great line up of bloggers model some of the DMV most popular fashion trucks attire, come through and support the Boulevard of Chic 2nd Fashion Truck Rally. I hope to see you there!

Rash Field in Baltimore Inner Harbor
(Near Key Highway)
12 pm to 7 pm

Would you shop from a mobile fashion truck? Leave your comments below.

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The 3rd Annual Natural Is Beautiful Summer Bus Trip

Natural is Beautiful Expo goes to a whole new level by allowing their event goers access to a special field trip to their 3rd Annual Natural is Beauty Expo in New York via coach bus!

TaraPetiford_busTripfront7 (1)

It’s just a few bucks to spend the day in the Big Apple. The expo is held smack in the middle of Times Square at the Marriot Marquis. Spend the day away from home while continuing to embrace your natural beauty. How about it this July 19th? For more Ticket information, make sure you check out their official Natural is Beautiful Events website.

I attended the Natural Hair Care Expo held in April 2014 and really enjoyed myself. To read more about my experiences, make sure to read 2014 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo on Doc’s Castle Media.

Petition to Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair

The people of this world are absolutely out of their minds if they’re spending their spare time worrying about the condition of someone they don’t know hair. I’m sure Beyoncé and Jay-z can attest to this.

Accusations from Jasmine Toliver, inquirer and person in charge of creating, in my opinion, a quite disrespectful notion to parenting, have hit an all time high in becoming viral across the World Wide Web. The petition’s purpose is to somehow grasp the attention of people in support of Toliver’s idea to provide care for Blue Ivy’s “nappy” hair because we all just can’t take that Beyoncé is not putting a comb towards her child’s head.


View the petition here!

Now, why would someone like Ms. Toliver place judgment on someone elses parenting skills? Ha-ha! Although, we all have done it. We spend so much of time worrying about what these celebrities are doing and forget that we as regular people sometimes do the same thing. I don’t know how many nappy heads I’ve seen this year but it’s been quite a few. But I believe taking to creating a petition about someone elses child is just too much. It actually makes me think of Ms. Toliver need for attention. I think she did it as a joke to grab some laughs because that’s exactly what I did.

I know Blue Ivy’s hair looks like it needs to be sprits with some water and thoroughly oiled but it’s still Jay-z and Beyonce’s decision to have their child look like that. I’m not going to say they’re bad parents. They might like that look on her. Or what if Blue Ivy’s just too unbearable when it comes to attempting to style her head, we can’t jump to the attacking the parents.

All I’m saying is though we might not raise our kids the same way as another person, lets still respect their business. We don’t know what happens in their home.