Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Movie

If you enjoy vampires being the bad guys, go see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The movie was a bloody treat. The president that was called Honest Abe was anything but honest. He lied to everybody about being a vampire hunter and he lost a lot that he valued most because he killed vampires. If you want a movie with rare action, go see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Out of five stars I gave Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:

Like the book, Abraham Lincoln’s mother dies by a vampire and he dedicates his whole life on making sure every vampire is killed. Even though the book and the movie have the same general idea, the movie was much different from the book. If you read Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith, you would be like me in the movie theater watching and thinking that some scenes that were in the book didn’t happen in the movie, or they definitely changed other scenes. Even though the movie was not like the book, it was still enjoyable. If you didn’t read the book, you’ll think it is an action packed thrill ride. It made you feel like you was a part of the action and history that took place during that time period. You start to root for Lincoln and his sidekicks while watching this film.

The special effects that were added to the movie were also good. The vampires in the movie aren’t the same vampires we see in Twilight and Vampire Diaries. These vampires didn’t have fangs on two teeth alone, but had a whole mouth full of them. They look more like shark teeth. They were far scarier.

The movie had great action but the storyline was off. I believe the movie would have been great if it followed the book’s storyline. Instead of having all action packed scenes, they should have added some scenes about the history of Abe Lincoln. Overall, this movie is acceptable enough for book fans and new fans.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is about how Lincoln’s life changes when he finds out that his mother was killed by a vampire hunter. After the horrible death of his mother, Lincoln begins an obsession with killing vampires. He begins to write a journal of his elaborate strategies of how he will hunt and kill all vampires. The reader begins to understands that Lincoln’s life changes because of his interactions with vampires and how vampires are involved in his childhood, his family, and his career.

Out of  A-F grade average, I gave the book a:

Although the book is fairly original and makes us believe one of the most important figures in history is a vampire hunter, a few moments in the book lacks entertainment.  What I was hoping for was complex details of the fighting scenes and vampire killing strategies, but they weren’t descriptive enough for me to fully understand how Lincoln was a hunter. The book simply brought me in because Lincoln  hunts vampires. The beginning of the book went slow enough that I was ready to get to the climax of the story. Despite the beginning of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter being a little slow, it was amazing how Smith was able to connect the history of the civil war towards vampires.

In the book, the reader discovers that Abraham Lincoln isn’t the only one who plays a historical figure in the fiction book. Other characters who appeared were historical figures such as Jefferson Davis, Mary Todd Lincoln, Stephen D. Douglas, and Edgar Allen Poe.

Overall, I recommend this fascinating read to all young readers everywhere. It’s an easy read for teenagers and an even easier read for adults. It tests your knowledge on how much you really know about Abraham Lincoln and the civil war.