4/20 But Let’s Not Forget That It’s Easter Sunday

Four-twenty is an unforeseen holiday that I never pictured would have so much of an impact in the United States of America during my lifetime. Even while celebrating Easter Sunday, people will continue to take their puffs of smoke on the herbal drug as celebration for the cannabis culture. Too me, it has always been unpredictable to determine how fast this cannabis movement would develop. While growing up, I always assumed that marijuana would be illegal. As I’m seeing growth in the support to push this “drug” for legalization, I can now make assumptions for when I believe weed will be fully accepted into society. Times are truly changing when something that had such a bad connotation becomes praised in the mainstream media.


I know most of you are probably “waking and baking” this morning as a celebration for 4/20, but who’s celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, today? Every time a group of smokers mentions what day Easter falls on, they’re taking notice that it falls on an important day for them. It’s a smoker’s celebration on the Lord’s day?! “OMG! We’re going to be high at church!” Dang, soberness for the Lord was immediately thrown out of the window. Ha-ha! The hype for 4/20 is officially “off-the-chain” when people are looking to smell like the plant while praising Jesus Christ in church.

The holiday which should have rightful ownership is Easter. It’s the day we we’re all promises life after death. The celebration has been apart of people’s lives since the beginning of time. Why should it change now? Well that’s what I believe. I’m a christian. My day is starting with the Bible not a blunt because I respect my Lord first before some cigarillo full of weed. I glorify his blessing for dying for me before the blessing of the “natural” plant to my lungs, which over the years the plant has been manipulated by man to give an extra kick of THC for your body, so is it really all that natural? I will not forget about Jesus this day.


I know many other people won’t forget about him this day. I just hope the respect for God isn’t lost in your festivities today. You may smoke all you want but remember which choice is a true priority in your life; which rules over you? At the end of the day, you should know what is the most important to you. So what will it be?

What are you doing today? Are you waking up to a blunt or a bible? Let me know in the comments below.

Hazy Thoughts by C. Davis

We’re all sitting here confined to this large place.

Everything moving in slow motion. Our minds control time and space.

Keeping this smoke in until we can no longer hold it.

Cough enough times so we know that it’s potent.

As the smoke leaves my mouth, my thoughts merge with it.

Dispersing amongst the others, spreading my message. My cloudy prophet.

But the room is fairly clear. I can see the calendar with the Audi.

Let us solve that little problem and make the weather forecast cloudy.

We are nowhere near close to each other. The distance is distinct.

Almost forgot it was my turn to smoke. Thank god for our cerebral link.

Inhaled the smoke into my lungs to keep my mental turbines moving.

Jane is my muse. She gives me access to the answers I’ve been yearning.

Like there are nine people here. Meaning nine blunts in rotation.

Times three pulls per blunt. That’s twenty-seven pulls per person.

Now multiply that by five left-handed rotations.

And that equals every person in here touching a space station.

My homie stuck off OG Kush sitting to the North of me.

I passed the Sour to my west coast shorty so she could admire the potency.

Purple Kush smoke floating heavy on the right.

While this BC bud in my hand will have me feeling alright.

Leaning back in the recliner and kicking up my feet.

Gladly enjoying the flavor of this grape swisher sweet.

Our eyes are glowing red and the room has gotten foggier.

The clouds trying to escape the room fearful of us monsters.

We’re all down to our last remaining blunts and final two rotations.

Everybody takes fewer pulls to prolong the leafy erosion.

Mouths are getting dry and stomachs feeling the hunger.

Boy could we go for some breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Let’s start opening up these windows and watch our skies become clear.

Bodies come alive as our lungs fill with fresh air.

We’ve run out of the herb and it put a damper on our hearts.

Someone call Eden’s messenger so we can continue these happy, hazy thoughts.

-C. Davis

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