YTube Vid of the Week: If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say

Sometimes I wonder do people actually think before speaking. Someone can tell if you didn’t. This week’s YTube Vid of the Week is a comedy of Black people saying things that white people may say to Blacks that just seems plain retarded questions to ask. There may not be such a thing as a dumb question, but there is such a thing as questionable questions. In this video there is a plethora of those.

What can you do when someone asks you something like the questions in this video but ask another question back? Some of these things mentioned will make you turn your head in curiosity because you’ll wonder Do white people really ask questions like this. Uhh, yeah. I personally get rhetorical questions about my hair.

Why do you think we never say anything about these crazy, and my opinion sometimes ignorant, questions? Do you think it’s because we don’t want to be labeled as an “unruly black person?” Leave your comments below.

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WTF?!?! #TwitterPurge (Rant)

So on July 19, 2014, I was surfing my Twitter timeline, as always, and I couldn’t help but notice an excessive amount of naked women on it! There’s always people reposting pictures exposing women on my timeline. (I don’t know what’s wrong with these horny people.) But last night was just ridic.


Who decided to start the hashtag #twitterpurge? It’s just really inappropriate and embarrassing to watch people take part in such nonsense. If you’ve missed it, #TwitterPurge is when people post nude photos of people they may or may not know, exposing them entirely to the public. That’s pretty much it. There were even memes that emerged from people’s participation in last night’s popular hashtag fiasco.

I was embarrassed more for the people who chose to uncover what should have been sacred for many of those people who were exposed. I’m sure the people who were in those photographs trusted the person responsible for posting their naked selfies at some point of their lives. There has to be over a thousand folks “beafing” with each other after last night. That could have been easily avoided. Now I suspect there’s more tension in the atmosphere that doesn’t need to be there.

What the hell does this #twitterpurge have to do with the film that was released this past Friday in theaters? There’s no relation at all. I wonder what producers are thinking after witnessing a popular hashtag take complete control over the idea of what the purge is because I know it has nothing to do with people sending photos of other folks. Are the producers scrambling to save their box office sales because of a group of teens unknowingly sabotaging their general idea, or will there be an increase in box office sales today? Will producers have to hear the mouths of thousands of angry parents? Sheesh, I would hate to work on their PR team now.  \

Purge Anarchy

The purge is said to have started by a group of teens in Santa Clarita Valley in Los Angeles under a page named “SCV Purge.” The page encouraged teens to send nude photos to the account. After the account attracted 3,000 followers, it must have started a chain reaction because there was another Twitter account created that also accepted nudes. This #twitterpurge can be compared to the thousands of Instagram and Facebook pages made to do the exact same thing, tarnish the reputation of it’s teenage victims. All I do is shake my head at it’s disgrace.

This is the first time I’m choosing to address this “social media pornography” but I see it happens often. Sooner or later, we’ll be desensitized from it and learn to accept these pop-up pages. It’s like the children of our future show no remorse for others. Their ruining other people’s lives for laughs and giggles and I’m sitting in awe. I wonder how society will try to intervene in trying to take control of an issue like this.

What do you think? In what ways do you believe society will grab a handle of this type of indecent exposure? Leave your comments below.

For those people who are convinced that The Purge Anarchy is about naked people, here’s the trailer to fix those assumptions. We can’t have you judging whether to see a movie based of your experiences on Twitter.

Ytube Vid of the Week: IceJFish -Like I want to (Official Video)

Who says you have to know how to sing to make it big?! I am now inspired to become an R&B artist! I can’t sing worth jack.

When I first heard about IceJFish, he was on Vine, popular social video site where people share 6 second videos in real-time. I caught a 6 second video of him singing and I thought it was a joke. But I guess it’s not??

IceJFish, along with many other viral sensations, continually show us, people of the World Wide Web, that we enjoy watching weird things. How many times am I going to see a new video on Facebook or YouTube of someone doing something questionable? As long as social media is popular, we’ll run across this type of craziness everyday.

IceJFish is a person with a lot of confidence. To have people who doubt his dreams and bash his performances 24/7, this guy never seems to give up hope. He simply knows he has what it takes to become what he wants regardless of anyone’s opinion. He has dedication because he continues to pursue a career in music. He’s also strong-willed. He has traits about him that even the most beautiful and talented person may lack. Why is that? In my opinion, people should get some tips from this guy.

What do you think? Why is it that the people we think shouldn’t be in the limelight always end up in the limelight? Leave your comments below.

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Ytube Vid of the Week: Violence is Violence

Domestic violence is absolutely unacceptable in my eyes. I can never understand what possesses a person to put their hands on someone else. Recently with all the commotion with Jay-Z and Solange’s altercation that went viral on the web a few weeks ago, roles were reversed while they displayed to the world a man being the victim of attack, rather the woman. The same thing is going in in this week’s Ytube Vid of the Week. I found the video in I saw this video and thought to myself, if I see anyone going through this kind of mistreatment why don’t they stick up for themselves to avoid embarrassment or disappointment? Is the victim’s confidence that low?

I want to leave people with a chance to share their opinions about what they’ll do if they were to witness a situation like this. Would you stick up for this man? Do you think he has this handled? Why do you think he didn’t stick up for himself?

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YTube Vid of the Week: Chris Koo- Crazy In Love Dance Cover

Do you like to dance? I bet not as much as Chris Koo. Chris memorized and choreographed Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” song to it’s entire degree. He was on point with each step and precise with every move. Not many people have the patients or time to do memorize this dance. We’ve already experienced millions of folks choreograph dances to “Single Ladies.” I commend Chris for his efforts in become a viral sensation with the help of Beyoncé.

Do you think you can do this? Have you ever tried mimicking Beyoncé? Comment below.

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YTube Vid of the Week: Morning Hacks to Start Your Day

“The early bird catches the worm” may be one of my most favorite phrases to say. I wake up saying the quote each morning to keep me motivated in completing my daily tasks. Sometimes I may slip up but what brings me back to tackling my duties is that quote, which is my daily Tweet on Twitter that many of my followers Retweet as motivation for themselves. I like helping keep others stay motivated, and as they’re motivated by that morning quote, they’re bing backs become my Popeye’s spinach.

BuzzFeed presents a youtube video which gives people a plethora of other motivating hacks to starting their day the productive and right way. If you’re caught doing these things, you might just be a morning person.

Do you do any of these hacks as your kick start your morning routine? Leave your comments below.

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YTube Vid of the Week: April Fools Best Pranks of 2014

Today’s April Fools Day. I wanted to send a reminder to those who are oblivious to pranks so they may not be caught in an embarrassing disaster. So my reminder is from Break, a Youtube Channel and website that showcase the best of any kind of prank. For April 1st, they put together a compilation of 2014’s best pranks.

All I can say is no one can be trusted! Have a good laugh.

Break also takes submissions. To submit your prank video to Break, send it to

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