Fun at Baltimore’s 1st Annual Fashion Truck Rally

I did something new last Saturday. If you live in Baltimore, sometimes you’d consider this city as a place where it’s pretty hard to find something new to do as recreation. I spend my summers looking for places to go. It’s really hard to find something fun to do without having to repeat the same activities over and over. But there’s warm weather on the rise so I should be able to do a lot more this season. This Saturday was officially the kick off to my season full of events, starting with the Boulevard of Chic Fashion Truck Rally.

2014-04-27 00.33.06

I had fun experiencing, for the first time, shopping from a fashion truck. It was indeed a moment of discovery. Imagine all the goodies a girl can buy from a truck that’s similar to your neighborhood’s infamous Ice Cream truck, except all your fashion treats can be found there. Yup, this is what I was apart of this weekend.


Check me and Doc’s Castle Media’s featured blogger Brianna of Rebellious Rebel flicking it up for the camera.

I met the owners of some of Baltimore’s local small businesses, exchanged some business cards, took some photos and bought some jewelry. It was cool. I hope that there will be other fashion truck rallies in the future. If there should be, I’m in there like swimwear! Check out my video of all the nice things I saw this weekend.

Did you like the song in the video? The track featured was done by Baltimore Artist Leon Dominick. Listen to and download his mixtape The KingDOM on

You Can Catch Me On The Boulevard of Chic

I can be such girl at times…SIKE! I’m rarely that! For the people who truly know Doc, they are aware that I am far from being a girly girl. I prefer to be more laid back and let my beauty speak for itself. Ha-ha!

But with this invitation to attend the Boulevard of Chic on April 26th, I could become a girly girl in a matter of a few hours.


Boulevard of Chic (BOC) is a Baltimore’s first and only fashion truck rally. Meant to be a shopping opportunity for women of all ages, BOC will offer the best trendy apparel from local entrepreneurs through this fashionable celebration. BOC’s mission is to bring savvy entrepreneurs and artist together to promote the “Shop Local” trend. The experience alone should be the attention grabber for those who like to snag their goods from different places, and not shopping at the mall or shopping center. It’s such an awesome opportunity for those who are fashion scavengers.

I was invited to be a VIP blogger for this 1st annual event. I’m ready to see all the nice things I can buy while attending BOC. So if you have any time this weekend to come out and buy some new things for your closet, Boulevard of Chic is the place to be. You’ll definitely catch me shopping for something unique to add to my collection. I hope to see you there.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

12:00 pm-6:00 pm (General Public)

1220 Key Highway Baltimore, MD 21230

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Calling All The Beautiful People- DTLR Model Search

I love when I find these different opportunities. Calling all local models! Here’s your opportunity to model for Downtown Locker Room (DTLR).


On Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 2 pm until 6 pm, DTLR in Security Square Mall (6901 Security Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21244) will be hosting a model search contest. To participate in this contest, contestants must wear summer fashions with Timberland 6″ Premium Boots. So be prepared to rock your summer clothes for this shoot.

The grand prizes for the search will consist of a year supply of Timberland Boots, modeling portfolio portraits, and an opportunity to model for DTLR Fall 2014 Campaign featuring Timberland Products. This is an awesome chance for local models to build their resume and portfolio with a huge local brand behind them. Make sure you grab this opportunity.

It doesn’t stop there. I’m accepting submissions from the DTLR contest after it’s closing. I’ll be posting photos from some contestants on Doc’s Castle Media to show my support for local models in the DMV region.

Submit your best photograph from April 26, whether it be from the shoot or your phone, to with the subject line “DTLR Model Search” to be considered. Send your pictures in by April 30th. If I receive no submission, photographs will not be posted. Take this chance to be publicized!

Do you know of more modeling opportunities in the DMV? Share them with readers by posting a comment below.

2014 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo

I spent my weekend the natural way at the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore for the 2014 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo. It was a great experience to be a part of something so empowering, especially when I’ve never been to such an event. I had to wake up early Saturday morning to do my hair. I had to look fly.


I took it upon myself to attend the expo because I am a natural hair gal, myself. I spend hours of my time perfecting my natural curly bush. So I felt it was my duty to not miss out on this chance to learn some new hair tips and purchase some new goodies for this nappy head. I was in there in no time, accompanied by two of my lovely friends, one of them being the beautiful Karyn of NaturalHasStyle, a hair blog on Instagram that showcases all hairstyles natural.



Check out Karyn’s pretty hairstyle. Her pinned up puffy Marley Twist.

See more of her funky styles on her Instagram.


The event was delightfully free-spirited because it made me proud to say the hair on my head is real and majority of the people at this event hair is real, too. There were so many beautiful black people proud of their manes. I’ve never seen so many bushy heads in one place in my life. Sometimes the ignorance I receive from people who are unaware of this natural “movement” can cloud your reality of how many people who are for it. Being around a bunch of people who don’t understand my cause to be natural might have blinded me from the many that actually care. I guess I was brought back to life.

While at the expo, I bought some goodies. I now have new jewelry and some fancy smelling Shea butter for my body and hair. Everything I bought was from local businesses. You know, I love supporting the locals.



I had to get a pic next to the sign, too. Ha!

The message constantly pushed to those who attended Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo was there is beauty in what you are. There’s power behind being natural. We are wearing our hair naturally to make a statement that we aren’t false. We’re more comfortable in being real. We’re proud of who we are. We’re letting others know that. It was very empowering and nice to see people in support of one another.

The Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo is held in the spring at a different location every year. I’ll be lurking on Google around this time next year to make sure I don’t miss it. But the current tour hasn’t ended. The next hair care expo is being moved to Eastern Shore. So make sure you mark your calendars for May 4th to attend the Natural Hair Care Expo at the Hampton Inn (address below.)

121 E Naylor Mill Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

Visit the Natural Hair Care Expo website for more details.

Meet Maiya!

photo (2)It’s been awhile since I’ve added a little pizzazz to Doc’s Castle Media. I’m constantly writing about other people and their contributions to society that I rarely get to brag about what I have going on under Doc’s Castle Media’s curtain. Well, I’m glad I’m finally getting the chance to let you all peek because I have a new contributor to this blog spot that I need to share.  It’s definitely time give that I’ve thought of Doc’s Castle Media’s need for some style and individuality for readers who enjoy following trends and/or creating their own. So I’ve found a fashionista who’s ready to spark Doc’s Castle Media up! Everyone meet Maiya!

Maiya commonly likes to think of herself as a multi-fashionista. From creating clothes, being a make up artist, and a  huge hair guru, she’s taken a hobby she genuinely enjoys and placed it on a whole new level of awesomeness. Maiya loves to be creative and think outside the box and saw that being Doc’s Castle Media’s beauty contributor as a great opportunity to teach others about self-expression. Maiya is quite the daring individual when it comes to expressing herself outwardly and I know that she’ll be the perfect blogger for you to keep up with. She inspires to be different and prides herself on being completely that for readers. So if you’re willing to follow her on this journey, feel free to follow Beauty by Maiya on Doc’s Castle Media weekly for fashion and beauty updates. Also, make sure you follow her own Fashion Blog, CreativeMeCrazy, where she shares her personal designs, tips, and opinions of what’s going on in her creative, unique style of mind.

Time to DAFT Up Your Clothing!

Today, I want to highlight another clothing line that was started in Baltimore, MD by two young entrepreneurs named Ben Danklin and Speedy Thraxxton. While in their sophomore year of 2009, they’ve created a line called DAFT!, which is an acronym that stands for Dangerously Adventurous Fly Trendsetters. Sounds cool to me!

I ran across DAFT’s Instagram page one day while speaking to my sister as she told me about these boys who went to her high school who started this clothing line. So of course for the sake of the Doc’s Castle Media readers, I had to find out who these boy were. They were kind enough to let me write about them.


Ben Danklin and Speedy Thraxxton and started off as a couple of teens who enjoyed doing things out of the norm, like skateboarding, and wearing different styles of fashion. They’re a little on edge, definitely adventurous, and never follow the in-crowd. This made them become trendsetters within their generation. So they established DAFT! and continued their movement with love, demand, and interest using their ideas and style.


DAFT! sent their mission statement over for me to share, also. Read it Below.

DAFT! Clothing founded in 2010, in Baltimore, MD was created by owners, Osirus Babb, Chanc Baylor and Isaiah Wilson. DAFT! Clothing is a street wear clothing brand that was started during their high school career with the intent of making some extra money.

Self-influenced by our own ambition and drive to become successful in not only our venture, but in our lives as well, DAFT! Clothing provides creative and appealing designs to consumers, so they can enjoy their creative and adventurous experiences through fashion. All the designs of DAFT! Clothing are based on the lives of the DAFT! Team. The team that assembles each design and project are like no other, our connection to our customers is something you can not find in any store.


These youngsters are determined to embed difference within their customers’ lives. They’re giving their consumers the ability to be creative and adventurous within themselves. What better can it be when someone is creating their own identity with the help of the DAFT! brand? Like Shante Franklin, also known as underground rapper Curren$y, said, “You only gonna get out of it, whatever you put into it….” If you put in the best to make something of yourself, you’ll only be the best. So everyone, let’s strive to be the best we can be.

Make sure you check out the DAFT! blog, follow DAFT! Clothing on Twitter at @DaftClothing and like DAFT! Clothing on Facebook.

If you know of another Fashion Forward that you’d like to share to Doc’s Castle Media, send me stuff. It could be the next highlight in the Doc’s Castle Media’s Fashion Forward column.

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“Free Mind” for Free Minded People

What I admire about some of the people in Baltimore is the desire to strive and their want to help those to strive. I know so many people who want to get far. Indeed, those people come to Doc’s Castle Media for a little boost. But who am going to write about today is someone I reached out to that I want to support and I believe has a great idea. Have you thought about getting some new clothes from “Free Minds™ Clothing Co.? I bet you’ll consider it after you hear about the company.


“Free Minds™ Clothing Co. was founded by Christopher Morton, on the belief that nothing is impossible. Free Minds wasn’t created by an established clothing designer, but an everyday hard-working young adult with huge ambitions.” And according to this young CEO, his company strives to achieve these five goals:

  • Encourage individuals to be who they truly are, despite what others may think, or what is popular at the time.
  • Encourage individuals to reach their dreams.
  • Promote an educated and positive environment among their supporters, as they attempt to grow our support base.
  • Provide a personal connection with each of their supporters.
  • Be involved with people and events that aspire to create a better society.
  • And above all, Free Minds strives to offer people reasons to purchase their items and support them.


Although Free Minds™ Clothing Co. plans to create good quality by thinking about their supporters, providing fashionable clothing and being the next trend is not their priority. Christopher Morton wants more than that. Free Minds™ Clothing Co. should be remembered. For Christopher, what’s “hot” is always subject to change; whereas, what’s meaningful tends to last longer.

The people at Free Minds™ Clothing Co. believe it’s always just a matter of time before something great makes a breakthrough, and they plan to be something great. I agree with them. Free Minds™ Clothing Co. and Doc’s Castle Media will be great someday.

You can buy attire from Free Minds™ Clothing Co. today. Just make sure you order your purchase to support once you’ve finish reading this blog. Also, “like” Free Minds™ Clothing Co. on Facebook at Free Minds Clothing Co. and “follow” them on Twitter at @FREE_MiNDS.

Do you have a Fashion Forward you’d like to share with Doc’s Castle Media? Send me stuff and you may be the next fashion highlight on our blog.