Midnight’s Kiss by Jason Fotso (@Voice) / 2015 Cinderella

This was a lovely poem I found today scrolling my twitter timeline. I thought I’d share it for some of my daring readers who can’t resist the thought of sweet love during the holidays. Are you bringing in the new years with someone special?


This poem was written by a boy, who’s tweet caught my attention because of the amounts of reposts he received. He goes by the name of Jason Fotso and has a very simple twitter name, @Voice.

I wish I would have thought of a name that simple.

I’m unsure what the name of his viral poem might be so I named it based off what it’s about. It’s about kissing someone special at the struck of 12 midnight on New Years Day.

I came across his poem this morning and thought to myself how lovely. It was simple, sweet, and something that a person could memorize if they should recite it in their heads while kissing their loved tonight. Then I thought to myself, ‘why did I think about something so corny to do? Do people really do that or did I just think of a scene from a movie?’


This poem was also shared with this photograph of the 1950 Disney’s version of Cinderella to, I guess, mark relation to the line in the poem “Cinderella’s Ball, stops. Kiss her as the ball, drops.” The picture implies how the poem relates to Cinderella’s frisky night out with a prince and how she needed to be home by 12, too.

Well, look at that…


If you guys don’t already know, Disney’s releasing a new Cinderella film this year. Only this time, it’s not a cartoon. You know how they’re turning all of our Disney classics into movies with “real” people?  I thought they’d leave Cinderella alone since we’ve gotten multiple versions of the story since the cartoon came out! Anyway, this is the perfect time to share the trailer.

I have the suspicion they’ll make this into a film where the woman doesn’t end up with the man, like Disney films Frozen and Maleficent. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

The Best 2014 Super Bowl Commercial I Watched Was…

If you didn’t notice, this year’s Super Bowl commercials sucked! I hardly laughed at all. While seeing the Ford Fusion Hybrid commercial a million times along side it’s presence in Fox’s comedy series the New Girl, I started to throw my Super Bowl meal at the television screen. I think a lot of businesses decided to lay off buying commercial space this year or lacked effort to create a good one because of the Internet. I’ll just blame it on the Internet. Who needs funny commercials if you have social media creating memes to get us to laugh?

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the best commercial aired during the Super Bowl wasn’t even shown to Baltimoreans. It was aired in Atlanta, Georgia for the promotion of Jamie Casino’s Law Firm. See the two minute commercial below.

This commercial was THE best commercial because it was the easiest to comprehend. A lot of commercials leave you having to decipher what they actually want from you. This one was clear and concise. Also, it served a great purpose and made me consider seeking Jamie’s services, though I don’t need it. It did what a commercial was suppose to do without glamorization, which is something the Ford Hybrid commercial did too much of.

Businesses that normally air their ads during the Super Bowl created a competition for themselves. It’s like they only care for who can make people laugh the hardest. The point is to get people to buy what you have. But it’s whatever. Super Bowl is over. The commercials sucked, except for Jamie Casino’s. Guess we shouldn’t get our hopes up for next year, huh?