Artsy Stuff: Carmon Salome by Taylor Evans

This is a well overdue submission that I meant to write awhile back but finally is getting a chance to do because I’m finished college. Ha-ha! This is a video submission from Taylor Evans, owner of Sir Leif Productions.

“Sir Leif Productions is a privately owned company that takes prides in maintaining the satisfaction of all their customers needs.” Under Sir Leif, Taylor specializes in creating music videos, documentaries, promotional/commercial videos, and short films. She’s also managing artists.

Take a moment to view this short film of a women’s rage for a man who was caught cheating. See what she does as a way to take revenge.

This might be what goes through a lot of women’s minds when they’ve been betrayed by their beloved. Taylor simply put it in a visual format so that we won’t reap the consequences from attempting to go forth in pursuing our beloved. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Consider that a warning.

To see more from Ms. Evans, visit her website You my also follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @leifchiefs.

The Blogger’s Rundown

This is a special opportunity for my fellow bloggers in Baltimore, MD. I’m doing special shout outs for you. You have the chance to be featured on Doc’s Castle Media because I’m proud of the success that you’re achieving while impacting so many other people who are subscribed to your posts. The Blogger’s Rundown is for you.

I’m taking time to interview underground Baltimore bloggers to highlight their achievements, their missions, and their goals so that people will know how important blogging is on the Internet. Often I post on my Twitter feed “Bloggers run the Internet.” Many bloggers agree to that. But people who don’t blog or know what is a blog, would not be aware of a blogger’s ability to influence. It’s time to show others it’s truth.

Lots of people fail to realize how important it is to have the media on their side to reach their goals. Whether someone is starting a small business, inspiring to be a successful music artist, or striving to change the world, people forget how important bloggers are in their process in reaching new levels. People don’t even see how much of an impact bloggers are over your average news press, or how easy it is to get your story published by a blogger than your local newspaper. If you’re striving to make a difference, you need blogs to help give you a voice. Though some are bias, many are quite factual. Some blogs are for pure entertainment while others are meant to serve a purpose. Doc’s Castle Media is choosing to be the voice for many bloggers who don’t get their deserved recognition.

In the Blogger’s Rundown, I track a couple of local bloggers that are working hard to change Baltimore City’s “unsupportive” lifestyle. I meet them for a Q & A interviews so readers can get a better understanding as to what’s each blogger’s mission. There are so many blogs people don’t know about. This is exposure for both the readers and bloggers. This is Doc’s Castle Media’s contribution to creating a more supportive city. Stay tuned to learn more about people making a difference in Baltimore city. If you know of a Baltimore Blogger you believe needs to be apart of this series of post, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do the research and set up an appointment for review.

Read our first Q & A with Vivid Visions.

Q & A with Vivid Visions

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the founder of Vivid Visions, Ryan Chance, this week. We had an exchange of interviews, meaning he interviewed me and I interviewed him for our corresponding sites. I’d say it was a very productive night. In my interview with Ryan, we covered Vivid Visions’ start-up, who’s involved with the behind the scenes aspect, what to look forward to from this striving business, and much, much more. I enjoyed the time spent getting to know more about Vivid Visions. Readers can definitely look forward toward a collaboration with this young genius in the near future. In the meantime, please read the Q & A with Ryan Chance below.


Doc: What made you start Vivid Visions? What was your inspiration?

Ryan: Umm, I think what really inspired me was the fact that I’m a fan of art. I’m a huge music fan. I like paintings, and shit like that. I’m just a fan of the culture and a fan of the art. What motivated me was when I actually came up with the idea, I was in Atlantic City, and I think it just hit me one day. I was like ‘You know what? I think I can get a team together that has different types of passions in different arts.’ For me, writing is my passion. George’s passion is photography. Dre is like a graphic designer. So us three, granted off of that, kind of motivated us to come together to bring Vivid Visions.

Doc: What’s your motto you standby or your motivation to continue to do Vivid Visions?

Ryan: Uhh, I don’t think I have a motto. The thing that motivates me is our first go around. The mistakes and the lessons we’ve learned over that process has motivated me to push forward in a new direction. Especially with me being more consistent and I’m just finding new ways to build my confidence because I’m real self-conscious and shit, especially towards my art. So basically going off of that, that whole first run around really gave me the platform of knowing what to do now. I tweeted yesterday, “The only person I’m competing with is the old me.”

Doc: Oh yes, I go by that, too. (Laughs)

Ryan: (Laughs)

Doc: How many members currently are involved with Vivid Visions?

Ryan: Currently, there are four. We’re claiming another one, low-key, and we’re actually looking for another person but we can’t find her right now. Long story short, it was a girl we had before. Her name is Riva and she was going to do interviews for us. She was new to the idea. Her first real interview, she didn’t know what she was doing. But the fact that she did it so naturally was very motivating for me and George to see something like it. We wanted to keep her. But we are still trying to figure out where the hell she is? (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs)

Ryan: Right now, as far as what you see, there are four; myself, George, Danielle, and Dre. Of course for me, I do all the blogging. I pretty much post everything that’s on the site. Everyone else is kind of behind the scenes. But I try to give them as much credit as possible. So even if you don’t see them on any of the interviews or stuff like that, this is George, Danielle, Dre, and me. This is Vivid Visions.

Doc: Cool. So how did y’all actually round-up the team? Y’all were just talking one day?

Ryan: See the first go round wasn’t smart. Mainly, we were in Atlantic City. The first two people I actually contacted were George and a girl named Destiny, a graphic artist, as well. It was going to be those two. But then Dre got into graphic design. He went to school for that online. I was like, “Okay, let’s bring him on. It’s going to be the four of us.” Look how it is now. Then I was talking to a few friends. They were trying to join and I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. But it didn’t work. Of course, this time around, the only person I was really thinking about continuing with was George. But I saw a lot of stuff that Dre did and I liked it. Danielle, she’s my best friend away from this. She wanted to get into management so I told her just work with us so she’ll have that experience. That takes pressure from me for handling business. I won’t have to worry about having to get business cards or handling certain emails. I have her. This time around I’m building with whoever makes sense. The first time, everyone didn’t click that much.

Doc: Okay, so that goes into my next question. Did y’all have any disputes that caused y’all to break up?

Ryan: I wouldn’t say disputes. I feel like it was just the vibes. When you put certain people in a room together and you experiment, you start to see who can vibe off of whom. There were different personalities of six or seven different people. (Chuckles) It can get a little funny. I don’t think we had any disputes. Shit, we don’t have disputes now. We have slight disagreements but they’re smart disagreements. Somebody might have a better idea for how to do something. There might be times where George might have an idea and I’m like, “Nah, I’m just gonna run with this,” or he might have an idea and he’ll run with his idea. But it brings out the best of us.

Doc: Okay, I’m aware that Vivid Visions’ downfall in 2013 may have been inconsistency with updating the site on a frequent basis. What is your plan to help the team stay motivated?

Ryan: I think the motivation is the love for the art. I love writing and interviewing. I’m still learning the camera process but it’s the motivation of doing what you love. Everybody has their individual art. For the sake of their art, on their portion (of Vivid Visions), and if they really love what they do, they’ll stay motivated.

Doc: So you’re going to keep in touch with them? Are you going to have a weekly meeting?

Ryan: I text them almost like every night. (Laughs)

Doc: I know that’s right. I stay on point with my people, too.

Ryan: Yeah, every other day, I come across new stuff. I might have new ideas, they might have new ideas, or we may have something planned.  They might send me a text like, “Yo, we still on for this time?” “Are we doing this?” “Are we doing that?” They make sure I stay on point with the business aspect as much as I stay on point with the creative aspect, even though some days it might get on my nerves.

Doc: I’m aware that you’re open to collabs with artist of all types and genre. But are you open to collaborations with other bloggers?

Ryan: Yup. Definitely, I’m willing to collaborate with other bloggers. It shows that within a city, as much as we put into our blogs individually, we support each other and build bigger for the artist. If we do things like that, we’ll have different ideas and we all have different approaches. Like our blog is more digital, and still has that print/journalistic feel while yours has a print/journalism approach to it. Briana (of RebelliousRebel), she has a real fashionable idea. When you have that, there is a good balance. Using the different approaches that we have, it can turn out to be something great.  I do feel music wise, or in general, there is a lack of support in Baltimore. If we all supported each other and became aware that there is competition, it steps up the level of content. So for me, yeah, I’m always down.

Doc: Do you have any ideas of how you will work with others yet?

Ryan: Nah, I really haven’t thought about the ideas. I do have a few people in mind, like Doc’s, Briana’s RebelliousRebel, or Patisdope out in DC. I would definitely love to meet him (referring to Patisdope).  Nah, I really haven’t had any ideas. I’ve just been focused on Vivid Visions, and trying to build our brand some more.  We’ve been doing very well leading up to the relaunch, along with the relaunch, too. The support has definitely been great. I’m going to start to develop some ideas.

Doc: Great. Where do you see Vivid Visions going? What’s the ultimate goal for your site?

Ryan: The goal is to make sure that each artist, no matter which genre of art, knows that Vivid Visions is one of the go to blogs for support. We want them to know that we support our artist. Or course we have our own agenda on the side to be on a higher level. But mainly, our agenda is supporting the arts. We have a lot of talent in the city, or in the state, rather. It all comes down to the support. Like you see Los Angeles with the whole Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Nipsey Hussel, they have a system that supports each other. They’re friends. That’s what makes that city well-known now. Musically, it’s kind of a takeover. We have southern states, New York, and we have a few people who have their disputes and whatnot. But you know those areas for sure! In Maryland, we could be very great. There are a lot of talented people here.

Doc: Yeah, it could be the same or even greater.

Ryan: Yeah, even greater. It’s a lot of talented people. Our agenda is to make sure that the artist gets their shine and as we show them support, we expect them to do us the same.

Doc: Yeah, that’s how I am, too. Lastly, how do people contact you for exposure or a feature?

Ryan: Honestly, I go looking for it. Social media has been a big help so far; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’ll see someone retweet other people’s music and I’ll usually check it out. If it’s good, we post it and keep in contact with them. Outside of that, for music submissions, they can contact me at Or for interviews and other business inquiries, they can contact Danielle, our manager, at

Doc: Alright, thank you! That’s wonderful and concludes this interview.

Please make sure to check out Vivid Visions at

Time Waits by C. Davis & Jennifer Jackson

This week’s C. Davis Poem is a collaboration with another rising poet, Jennifer Jackson. This poem should be read as a whole and not separately. To read more from Jennifer, click here.

I look in the mirror each day and watch as I change with the seasons.
A new regime arises and my feelings betray their original design; blatant signs of treason.
They clenched my heart, aiming to restrict my blood flow.
My heart changes from red to blue and ceases to involuntarily grow.
My skin turns deep purple becoming a human born frost giant in the process.
Ice crystals swarm over and invade my pores causing my small hairs to regress.
The ice, more parasitic than symbiotic, crept beneath my flesh and attacked my cells.
A cold, burning sensation shot to the surface; my body was experiencing hell.
All body functions ceased. Only my brain continued to monitor my status.
My eyes slowly closed frozen shut. This initiated my cryogenic stasis.
Short synaptic bolts are released into the brain stem.
Inserting my last memories into my dream, distorting my rem.
They revealed the one who cause my feelings to betray me.
Angry swelled from within and the heat that arose turned cold in order to be free.
My heart, although covered in frozen tundra, still desired that warm, sensitive touch.
How long could it endure without having no feelings? This is quite the hindering crutch.
Time is supposed to heal all abrasions to a certain degree.
But the longer I wait it seems that I will never be free.
Since time waits for no man and moves of its own accord
I offer the rulers of fate my soul for one last ounce hope, the only thing I could afford.
Now I’m at a standstill, having done everything possible with my power.
Hopefully someone arrives before my 25th hour.
May they have the ability to reverse the things thought could not be undone.
For my heart only responds to golden skin radiated by the sun.

C. Davis

As the sun shines bright and my voice prompts you to flourish. The summer has arrived so as a melanated queen I can nourish your mind and your soul. I heard a heartbeat. For so long you were in a coma and now you’re trying to speak. But I left you alone all winter; you had to learn to hibernate. For what will you do when you’re left to your own resources without a mate? This will happen soon. I will retreat to the dark side of the moon until you regain your strength to smile in my direction and I can use your reflection, abuse the rejection, and consume the obsession with the day. I, at night, am stronger than the fight you put up. And unfortunately with great strength comes great power. For an entire season, I had to bloom those flowers, yet you killed them. And over time I learned that this connection will only cause brief erection in selection of the survival of the fittest. Through all the nights I endured in the cold and the dark since you fell and weren’t there to catch me, I became the bitterest. I took a sudden interest in the stars and they never grew apart as we grew closer. Thinking absence would make the heart fonder but the longer you took the more time it’s gonna take me. I should be the one laying in the sun but that golden shine loves me no more. It has built your new home and the shade is mine. Sadly without your light, there’s no reflection….save me before we completely run out of time.

Jennifer Jackson

Have you read the last poem by C. Davis? Read Chapter 1: Venomous Addiction.

Chapter 5: The Dreamscape

This feeling is scary and enticing, is it not?

Choosing a path filled with endless possibilities and failure ready to take your spot.

Now the first order of business is to flush this empty canvas.

Waves of cerulean rushed from the soles of my feet becoming an ocean deep and enormous.

I gathered clumps of the present blue and threw it into the air.

It merged with the white sky and the dark hue slowly disappears.

I stand at the epicenter of my world beneath the serenity of my sky.

Telepathically resurrected a land where my feet can rest and in turn a place where my head can lie.

I was beginning to get tired and found a position that was right.

The sky, closely watching my eyes, reflected my feelings and turned day into night.

I awoke to the gleaming light of the sun climbing over the horizon.

It warmed my skin and fueled the bulb that contained today’s new conception.

I decided to bend and forge a new ground beneath me.

Erected a small, spiked spire and reduced it into sand then merged it with the sea.

From that point on, I was unable to concentrate the creativity that flows out of me endlessly.

So I began to meditate, reciting mantras, in order to communicate with a higher being spiritually.

My eyes proceeded to open up slowly and my physical form rested in front of me.

And there I witnessed vines and roots emerge from the ground and proceed to ensnare my body.

The roots elevated above me and intertwined themselves to form a gigantic tree.

The vines gave birth to an Eden that bloomed with colorful, multi-pedaled lotuses for all to see.

It was evident that my physical form, filled with knowledge, provided nutrients for these organic beings.

Roots sifted through each artery and vein until they reached my core continuing the inner hollowing.

My body was soon to undergo another metamorphosis.

And I reminisce how I’d changed from beast to monster then reduced to a man with life as the catalyst.

Suddenly my spirit inquired about the development of a new host.

It needed to be hardened by experience and able to turn failures into transparent ghosts.

Slowly I receded into the nutrient-rich earth ready for body and spirit to become one.

The unification had been completed and a new installment of my dream had begun.

Gaia displayed my new body by splitting herself open; A painful C-section.

And the villagers, comprised of plants and animals, raised my body in celebration.

I initially stepped onto this earth with same means as all humans; to change it.

But I learned to do that which others couldn’t do which was to love and respect it.

My new purpose is to constantly rebuild every aspect that exists.

Expanding my dreams to the farthest of corners of my mind no matter what obstacles subsist.

Hopefully the dreams will live vicariously through the lives of my next generation.

For the possibilities present in the dreamscape are never ending.

-C. Davis

Creative Commons License
CREATE by Christopher Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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2013 Youth Bmore Summer Block Party

Hey y’all! Let me tell y’all how my day was extremely unplanned and then turn out to be something worth writing about for Doc’s Castle Media. I woke up with the intentions of spending the day in the house watching movies with my boyfriend, then BOOM, I show up and the street is blocked off. “I’m like…soo where am I suppose to park?” Eventually I found a parking spot and that’s all good. But I didn’t know that my day was going to turn into me showing up for a back to school block party. I’m glad it happened though. I mean, not just because it was free food ten steps away from my boyfriend’s front door. It was cool because this back to school party had a positive mission, and you how I am when it comes to some positive productivity. I get hype and proud of what’s happening and need to share it with the world.

block party

block party2

On that stage, in the picture above, is where majority of the action took place last night. (Pardon the picture, it’s the best I could get with a camera phone. LOL) There were performances, people dancing, and all that good stuff you’d normally see on a stage happening. WPB Radio was hosting the event in honor of school starting on Monday, August 26, with the motive to pump up the kids for school year. I tell you, I have not seen that many kids at once in a long time. I’m looking around like where did all these kids come from? I’m glad to see that there are kids who live around Parkside Drive and Belair Road because I was starting to think my boyfriend’s neighborhood was nothing but older folks.

But to get to the main reason I wanted to write about this event, I wanted to share 2 songs from two of the performers at the block party. First performer name is Shadina and she’s a native Baltimorean.


Shadina has done performances from the inner city of Baltimore to Madison Square Garden, from Times Square House of Blues to BET’s 106 & Park. She even shared the stage with many super stars, such as Fantasia, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and many more. She has won awards for DMV’s Best Female vocal 3 years in a row and has been honored by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for her contribution to performing for inner city Baltimore Summer Block Parties. Vlad online Magazine has also tagged her as Next to Blow! So this young lady has done a bit and definitely derserves the recognition she’s getting. She might as well add Doc’s Castle Media on her list too because she’s the first female music artist to be featured on our site, local female music artist at that! I’m glad to say I’ve seen this young woman perform live.

Below is one of Shadina’s music videos.

If you’d like to hear more from Shadina, follow her on Twitter at @Shadina and Instagram at TeamShadina. Also, find her and like her page on Facebook at TeamShadina.

Second performer is Markus Vonnell, born and raised in Baltimore and Virginia.

Markus Vonnell

Markus has a sound for soul. For him, music became the one constant in an often troubled and turbulent life. “I’ve dealt with a lot of wild things over the years and, through it all, music was always there.” While Markus was always that little guy playing the latest hits and singing along with Joe and Jodeci, many years later he also stands a chance at becoming a soulful singer like those he sung along to growing up.

A submission that was giving to Doc’s Castle Media is his single “She’s Bad.” This catchy song is meant to be an anthem “For every girl that think she’s bad, this song is dedicated to her,” according to Markus. Below is the Single.

If you’d like to know more about Markus Vonnell, follow his Twitter at @MarkusVonnell. To hear more of his music, check out his soundcloud at Markus Vonnell.

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The Music Highlight: Zxggy- “Blue Dreams”

Today’s Music Highlight is someone I came across on Twitter and I asked if they where interested in being featured on Doc’s Castle Media. This young music artist’s name is Zxggy. He sends his submission all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida.

photo (1)

Akeem Weston was born in Columbus, Ohio on a beautiful September day. But life wasn’t always so beautiful and bright for young Akeem. He was given up for adoption at the age of 2 and his adopted mother later died of the HIV/AIDs virus. He was then sent to live with his grandmother in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he now resigns. Akeem’s life has been very rocky from battling depression of his mother giving on him, his mother and  grandmother hating each other, and battling the fact of not knowing who is father was. When his mother later moved to Florida when Akeem was 8, altercations between both his mother and grandmother resulted in his grandmother leaving him on the door step of his mother’s house. But all incidents from Akeem’s past has given him motivation to make his life better.

Akeem started rapping in the 7th grade and adopted the rap name Zxggy. From the seventh grade until now, he has dropped over ten mixtapes, his latest being Planethollywood. In 2010, Zxggy formed the rap group, Paper Cut Gang (PCG). But he recently left PCG in early 2013 to pursue personal endeavours. He still considers them to be his bothers to this day. Zxggy raps with the pain and pride of a man who has gone through a lot. From feeling unwanted by his own family, sleeping outside in the cold, to selling drugs to survive, Zxggy has a rough story to share. He knows that his music is rare and unique. His goal is to awake his listeners when they’re listening to his music and give those people a flare that no other can achieve. Check out the song he submitted for Doc’s Castle Media viewers to hear below.

If you’re interesting in what Zxggy offers and would like to hear more, follow him on Twitter at @Zxggy or check out more music on his SoundCloud. Also, look out for his upcoming mixtape “Zxggy Hendrix.”

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