Hip-hop is indeed a culture that captivates every soul at least once in a lifetime. But man, can it get to be so damn corny.

This week’s YTube Vid of the Week comes from a random stumble upon while scrolling my Facebook timeline, and not browsing YouTube as I normally do. I was reading an article about Disney princesses on Buzzfeed (don’t ask haha) when I suddenly see a headline that caught my eye regarding two generations of Disney goddesses battle rap for the win. What win? I don’t know. See the ridiculous video below.

The Internet is interesting isn’t it? Can you believe there are more princess rap battles on YouTube? All I can say is the mind is amazing because I never know what motivates people to make some videos. Haha.

Who do you think won this battle? Obviously, it was Elsa, but leave your comments below.

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Sign Petition For Baltimore’s Running Man To Be Endorsed By Sports Apparel Company Under Armour

Our hearts weighed heavy with reports of Baltimore legendary figure being subjected to gang violence this past week.


A Baltimore police report confirmed that Keith Boissiere was attacked on Thursday in Southwest Baltimore on the 2700 block of Wilkens Ave. When someone attacked him, punching him several times in his left eye, Boissiere was still able to flag down a police officer for assistance. He refused medical treatment when police suggested.

Social media flooded with statuses of anger and disgust as a man, many people grew up watching run through their neighborhoods, was harmed by a group of heedless thugs.

2014-11-23 13.03.38

Stated online at Go Petition:

Please help Keith THE RUNNING MAN Boissiere, get an Under Armour contract. Who would be a better spokesperson for running gear than him? Also the running man is a Baltimore Icon who needs a Kidney transplant.

The reason the Running Man is such an icon in this city is because he represents a sense of freedom and peace, among other things including keeping in tip-top shape as we all should strive to do as human beings.

Mr. Boissiere as served as an beacon of inspiration among many of Baltimore’s residents and he has done this quietly never seeking accolades. I strongly feel that it is time he be recognized and given his just do. My only fear is that The Running Man’s modesty will keep him from accepting.

So please sign this petition because if he does not get a kidney it will end his running days and probably his life. Therefore the citizens of Baltimore need to come together and show how much we care for an Icon that represents the best of our city.

Will you take the time to sign the petition, today? Help a Baltimore Legend THE RUNNING MAN by clicking this link.

Sign The Petition

Sign THIS Petition


Sign The Petition

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Vote for Doc’s Castle Media in 2014 Mobbies Maryland Blog Competition

What an honor! I have been nominated under three categories in the 2014 Mobbies Blog and Social Media Competition. Yay! Thank you everyone!

I have never been nominated in any competition as such, especially for my writings, and I’m extremely thankful for all of you who were active in deciding to nominate me under the following three categories: Best Label Defying Blog, Best Music Blog, and Best Personal Blog.

Mobbies Logos

This competition is sponsored by the Baltimore Sun and the Creative Alliance, LLC.

I love to write, though I didn’t always know that. Doc’s Castle Media opened my eyes to my talents. I always knew I had a knack for ideas because I always owned a composition notebook or sketchbook full of thoughts since the age of 10. But to really take an active role in blogging or any kind of journalism, my mind wasn’t with it until it was made one of my duties to complete while working for an internship. I strongly opposed the idea of being a journalist my entire 4 years attending high school. I guess now, I’ve made myself out to be a liar because look at my site! It’s 3 years going strong with over 300 blog posts. I write like a journalist and I do it a lot!

I write because I believe that my voice matters. I believe that my thoughts and feelings about things carry value. My whole purpose for creating a blog was to use my words to influence others to do something meaningful in their lives. Each day, I ponder the possibilities of that actually happening. Seeing that people took the time to nominate me has shown me that my purpose might be working. Apparently, I offer something you all like.

I often talk to people while I’m out in the streets of Baltimore or while on Facebook, and people compliment me on my commitment and dedication to continue writing about what’s happening around the city from a unique and entertaining perspective. I appreciate that plenty of you take notice. I’m even more grateful to hear that many of you read on a consistent basis. It’s still weird getting this type of attention from writing freely. But I love you all more each day as you continue to support me and share my thoughts with the world! It drives me more…like really, I’m so motivated to keep doing this.


As I’m busting my tail to provide something unique and special for you all, please do me the favor in voting for me, just as you all nominated me, in this year’s annual Mobbies Blog and Social Media Competition. It’d mean a lot to me if I could actually win in any of the categories I’m nominated for.

Below is the link to the directions for voting for the nominees in the 2014 Mobbies. Please register with one of your social media accounts and vote for Doc’s Castle Media!


Vote Now


Vote NOW


As 2015 slowly approaches, Doc’s Castle Media looks to include a few new additions to the website. I’m counting on my readers to offer me some new suggestions for what you all think can make Doc’s Castle Media a little better. Please leave your feedback and concerns in the comments below as I’ll review all of them carefully. Hopefully I’ll get some very good suggestions that’ll spice the site up.

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VOTE NOW for the Baltimore Music Awards Nominees


The polls are now OPEN.

I want you guys to know that your participation in this voting process truly matters!

There are many folks like me who want to reward talented people who strive to get recognition for their artwork. Diamond K has put a lot of effort in creating an annual celebration in the Baltimore hip-hop scene. This year is the 4th Annual Baltimore Music Awards, here to honor all those hardworking and very talented artists and entrepreneurs for their great contributions to hip-hop culture.

If you take the time to cast your ballot and spread the word about any of the music awards ceremonies I’ve shared to Doc’s Castle Media, you are making the conscious decision to improve the way people view the DMV. We can make a difference with the attention and participation of the masses. So take your time voting for who you believe deserves each award. Research who you see. Listen to some of their work. Be active, not idle, in the decision to put this region on the map.

Vote NOW!


VOTE now!


Hopping On That Train Back to 1990s

Not too far in the distant past rested a decade where a lovely young writer was born. That young writer’s name was Taylor, know to many of you as Doc. The decade was the 1990s. Oh, how I miss my childhood years so much.

I may have literally been a baby growing up during this decade, but there are so many things I’ve experienced as a child growing alongside a mature family, I think I can luster up at least 3 things a lot of people my age and older may relate to that we all might miss. So here they are, the things I want to bring back from my years of retro.

My favorite things I’d bring from the 90s would be…


Music has always had my heart, man.

The Box

The best music channel in the world is of the past. Forget about MTV. The Box was the best because they played variety with little to no commercials and absolutely no teen pregnancy shows. MTV has always been a little picky with what they wanted on there channel, in regards to music, and always remained mainstream. When The Box was around music lovers could see their favorite underground artists if they wanted. Of course, the music industry was very different then. But what I loved the most about The Box was the option to see what music videos were coming on next during the music breaks. WHY DON’T THEY DO THIS ANYMORE?!

Equivalent to The Box today, we have MTV Jams and MTV University, which can be found if you have Verizon Fios or Comcast Xfinity. These channels are “okay.” But I prefer a more organic and original feel for music. Too much of the same thing turns me off, so you can imagine how much time I spend watching either channel. If MTV Jams and MTV University were combined, they’d probably scratch the surface, but only the surface. Can we please bring The Box back?


The Cassette


I use to listen to the radio all day just to catch my favorite song to record on an audio cassette, and not just any audio cassette. When I didn’t have a blank tape available, I would rummage through my room to find an old “storybook” tape, which originally had Disney bedtime stories on it, and shoved some notebook paper in the top holes, close to where the tape could be found, so I could re-record over its boring stories. Talk about desperate to get a song! My only issue doing this was the radio dj talking through the tracks and the unwanted radio edits. If it wasn’t a Ludacris or DMX song, I’d hate to not hear what the artist was really saying. The struggles of downloading music was too real then. But it was worth it.

Now, life has made it easier to hear my favorites anytime I want. I can simply go to Soundcloud and YouTube with a swipe and click of a finger on my phone. Just type it into the search box and voilà, it’s there! But I do miss the struggles of getting my song from the radio. I knew every song that was played on air.


I’m a cartoon fanatic!

Saturday Morning Cartoons


Remember waking up early on the weekends to watch cartoons like Johnny Quest, Goosebumps, Bobby’s World, or Digimon Digital Monsters? I use to dread getting up in the morning for school during the week. But when Saturday rolled around, I was up watching cartoons right on time while I ate breakfast. Cartoons from my past could be the reason I’m so animated today because I still watch them. I recently rewatched the entire first seasons of Jackie Chan Adventures and Digimon Digital Monsters on Netflix. All it did was make me upset that I had to get ready for work later that day.

I feel so bad for kids today. They don’t get to have that Saturday morning experience like I had. The moment the clock struck noon, I was already outside hanging with my friends afterwards. Of course, going outside is another thing kids don’t experience, but that’s another story. On top of not having the Saturday morning cartoons to wake up to, kids rarely have a good variety of cartoons to choose from. Broadcast networks like The CW, FOX, and CBS rarely show cartoons, unless it’s the holidays. Plus, Every time I’m channel surfing the tv guide, I find marathons of the same cartoons running for hours on cable networks. It was never like that while growing up on 90s cartoons. There were too many that needed to be aired.


There is so much more that I can talk about that I’d bring back from the 1990s. But this blog post would be entirely too lengthy. So I literally shared with you the first three things that came to mind. Haha! What do you think you’d bring back from the 90s? Let me know in the comments below.

ALSO, this post is part of a local blogger competition The Mobbies, sponsored by Baltimore Sun and Creative Alliance. I’ve been nominated for three categories: Best Music Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Label Defying Blog. Thanks, Guys!

Voting begins November 3rd! I’d like to ask all my loyal readers to please add this date to your calendars to participate in the voting process and visit this link when voting begins, Baltimore Mobbies.  Thanks for all for always reading! I have to do something special for y’all.

Artsy Stuff: “Day 5,” A Short Horror Film Directed by Baltimore’s Own Petey Millz

During the month of October, Doc’s Castle Media takes time to recognize independent horror films in honor of Halloween. I rarely find local, from the DMV, submissions in this genre. I’m usually digging around YouTube for short films. But this video came easily, and I found it quite intriguing and had to post it for others to see. There are some really talented folks out there.

This submission was sent to us by rapper, producer, and more recently added title, director Petey Millz. Day 5 was also produced and performed by the talented Andrew Michael. Both artists, prior to this project, have developing portfolios of awesome work.

As for Day 5, this duo has proven while producing this film that they’re worthy of entering the playing field alongside other indie filmmakers. I can’t wait to see what more they have to offer. Check em out…

What do you think about Day 5? Are you looking forward to more short films from Petey Millz and Andrew Michael? Leave your comments below.

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YTube Vid of the Week: Lil Mama The Lyrical Purge 0 To 100 Freestyle

I don’t know why I’m just seeing this freestyle. It seems to have surfaced the Internet about a month and some ago. I could’ve gotten a little too caught up in local activities, or I’m just late as always. There’s no point in sugar-coating it. I’m late with catching on to some things. So? LOL

Lil Mama’s freestyle is the YTube Vid of the Week because we rarely hear from this lady regarding any of her skill sets which she used to place her in the industry’s limelight. Lil Mama hopped on the hip-hop scene with the release of her hot single “Lip Gloss” in 2008. Since then, she’s been known for her hosting gigs, and more recently for her acting role in the TLC biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story as group member Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez. But music wise, what has Lil Mama been up to?

In this video, we see that Lil Mama still got it! She takes on Drake’s 0 to 100 with ease giving us the answer we’ve all been waiting for. I guess, Lil Mama really can rap. Ha-ha!

What do you think? Did she body this verse or have you hear better? Send me the best 0 to 100 freestyle. Leave your comments below.

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