Artsy Stuff: Carmon Salome by Taylor Evans

This is a well overdue submission that I meant to write awhile back but finally is getting a chance to do because I’m finished college. Ha-ha! This is a video submission from Taylor Evans, owner of Sir Leif Productions.

“Sir Leif Productions is a privately owned company that takes prides in maintaining the satisfaction of all their customers needs.” Under Sir Leif, Taylor specializes in creating music videos, documentaries, promotional/commercial videos, and short films. She’s also managing artists.

Take a moment to view this short film of a women’s rage for a man who was caught cheating. See what she does as a way to take revenge.

This might be what goes through a lot of women’s minds when they’ve been betrayed by their beloved. Taylor simply put it in a visual format so that we won’t reap the consequences from attempting to go forth in pursuing our beloved. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Consider that a warning.

To see more from Ms. Evans, visit her website You my also follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @leifchiefs.

The Blogger’s Rundown

This is a special opportunity for my fellow bloggers in Baltimore, MD. I’m doing special shout outs for you. You have the chance to be featured on Doc’s Castle Media because I’m proud of the success that you’re achieving while impacting so many other people who are subscribed to your posts. The Blogger’s Rundown is for you.

I’m taking time to interview underground Baltimore bloggers to highlight their achievements, their missions, and their goals so that people will know how important blogging is on the Internet. Often I post on my Twitter feed “Bloggers run the Internet.” Many bloggers agree to that. But people who don’t blog or know what is a blog, would not be aware of a blogger’s ability to influence. It’s time to show others it’s truth.

Lots of people fail to realize how important it is to have the media on their side to reach their goals. Whether someone is starting a small business, inspiring to be a successful music artist, or striving to change the world, people forget how important bloggers are in their process in reaching new levels. People don’t even see how much of an impact bloggers are over your average news press, or how easy it is to get your story published by a blogger than your local newspaper. If you’re striving to make a difference, you need blogs to help give you a voice. Though some are bias, many are quite factual. Some blogs are for pure entertainment while others are meant to serve a purpose. Doc’s Castle Media is choosing to be the voice for many bloggers who don’t get their deserved recognition.

In the Blogger’s Rundown, I track a couple of local bloggers that are working hard to change Baltimore City’s “unsupportive” lifestyle. I meet them for a Q & A interviews so readers can get a better understanding as to what’s each blogger’s mission. There are so many blogs people don’t know about. This is exposure for both the readers and bloggers. This is Doc’s Castle Media’s contribution to creating a more supportive city. Stay tuned to learn more about people making a difference in Baltimore city. If you know of a Baltimore Blogger you believe needs to be apart of this series of post, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do the research and set up an appointment for review.

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